15 Great Modern Bathroom Designs For Small Spaces

Small Space Bathroom Designs

How Modern is the modern bathroom designs could be? Do you think, it should be expensive? Should look exclusive? Or should have a big space? Probably you never imagine that actually, you could have this modern bathroom designs without all of that requirement. How? You would know how after you see the ideas here. The expert designer would show you what actually modern is. You could just amaze to see how simple and nice they are. Surely you would also attempt to renovate your bathroom after you check them since the cost is affordable and the materials are easy to find. Being different does not require you to pick an unusual item, however, the result would make them look unique and extraordinary.

When people have a party or inviting some friends to come around, they usually proud of their garden or living room design, but they forget that bathroom is also the important part that would determine the personality of the owner since it shows how hygiene and healthy the person is. I think you often get experience also when you went to some houses where they had nice house and rooms but when you entered the bathroom, it shows that was not well maintained or not having special attention like another part of the house. That would make all the good impressions gone. You certainly do not want what happened to your house. Therefore it is the time to pay attention to your bathroom now and get a great one here.

{ 1 } Small Space White Bathroom Design

Small Space Modern Bathroom Designs
Powder Bath Before & After Via Amber Interior Design | Photo By Tessa Neustadt
An old sink style usually has a pipe to the floor. However, it often has trouble especially when it is leaking. A hanging sink for hand washing would be more efficient and less problematic. Besides, It really helps you to clean the floor below the sink since it is free.

{ 2 } Dark Tile Bathroom Ideas

dark tile bathroom ideas
Small Apartments Under 30 Square Feet | © Andrew and Alain Timonina
Look at all the hanging bathroom equipment here. This is actually what the old bathroom style didn’t do before. However modern bathroom makes it better with this design since it can be cleaned easily and looks more stylish as well. Most of the hotel and apartment also do the same thing.

{ 3 } Minimalist Bathroom Style

modern farmhouse bathroom
Little Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Via Nalle’s House
The separate shower would keep the toilet dry and not slippery. The old style would usually have a curtain but with this modern design not necessarily have one. The half wall would help the water not sparking around and this white color really goes for kind of this minimalist bathroom style.

{ 4 } Bathroom Design With Copper Fixtures Marble

Bathroom Design With Copper Fixtures Marble
Stylish Apartment Bathroom Decorating Via Margreiter
Simple is the right word for the whole design impression of this modern bathroom. And sexy is also the right comment for this. Why so? Because the separation glass and the bathtub make them so. Taking shower with transparent glass or enjoying your relaxation time with hot water in the bathtub would really make your day.

{ 5 } Modern Bathroom Designs For Small Space

modern bathroom design for small space
Bathroom Renovation Via Paul Kenning Stewart Design | Photo By Brandon Barre
Most of the interior designer now would prefer to have hanging bathroom equipment style. It looks fancy but also very helpful and make it easier to clean especially when there is pipe leaking. A wood cabinet where usually attached on the floor will get wet. However, with this hanging one, all those worries are no longer necessary.

{ 6 } Dark Bathroom Design

Dark Bathroom With Big Round Mirror
Beautiful Bathroom With Patterned Wall Via INT 2 Architecture
The bigger mirror, the better. This probably become a favorite bathroom design for most women. As you can in the super mall or hotel toilet, big mirror along the wall would keep the woman stay longer in a toilet. That is why it is necessary to have one for your private bathroom too.

{ 7 } Light Bathroom Design

Light Bathroom Design Ideas
Small White Giometric Tiles Via Interior Designer Stanislav Kaminskyi
The simplistic of white color for the whole design looks so fascinating and with a little touch of decoration like this black frame in a big jar would make your bathroom more artistic and disappear the flat impression. Does not need a big space for this design but just enough to make the whole things set properly.

{ 8 } Bathroom Renderings

modern bathroom design
Big Window in the Bathroom Via Ingenious3D
A big window in the bathroom is actually needed to keep your bathroom fresh and has a good air circulation. One above the bathtub would be nice to have it. It gets the warm of the sun come into the bathroom especially during summer and gives more enjoyment while you are in the bathtub.

{ 9 } Small Minimalist Master Tub/Shower Combo Design

minimalist master tub shower bathroom design
Transforming a the function of bathroom not only for taking shower but become a comfortable place to enjoy your time would be really nice. In order to get that feeling, you need an expert one to make it. This design can be one of them that can help you to achieve it.

{ 10 } Industrial Loft Bathroom Design

industrial loft bathroom design
Industrial Loft Apartment In Amsterdam | © Herman van Heusden
Do you see this design very unusual? Or Strange? Not really. If you know the function you will find that this bathroom is really helping you especially if you have kids. You will not have a hard time to ask them going for the shower since they would love to play here.

{ 11 } Skylight in Bathroom

Skylight in Bathroom
Silicon Valley Modern Glass Tea House
What comes to your mind when you see this kind of bathroom design? Yes, it really looks like the little spa at home. The coral stone and the wooden floor with minimalist interior design are really made you feel like you are having special body treatment every time you take a daily shower there.

{ 12 } Modern Small Space Bathroom Glass Box

Modern Small Space Bathroom Glass Box
Bamboo & Stone With a Hint of Color Via Michael Tauber Architecture
Unsymmetrical modern bathroom designs are one of the newest styles here that you would like it. It is unique and fancy. The red color on the corner and the maroon ceramic for washing hand sin would certainly make you can not deny that the whole design looks great and updated.

{ 13 } Grey Marble Wood Floor Japanese Spa

grey marble wood floor Japanese spa
A Freestanding Tub In The Master Bathroom Via NY Times
How would you like a grey marble when it is combined with wood floor? If you just imagining it, it might not look great but look what you have got here. The whole impression of this design would make you feel like having a Japanese spa at home. Don’t you think so?

{ 14 } Small Space Bright Coloured Bathroom

small space bright coloured bathrooms
Orange Bathroom Via Moon Design and Build
What would you do when you only have so little space for the bathroom just like this one? But look what the expert has made here. A little space does not limit your creativity to create a unique marine design for your comfort place. With the bright color, this bathroom looks chic and fresh.

{ 15 } Bathtub For Small Bathroom

ideas for small bathrooms
Perfect Combination Of Mirror & Glass Via Toronto Interior Design Group | © Brandon Barre
A little round table near bathtub? Perhaps you need it. Especially if you are a kind of person who likes to enjoy the comfort in the bathroom. Some people like to read a book while they are having body mask or other body treatment in the bathtub. This table can be useful for keeping them.

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