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Exterior design is the process of designing the exterior of a building or home. The exteriors of a building or home generally include decks, porches, balconies, verandahs and patios or backyards. Designing the exterior of a building can be just as creative as interior but certain knowledge of structural engineering is necessary to achieve good results. Designing the exteriors can be a complicated process of balancing the shapes and lines, choosing the correct materials and colors, etc. A properly designed building has an exterior that is proportional and balanced. This can be achieved either through obvious symmetry or through a design that is not as apparent.

The exterior of a building often mimics the interior of the place. Hence, it is important to have some similarity or continuity between the exterior and interior designs. Another important consideration while designing exteriors is the materials to be used in the design. The materials used for such designs are often selected based on the locality, purpose and personal style of the owner. These materials should add to the durability and aesthetics of the place. Another important aspect of exterior designs is the landscaping. Proper landscaping can add a visual appeal and make your place stand out among the rest of the neighborhood.

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