The Main Features of MonitorStand Workstation S6G/S6T

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With all the latest technological advancements, working on anything has become much simpler and easier. So, why should working in an office for several hours be any different? If technology can make your work easier, it can also improve your work environment to give you comfort and convenience. Desk workstations are one such invention that enhance your workspace. Whether you’re working in an office or at home, a stationary desk can sometimes prove inflexible. If the desk is not of the right height, your PC screen won’t be at eye-level. If your desk doesn’t have enough space, keeping all your office papers and work accessories becomes difficult. Having an organized and functional office space is thus very important. Latest workstations like the MonitorStand S6G are the perfect option to make your workspace more organized, ergonomic, and effective. Here are some of its most appealing features.

Easy Installation

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The main concern when buying a new workstation is often its installation and setup. Even if you find enough space for the workstation, installing may involve using various tools and complex setup instructions. However, the Monitor Stand Workstation S6G/S6T is very easy to install. No fixing screws and joints! The main body of the workstation comes fully assembled. All you need to so is set it up on your desk. You can be set up and ready to work in just a minute, simply by attaching the 4 feet to the workstation, no tools required!

Organized Workspace

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An unorganized workspace can be distracting and demoralizing. A good workspace should be properly organized and free of clutter. Work desks often have a lot of papers, clips, and other work accessories like paper clips, office stationery, notes, etc. that are needed for work. Plus, we might need to keep our phones with us for important calls. Keeping all this on the desk along with the PC, keyboard, and mouse can be quite messy. But the MonitorStand workstation has separate space for storing office stationery, mobile, papers, etc. This keeps everything in its place and helps keep the desk organized.

Ample Storage

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Ample storage is also a requirement of a good workspace. If you don’t have enough space, keeping all the essentials becomes difficult and the space looks cluttered and messy. And it’s never fun to work in a cluttered space. The MonitorStand workstation has ample storage for keeping mobile and other work and office stationery. A large, partitioned drawer has been thoughtfully designed to provide you with ample storage space, making it easy to organize your desktop and avoid clutter.

USB Charging Port

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In today’s age, half of the work is done on mobiles. You may have to take numerous calls while working to keep in touch with your colleagues about a project or give updates to your boss on your work. Keeping your phone close is not enough. It should also be fully charged and operational. But what happens if you don’t have a charging point close to your workspace? The MonitorStand workstation solves this problem too. It features a conveniently built-in USB port to connect and charge your USB devices, hard devices, mobile phones, iPad, Kindle, and other devices. No more losing battery while you work!

Integrated UV Sterilization

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While latest design and functional workspace is important, you should never forget hygiene. With so many people using all devices regularly, maintaining a good level of hygiene can sometimes become tricky. However, with the integrated UV sterilization feature of MonitorStand workstations, you can easily keep your space sanitized and healthy. The integrated UV Sterilizer can completely disinfect and sanitize your keyboard, mouse, phone, pens, stationery, and other everyday accessories in just 10 minutes, keeping your workplace healthy and germ-free.

Optimal Height Adjustments

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When working with computers, its important to take care of your eyes. Keeping the PC at an optimal height so that it sits level with your eyes is important. This reduces the stress on the eyes as well as the neck. If you have to constantly look up or down while working it may put a strain on your neck. The extended height of 5.3” of the MonitorStand makes sure it is the perfect height for most people. This naturally straightens your back posture and eases neck and back pain which makes working easier and more comfortable.

Creative Design

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Designed by the top designers, MonitorStand workstations have a sleek and modern design that can fit into any space and look good in any interior style. The minimal aesthetic and clean design of the workstation gives it a very contemporary look. The workstation is also designed very thoughtfully with extra storage space and separate compartment to reduce clutter and keep things organized. The ergonomic design of the workstation easily combines functionality and style to create a work space that is as elegant s it is functional.

Whether you’re looking for a creative workstation that can inspire you or a functional workspace to aid your work requirements, MonitorStand workstation S6G can accommodate all your needs. It is the perfect addition to your workspace that boosts your productivity while giving you a comfortable and organized workspace.

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