Style Meets Function: EM6W Stylish Sit Stand Workstation Review

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With the invention of computers, the work in many fields has become partially or fully computer oriented. While this advancement of technology has been very beneficial in countless ways, it has also affected the health of many. Sitting at a desk and working on a desktop or laptop for hours on end can take a big toll on your body. But there are many ways to avoid this too like alternating between sitting and standing while working. Many people have started using a sit stand converter workstation for this purpose. Businesses all over the world are choosing to promote a healthier work environment through ergonomic workstation designs. The flexispot EM6W sit stand workstation is a stylish yet functional workstation that can make working much easier and flexible for its users.


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Most ergonomic devices give more importance to function than form. However, with the Stylish Electric Sit-Stand Workstation EM6W, you can have both in a single device. The EM6W workstation easily combines exceptional functionality with a sleek, colourful design. The sleek modern design fits perfectly into the modern aesthetic of most businesses as well as home offices. The stylish exterior imagined by top US designers also features a fabric border around the back and sides of the desk. It gives the design a colourful and vibrant look. Easily adjustable, portable and elegantly designed, this workstation is the perfect example of form meets function.


The very flexible EM6W workstation is perfect when you need to adjust the height of your desk often. With a height range of 5.9” to 18.1”, this sleek and simple design makes height adjustments easy and very convenient. And that’s not all. The EM6W workstation’s weight capacity of 55 lbs makes it a truly heavy duty workspace that outshines all competition. A spacious keyboard tray, convenient attachments like containers to hold pens and other desk essentials, and a convenient magnet board helps accommodate all your needs. Including all these extensions allows you to truly expand your workspace up to 37”. You can utilize the extra space for another monitor, paperwork, or to keep other accessories.


A good design is not enough to make a good product. You need good quality and functionality too. Similarly, a fully functional yet very boring and outdated design product will surely fail to attract customers. A good product needs both function and form to become the preferred choice of customers. While the modern design of EM6W workstation makes it a hit among design enthusiasts, it is also quite functional. There are many amazing features that make the EM6W a perfect companion for your office desk. Here are some of the main features that truly make this product the perfect choice.

Wireless charger – The workstation comes with an integrated wireless charger that you can use while working at the desk. An integrated wireless charger means your phone never runs out of power. You can keep your mobile with you at all times without worrying about battery.

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One-touch adjustment – The one-touch adjustment feature makes the fully electric EM6W a truly convenient and easy-to-use desk. No more complicated levers and buttons. Now you can easily adjust the height of your desk without moving an inch. Simply hold the up or down arrow for 1.2 seconds and the riser will continue to move with no further input. Once you are at your desired height, press any button to stop.

Anti-collision sensitivity – More often than not, when you’re in a rush you find yourself or your belongings taking the brunt in a collision with your desk. But the ultra-smart EM6W workstation comes with built-in anti-collision system that prevents any such mishaps from happening. The workstation will automatically reverse if it encounters an unexpected obstacle, ensuring safety. Now you can work in a safer and sound environment.

Personalize your personal space – The EM6W workstation’s magnet board is truly a cutting edge design. Instead of the age-old pinboards, you can now use magnets for a cleaner and more organized space. You can easily attach notes, photos, and other accessories to the integrated magnet board with the included magnets. Personalizing your workspace was never this easy or fun!

While standing desk converters have become quite popular, they don’t provide the same amount of flexibility and comfort as this sit and stand workstation. Along with the many health benefits and the convenience it offers, the EM6W is also easily affordable and accessible. Its ergonomic design and smart functionality makes it the best option for sit and stand workstations.

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