In The Wake Of Spring – Fresh Ideas For Living Room Decor

latest living room decorating ideas

The living room is a central part of our home. It’s the room where we spend most of our time during the day and where we welcome and entertain our guests. This room has a special place in the family’s routine, and that’s why every interior design plan starts from here. The internet is an endless source of design ideas. We’re just a few clicks away from thousands of Inspirational Living Room Designs. In this article, we have browsed the freshest design ideas for the living room decor and presented the ones that have caught our eye.

{ Blend Bright Colored Items With Neutral and Earthy Color Furniture }
grey accents natural decor
Grey Accents Natural Decor

Bright Colored Items Living Room Decoration
Bright Color Pillow For Living Room Sofa
In the last few years, the bright colors have taken hold of the interior. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t capable of redecorating our living rooms on a yearly basis and adapting them to every new interior design trend. If your living room has a neutral or earthy color furniture, you can still brighten it up by adding a few colorful accessories or small furniture pieces. For example, you can choose bright yellow pillows or a brave, red coffee table. By adding these items, you will create a beautiful contrast that will allow your bright colored pieces to stand out. This change will also make your living room more refreshing, and it will maximize its excitement effect.

{ Minimalist Design in Penthouse Living Room Decor }

Minimalist Penthouse Living Room Decor Ideas
Minimalist Living Room Decoration

Minimalist Penthouse Living Room
Market Street Penthouse Living Room Via Winder Gibson Architects
If your living room has a high ceiling, big windows, and a stunning view, you should add minimalist aesthetics, so you don’t obstruct its natural beauty. Although the minimalist interior design is not as popular as it was before, it’s still useful for Penthouse Homes. Start your design adventure by framing your big windows to emphasize their height and use clean lines and light colors on furniture pieces. This design will make the place look fresher and more spacious.

{ Personalise Your Living Room With Your Favourite Colours }
Living Room Decorating Ideas
Modern living area, Hamburg, Germany Via Getty Images

Open Concept Light Wood Floor Scandinavian Living RoomFalse Creek Condo Via Shift Interiors | Photo By Tracey Ayton
We all have our favorite colors. Still, if we use only one or two strong colors for decorating our living room, we will make it bland and tacky. So, how can we emphasize our favorite colors, while making our living room look harmonious? We can use extremely light and neutral rugs, and furniture pieces and add only one bright element painted in our favorite color. This type of design will reshape our living room and add more drama to it. It will also help us to make our living space more personal.

{ Bachelor Pad Living Room }

Bachelor Pad Living Room
Ultimate Masculine Bachelor Pad Looks

Living Room Ideas Dark Wood FloorRushcutters Bay Bachelor Pad Via GRAY & Co Design | Photo By Pablo Veiga
If you live alone and your living room is the place where you bring your friends and dates, you should equip it with the top-notch entertainment tech. Add powerful sound system and mount a big screen TV on the wall. This type of setting also requires a perfect ambiance lighting. You should avoid chandeliers. Choose the architectural LED wall lights instead. These lights look incredibly contemporary and sleek, and they are sold by companies like Superlight, which have quickly recognized the convenience and the design capacity of LED lighting. Bachelor living room should also have a modern looking sofa and at least one comfortable Barcalounger.

{ Make Your Living Room More Traditional }
Traditional Living Room
Real stone & High Ceilings Traditional Living Room By Clay Construction

Small Transitional Brown Floor With Gray Walls Standard Fireplace
Barnes Village Via Broseley | Photo By Todd Sutherland
In the old times, before the big screen TVs and stereo sound systems, the living room was more intended for studying and relaxation than for entertainment. You can easily recreate these traditional living room designs by covering the walls with bookshelves. Hardcover book sets will make your living room more traditional and elegant. If you want to go deeper down the memory lane, head to the nearest hipster flea market and purchase a few vintage accessories, like gramophone, the old style globe, fancy cognac drinking set or one or a few vintage picture frames. This type of decor also requires neutral or earthy wall colors, like white, brown or indigo.

{ Black and White Combinations }

Black and White Contemporary Interior Designs
Black and White Contemporary Living Room

Mid-sized Porcelain Gray Floor Black and White InteriorVillandry Circle Via Hills and Grant Interior Design | Photo By Lisa Petrole
The Black-White Contrast the Best Combo for Emphasizing your Living Room’s elegance. You can add a few shades of grey to the mix and enhance your contrast with interesting patterns. These patterns can be placed on rugs, sofa or smaller accessories like pillows and decorative boxes. The black-white design is universal, and that’s one of its best benefits. It fits well in both family and bachelor surroundings. With the smart use of mirrors, you can minimize the perceived shrinkage, caused by excessive use of dark paint.

These are just some of the design tricks that will help you to keep your living room fresh and trendy. Interior design has completely changed after the influx of digital technologies. Today, we can find thousands of design solutions on Pinterest and other social networks. That is why people from all walks of life want to give a personal touch to their home interior, and they don’t want to settle with ready-to-assemble furniture and accessories from international home chains.

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