Building The Most Beautiful Terrace Garden Made Easier

Terrace garden

Do you want to Bring Home Greenery, but fall short of space? Are you missing the garden in your high rise apartment? You don’t need to wait for a ground space anymore with this easy to build terrace garden.

Roof Garden Design
East Village Roof Garden View Towards Penthouse Via Pulltab Design | Photo By Bilyana Dimitrova

The terrace garden is an Innovative Way to Build an Amazing Garden befitting the urban living standards. You can have your own choice of flowering plants or vegetable crops are grown on the terrace to enjoy greenery in your sky-high apartment. Terrace garden can be built on the balcony as well. The number of crops would depend on the available space.
66 Square Feet Terrace garden
Terrace Garden By 66 Square Feet

{ How To Proceed? }

small balcony garden ideas
Small Balcony Garden Via Pinterest
You can start the process by deciding what kind of terrace garden you are aiming for! The aesthetic garden should contain landscaping, lawn, ornamental plants, and lots of flowers. The vegetable garden is another option that you can try for, as this will give you homegrown organic vegetables that are ready to be plucked and at the same time make your surroundings green.

Next, you will have to make a choice between raised beds and pots. There are advantages and disadvantage of both:

{ 1 } Pots
Terrace Garden Pots

  • Can be moved easily from one place to another.
  • You can remove them from the terrace anytime if you are not able to maintain the same.
  • Gift it to someone when you are moving from the place.


  • Not all plants flourish in pots.
  • There is space crunch laterally.
  • Landscaping is not possible.

{ 2 } Raised Beds
Terrace Garden Raised Beds

  • Offers a feeling of a ground plantation.
  • Bigger area for better growth.
  • Can be used for landscaping.


  • They are permanent and cannot be removed easily.
  • Due to their non-mobile nature, you won’t be able to move it to some other place for maintenance in case you are going on holidays.
  • Watering the plant would increase the chances of water seepage through the ceiling.

Evaluate the pros and cons to decide what you want in your terrace garden.

{ Planting & Optimizing }

Terrace Garden Ideas
Whether you use planter box, pots, or raised beds, the real game is planting them with saplings and crops. Vegetables like tomato, potato, cucumber, onion, beans, carrot, onion, garlic, lettuce, beetroot, pepper, chilies, and eggplant can be grown in pots. Planter box would be good for herbs as they grow laterally. You don’t need deeper space for roots. Flowering plants can be planted in any of the above-mentioned containers.

Terrace Garden Designs Balcony Makeover
Garden & Play Via Studio Earth Box
Soil for terrace garden should be a high-quality potting mix that would contain manure and other organic additives for faster growth. Normal garden soil would not give satisfactory results when used for terrace garden. Remember, you are doing something unusual so need to take better care of assured results.

Optimising the space by using it both horizontally and vertically would let you have more plants in the small area. Hang small pots with cripples from ceiling or beam to enjoy fresh vegetables along with the essence of flowers all around. The terrace garden is the most amazing way to bring home nature!

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