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The bohemian style takes a relaxed, nonchalant and colorful approach to design. It reflects the chaotic and unpredictable part of life. This style is inspired by the unusual and unconventional. Homes designed in this style are full of life, culture and traditional elements. When it comes to bohemian design ideas, there are no set of rules. Mixing, matching, and layering of colors, patterns and textures is the most unique characteristic of this style. Warm, natural colors and metallic jewel tones are a common feature of boho style. It also uses a lot of natural materials like burlap and sisal. The upholstery can be in rich fabrics like silk or chenille.

Comfortable furniture with a slightly worn look, plush throw rugs, colorful pillows, ethnic tapestries, beaded curtains, hanging lamps, and lightings are the most common aspects of bohemian decorations. When decorating in this style, feel free to use styles that don’t go together conventionally. Add items that show your personality even if they don’t match the other elements of the décor. Bohemian style is essentially an expression of your individuality. It is an eclectic combination of objects, colors, and patterns inspired by your travels or by different walks of your life. It is, therefore, a style that you can truly call your own.

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