5 Must Know Outdoor Lighting Tips

Outdoor Lighting Tips

As it is getting warmer and warmer, you will probably want to spend more of your free time outside. It may include relaxing in your backyard or having a barbecue with your family. For this reason, it is worth taking care of the outdoor lighting, in order not to let the fun stop when it is getting dark.

Note that not every kind of outdoor lighting is the same, and it takes more than just putting a wall light and saying it is done. To build a unique atmosphere, you need to choose the appropriate products and methods for your particular backyard. These ideas may be very helpful in achieving this aim!

Take care of transformers and outdoor circuits

When you are making your plan, it is crucial to select the right starting point for your circuit. Take into account that the bigger the distance between a light and the transformer (and the more lights in between), the dimmer effects you will achieve. Apart from that, remember not to overload a circuit and reduce the necessary power to a maximum of 100 watts on every line. While choosing a transformer, pick the one that is more than adequate to fit your present needs. You can consult an electrician in Studio City first, but generally, it is advisable to get the one with more output than it is necessary for now so that you could be able to add more light sources in the future.

Use energy-saving solutions

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Some people may see outdoor lighting as an extra expense that only the rich among us can afford. The truth is that the cost can be reduced if you choose energy-saving solutions. For instance, solar panels prove very useful for outdoor lighting. You can find many inexpensive solar lamps that can be charged during the day. As a result, the only expense you need to cover is the initial cost of purchase, since it will use no electricity. The only crucial thing to remember here is that they should be put in sunny spots. Apart from that, you can invest in LED outdoor lighting rather than traditional light bulbs because they are not only energy-saving but also more durable, so they need fewer replacements.

Before choosing the outdoor lighting, analyze the structure of your garden and check which parts of it need to be lighted and where shadows are falling. Thorough planning will make you aware which solutions do you need exactly, so that you would not buy too much. Also, an excellent way to save energy is not to leave your lights on all the time. In fact, you will only need outdoor lighting from time to time, so keep it special and leave them off most of the evenings.

Avoid overload

Keep in mind that outdoor lighting is a subtle art, and it should be applied to highlight plants, to illuminate paths, and to indicate where a building is. It is pointless to overload your backyard with it and making it look like an amusement park. Also, remember to use the right kind of lighting for a particular purpose – for almost every feature you might want to light up, there is a different solution. For example, in fountains or ponds, underwater lights should be used, while for paths, special small lights ought to be applied.

Mind your safety

Mind your safety

For safety reasons, only dedicated outdoor lighting should be used outside. You should not just move a lead from your living room out to a 4-way adapter and plug in all the lamps. Electricity must be properly channeled in order to work correctly, so make sure that everything is installed in accordance with the producer’s instructions. If you are not sure about that, call an electrician to do a professional examination before starting to use your lights.

When properly installed, outdoor lighting can actually boost your security, apart from creating a fantastic atmosphere. Just make sure that you have not omitted any important place, such as the entrance to your house or your garage. For even higher safety, illuminate every side of the building that remains in the shadows with spotlights mounted to your eaves. What is more, this can also be achieved by installing lanterns at side doors, garages, and windows.

Consider various weather conditions

You should never forget that your outside lighting will have to cope with any kind of weather during all the seasons. Therefore, think about the changes that your garden will go through, which plants will grow fast soon, and what effect the lighting will have at every time of the year. You should treat your lighting as an essential part of your garden.


All in all, it is definitely an excellent idea to install lighting in your backyard, but you should remember about, most importantly, moderation, safety, energy-saving, proper planning, and various weather conditions. If you do everything right, you will be provided with a wonderful enhancement to your garden, making it more beautiful to look at and more pleasant to stay in when the sun goes down.

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