Pocket Watches: The 5 Most Sought-After Brands

Pocket Watches

If you are a lover of fine hand-made pocket watches, you certainly aren’t alone in your appreciation. Indeed, many people are collectors, combining their passion with wise investment, which creates long-term wealth. Of course, there were many fine pocket watch makers and here are some details about the most sought-after today.

1. Longines – This Swiss luxury watch maker started business in 1882 and over the years has made some truly magnificent pocket watches. Why not choose a stunning gold stem-winding pocket watch made around the mid-20th century? Such timepieces are offered for sale by online antique dealers, and a quick search will take you to a website where you can view their catalogue.

2. Patek Phillipe – This astounding pocket watch maker has created many amazing timepieces, and while they might be in the upper price range, this brand simply is regarded as the best. In the event you are looking for the best vintage pocket watch, check out the stunning timepieces available from the online antique dealer. If you are looking for a stylish pocket watch that is also a good long-term investment, this is the brand for you, as Patek Phillipe is considered the Rolls Royce of luxury watches.

3. Tissot – Yet another luxury Swiss watch maker, Tissot was founded in 1885 by Charles Tissot in the Swiss city of Le Locle, where he and his son laboured to hand-craft unique pocket watches. Their most noted model was the Savonnette, with a hunter case for added protection, and is definitely one to add to your collection. Like all Swiss watch makers, Tissot has passed down their skills from generation to generation, keeping the business in the family.

4. Bulova – An American brand, the Bulova name was founded in 1875 and is currently based in New York City. During the 1920s and 1930s, Bulova advertised aggressively and the brand became very popular, both at home and abroad. You can find Bulova pocket watches online from a respected antique dealer. In 1960, they revealed the Bulova Accutron, which was accurate to within plus/minus ten seconds per month – considered very accurate at that time. The brand is currently owned by Citizen Watches.

5. Charles-Hubert – Based in Paris, this brand is a blend of fine engineering and elegant looks, and with gold-plated hunter style pocket watches that are very affordable, it isn’t hard to understand why this brand is so much in demand. For the best deals with Charles-Hubert pocket watches, check out the online antique dealer, as they specialise in this name.

Pocket Watches

If you are interested in starting a pocket watch collection, the best idea is to join forces with a local antique dealer, as he would have the largest selection of genuine timepieces, all at affordable prices. If you invest regularly and keep your collection properly, this will be very valuable a few decades from now.

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