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Places to Visit in Canada

You might have been to many other places in the world, however, it is not complete yet when you have not been to Canada. Find the 11 best place to visit in Canada. It is not well known as a nice tourist place but the also have warm people. Everybody from different countries would easily get along with the native people there, therefore, Canada is not only becoming a destination for holiday but also become the choice for many immigrants to live. Even though in some area they have extreme weather, however, it is not making the people less activity due to that since those areas have been transformed become the interesting places to go with its special nature and wildlife.

{ Toronto, Vancouver Island, Niagara Falls in Ontario, Banff National Park, Montreal, Whistler, Jasper National Park, Calgary, Cape Breton, Churchill and Eastern Township are the 11 best places to visit in Canada. }

Each place has its own attraction with their own landscape, mountain, beach, culinary, entertainment and also some historical places. One other thing that makes Canada become a special place for tourist is the nature of wildlife, especially bears, where you can see them closely. It is dangerous but giving you another excitement also. Just be careful since they will not be aggressive as long as you don’t bother them. Just follow the instruction of the tour guide and not to stay away from the group when you are in the wild area. Bring your best camera for taking all wonderful views there.

{ 1 } Toronto

Toronto which located in Southern Ontario is one of the best places to visit in Canada. It is not only to visit, many people now like to immigrate to this country since Canadian is known as the country which is very warm and welcome to strangers. The majority, the Torontonians speak English, so this also makes the visitors easy to make conversation with the native and easy to adapt. Even though there are actually more than 160 different languages that live and spoken there.

torontoToronto Canada Ontario Architecture Image By Pixabay

For those tourists who like to have vacationed here will also like it since, with diversified economic they have, people would be able to live peacefully and less criminality. They have strong technology, improvement in environment, a lot of nicest restaurant with a varied menu from different countries, up to date fashion wear and great art. One thing that you should not miss when you go there is the largest Toronto Zoo.

toronto cn tower glass floorCN Tower – Glass Floor Image By Adam

{ 2 } Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island would be the right choice to go for your vacation this time. As one of the best places to visit in Canada, Vancouver has many interest places to visit. One of them is the Stanley Park. When you make your way to the park, this historic place would show you the wonderful green oasis and a great landscape which built in 400-hectare lands. You could enjoy all wonderful view of the water.

Vancouver IslandBritish Columbia Vancouver Island Image By Hellobc

A lot of mountains also there and of course the natural forest with big trees along your walk. Stanley Park is well known with its seawall beside their wonderful beaches. In this place also you could enjoy the natural wildlife and many other adventures. It is really great for all ages to visit. Your kids would amaze the largest aquarium they have and don’t forget this one thing when you go to Stanley Park, that you should also try the food there.

Vancouver Island Birthday WeekendImage By Matthew Grapengieser

Vancouver Island NatureVia Flickr

{ 3 } Niagara Falls, Ontario

Ah yes, Niagara Falls in Ontario! Everybody who never come here also knows and familiar with the name of this place. As one of the best places to visit in Canada as well, Niagara Falls would be the first destination that people would go when they come to Ontario. You could take a lot of amazing pictures there especially if you are a photographer. It must be fun to experience the journey behind the falls with friends, your family or with your special companion. Not only that, there are a lot more that you could see and visit there such as Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario Lake or Niagara Park butterfly. The great of a quality taste of food there would not be a questioned as well. You will not have a hard time to find one.

Niagara Falls, OntarioNiagara Falls Cruise Image By Niagara Cruises

Cincinnati Swim team at Niagara FallsCincinnati Swim Team at Niagara Falls Image By Joisey Showa

{ 4 } Banff National Park

All are the wonderful places that would make your holiday would be unforgettable when you visit in Canada is Banff National Park. True, there are a lot of parks in Canada where seem each island has its own nice park to visit, however, this Banff National Park is one of them that you should not miss it. Why so? Because in this park, you will not only enjoy the view but you could also do more nature activities which are very challenging. All of the exciting adventure you could have here such as Air, helicopter and balloon tour or sailing and water tour. So you could get both experiences here, enjoying the air and the water.

lake minnewanka banff national park albertaLake Minnewanka Banff National Park Alberta Image By BanffNationalPark.com

However, if you only like to go for sightseeing, this park also has several options to view, they have Banff seeing and evening wildlife safari. Bring your family or your great companion to enjoy all of these nice places.

Banff National Park Moraine Lake in JuneMoraine Lake in June Image By Redeo

Above Mistaya Canyon, Banff National ParkAbove Mistaya Canyon Image By Alice Wondering Land

{ 5 } Montreal

When you visit in Canada, don’t forget to add Montreal in your checklist to go. This place is would give you a different experience for your holiday, not just sightseeing or doing fun activities but also some pieces of knowledge. It is really good to bring your kids here but it is also an advantage for those who have an interest in culture or science.

Montreal canadaNight View Montreal Canada Image By Wiki Media

A writer or author or anyone who has an interest in art would find a lot of inspiring things here especially when they visit the Montreal Museum, the one where they can find a lot of fine art with an amazing creation and design. There is also an old port of Montreal which also a great place to take a picture. The Montreal Insectarium would also the one that makes your kid excited. And the old Montreal for shopping would make your wife or girlfriend much happier with this trip.

Notre Dame Basilica Montreal CanadaNotre Dame Basilica Image By Expedia

{ 6 } Whistler

Whistler sliding centre lost lake, Alexander Falls, Green Lake, Garibaldi Provincial Park, all of those places are the interesting one you need to go when you visit in Canada. This Whistler sliding centre probably would be one of the most exciting experience you get. It is located in the outdoor mountain with extreme weather. That is why when you go there, it is necessary for you to dressing appropriately for the weather often changes.

whistler canadaWhistler Dual Mountain Image By www.Whistler.com

Don’t forget to put sturdy footwear as well. There also have wild animals there like bears, where you could see closely but be careful you should not bother them and not even feeding them. The guard will instruct you not to stare or look at them with direct eye contact. Just back slowly whenever you meet them and they will leave you and don’t run because this will shock the bear and make them aggressive. So it is really a great nature holiday and very adventurous.

whistler natural viewWhistler Natural Evening View Image By Mark Teasdale

whistler mountain in winter Whistler Mountain in Winter Image By PCT Trek, Garden Stuff

{ 7 } Jasper National Park

Located in Alberta, Jasper National Park is also one of the best places to go when you make your visit to Canada. A lot of travel agent, magazine and sites would recommend this place. This place is like a lost heaven on earth especially for those who like nature activities such biking, hiking or rocking, since there are a lot of stunning great mountain ranges in here.

Jasper National ParkTrees rise from Spirit Island, which rests in Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park. Photography By Photographs by Raymond Gehman

Jasper National Park is also along with Banff National Park, and they both have become a part of UNESCO world Heritage site. Exploring the uncommon beauty of this place would give a different experience for your holiday where usually you only go for eating, sightseeing or doing other fun activities because here you would also get personal touch of culture from warm native people in town. One nice bar for dining, would make you enjoy the Old Fort point from there and also close to Pyramid Lake.

Athabasca Fall, Jasper National ParkAthabasca Fall, Jasper National Park Image By Laura Saunders

Jasper National Park in NovemberJasper National Park in November Image By Adam King

{ 8 } Calgary

I am sure you have heard the name of this place before, Calgary. It sounds familiar though you never go there since a lot of people talk about it. What more all the travel agent, magazines and sites keep on encouraging people to prove the amazing things about this place. They are strongly recommending people to come when they visit in Canada.

Calgary CanadaThe Sunny & Clean Town of Canada Image By Gezi

Calgary is known as one place that has everything you need for your vacation with its attraction parkland, food, historical places and a wonderful zoo. The heritage town square where is located before you enter the park would make you enjoy the shop, cafe and restaurant too. They also have a lot of unique and antique stuff for old history in the historic village where you could find a pre-railway settlement 1880, unique truck, and so on. The big zoo is also the one that everybody would like especially when you go with family.

Downtown Calgary on a very snowy dayDowntown Calgary on a Very Snowy Day Image By Flickr

{ 9 } Cape Breton

Your visit in Canada would be much grateful when you also go to this Cape Breton. Music and other performing arts from traditional to modern type are one of the Entertainment you could enjoy while you are having a vacation in this place. They have a fortress of Louisbourg, Celtic colours and also artisans and craft for your souvenir and shop.

Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, CanadaCape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada Image By Pinterest

The outdoor activities and adventure like camping, Cabot trail, boating, motorcycling are also the things that you could put on your checklist during a holiday here. A lot of nice culinary places with tasty food and drink also that you could try. There will not be a day of your holiday that will make you bored in Cape Breton. Even just sitting in the bar after your activities during the day would have been a special moment one already. Not one place that would make you miss the attraction.

Cabot Trail Cape Breton CanadaCabot Trail Cape Breton Canada Image By Dennis Jarvis

{ 10 } Churchill

What are are you planning to do in Churchill when you visit in Canada? Most of the tourism places would offer you luxury hotels, great store and mall to shop, nice food and drink and of course entertaining night life with fantastic performance. Churchill could offer you more than those. Besides all those common things, Churchill has also the Eskimo museum, nature and wildlife tour, bay shore road, wapUsk national park, boat, helicopter, 4wd ATV offroad tour and much more.

Polar Bear Churchill CanadaPolar Bear Churchill Canada Image By Acanela

You would be busy with all of these exciting activities every day until the day you left. Make sure that you got everything they have there so that you will not regret that you missed them while you are still staying there. Also, don’t forget to bring the nicest camera you have since there are a lot of nice views you can take there. Are you ready to make your booking now?

 Polar Bear Watching Tourists Churchill Canada Polar Bear Watching Tourists Churchill Canada Image By Hicker Photo

{ 11 } Eastern Townships

When you visit in Canada there is one place in the Eastern Township that you need to visit. It is in the region of Quebec, Canada.They have Mount Orford, a mountain and ski resort which located in the Mont-Orford National Park. The location is about 10 km north-west of the central Magog city. For the evening activities, you can visit Foresta Lumina, bars, restaurant and nice cafe along the town. During the day you can also go to Granby Zoo with your kids and family or have relaxation in the spa.

Au Vaillantbourg in Quebec’s Eastern TownshipsAu Vaillantbourg in Quebec’s Eastern Townships

If you like more challenging activities you could also go to Mount pinnacle, Bromont ski area or mount button. Please take a note of the name of these places so that you will not miss it. Make sure you will have good preparation for this great tourism place especially the camera for taking every single nice moment you spend there.

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