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The Scandinavian design style emerged in the early 20s and flourished in the 1950s. It is a very popular design even today. Scandinavian design is simple and functional. It is characterized by its minimalism and lack of fuss. The northern countries are well-known for their long, cold winters and brief summers. Hence, to survive in such conditions, Scandinavian designs are practical and make the most out of limited resources. They are also greatly inspired by organic forms, natural materials, and natural patterns.

Scandinavian design is based on the belief that the design should improve life for everyone instead of indulging a privileged minority. As a result, simple, understated, and well-made products are preferred over items of opulence and luxury. The Scandinavian design is simple, clean and free of clutter. The furnishings are leggy and sparse to maximize natural light in the place. The products used for home decor are often functional and at the same time artistic. Natural elements are also greatly encouraged as a part of the decor in this design.

25 Stunning Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas

Since its inception in the early 20th century, the Scandinavian design style has gained much popularity. In fact, it seems to be at the center of all things design these days. Simplicity, minimalism, and...

Unique Blend of Scandinavian Design with Vintage Dark Wood Furniture

The Swedish photographers Kalle Gustafsson and Sara Bille found this 100-year-old marvel in Stockholm, Sweden and decorated it with vintage dark wood furniture and their own design. The Scandinavian design style with uncluttered airy...

Home Renovation: Scandinavian Design Apartment with White Exposed Brick Wall

Simplicity, minimalism, and functionality characterize the Scandinavian Style of Interior Design. Scandinavian design is full of light, airiness, space, and serenity. The main features of this type of design are open spaces full of...

Open Space Living Room With Mixture Of Modern & Scandinavian Design

Who doesn’t dream of a fantastic Open Space Living Room? A Room which has the perfect rustic charm and a fusion of Scandinavian Design makes it all the perfect match for anyone who visits...

Small Space Black & White Inspiring Scandinavian Home

Are you looking forward to creating a Scandinavian Home, which combines modern furniture along with ceramics going against white walls to provide a comfortable and unfussy look? So what do we love the...

Old Charming Apartment With Scandinavian Style Decor

The whole decoration and furniture the of home from living room to bathroom gives the look of lavishing nature with the help of Scandinavian style decor, Styling by Grey Deco and Photography by Jonas...

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