Come Home Sand Free After a Trip to the Beach – Tesalate Sand Free Beach Towel Review

Tesalate Sand Free Beach Towel Review

Is there a worse feeling than coming home from a super fun beach trip to a messy home? Along with all the fun memories, do you bring the sand and dirt of the beach home too? What if there was a way to enjoy the beach time without having a load of sand to clean from your laundry afterwards? We would all love such a solution dearly. And the Tesalate sand-free beach towels promise you exactly that! The advanced technology and innovative design of these towels can entirely change your beach experience. Plus, the designs are trendy, vibrant, and constantly updated. Let us find out why Tesalate’s beach towels are definitely a cut above the rest.

Tesalate Sand Free Beach Towel Review


Before the innovative Tesalate sand-free towels made their debut, there was always a chance of bringing back a mountain of sand home from the beach. However, Tesalate offered a solution by utilizing cutting edge textile technology to create its exclusive AbsorbLite™ microfiber. The exact specifications of this amazing towel are discussed below:


Imagine you’re sitting on the beach trying to enjoy the sun and the waves, but the small towel you spread on the sand restricts your movements! But with Tesalate beach towels you need not worry about it anymore. With its large span of 160cm x 80cm for single size and 160cm x 160cm for double size, these towels can easily accommodate you. Now you can simply lie back and have fun!


Tesalate’s towels are made of their AbsorbLite™ microfiber which is gentle and soft even on the most sensitive skin. It is a high quality material with excellent strength and absorption. But at the same time the fabric is lightweight and easy to use. This microfiber towel is also easier to care for and maintain.


Tesalate Sand Free Beach Towel Review

Tesalate towel collections are always trendy and the designs are always full of exciting themes and colors. In fact, the latest 2020 collection of towels offers an endless number of possibilities for true fashion lovers. From classic and elegant to tropical and eclectic, Tesalate has a wide range of designs that can cater to everyone’s choices. However, it also features a triangular geometric design on the other side of every towel as its signature pattern.


The vision behind the creation of Tesalate was to make our beach days better, and that’s exactly what it does. The innovative sand-free towel design makes your beach experience even more fun. Plus, it offers by far the most amazing collection of beach towels. There are many features that make this towel a unique innovation. Let us take a look at these features in detail.


Tesalate Sand Free Beach Towel Review

The most annoying thing about spending a day at the beach is coming home with wet towels full of sand! But with Tesalate’s towel, say goodbye to the days of shaking the sand off the towels in frustration. Tesalate’s innovative microfiber does not let the sand stick to the cloth. So, even when you spread it in the sand and sit all day, you won’t see any sand sticking to it when you shake it off. If you’re looking for a sand-free beach towel, Tesalate is currently the most trusted and popular brand for the same.


The sand-free quality of these towels might suggest that the towels are non-absorbent but it is quite the opposite. These towels are super absorbent and can soak up to 1 liter of water. Their absorption rate is one of the best features that makes these towels so popular. Having a high absorption ensures that you can use the towels for more purposes other than as beach towels. You can use them in the bath or as yoga mats too. Despite repelling sand, this towel works hard to soak a lot of water so that you can truly get wet without any worries!

Quick Dry

The amazing absorption technology of this Tesalate towels make them ultra-absorbent. The towels can, in fact, soak up to 1 liter of water. So, does that mean they remain wet for a long time too? After you enjoy your day at the beach, having to carry home a bag full of heavy wet towels that take hours to dry can be frustrating. However, Tesalate towels are not just super absorbent. They are also engineered to dry in half the time than a regular towel. This means no more soggy towels after a dip in the water!

Compact and Lightweight

Along with being super absorbent and sand-free, Tesalate towels are also extremely compact and lightweight. In fact, they come with a waterproof nylon drawstring bag and can fit into even a small tote. Plus, they are just as efficient for a trip to the swimming pool as a trip to the beach. They can be easily folded to very small size that can easily fit into a bag. This can help you carry more towels in your beach bag with ease. Also, the microfiber is very light-weight and also dries off quickly. Thus they are also perfect for traveling.


Tesalate towels are very durable and can last for a long time. While regular towels fade after fray after some time, Tesalate’s microfiber towels last much longer. They don’t fray easily and their color remains intact even after many washes. The print design and vibrant colors of the towel remain the same even after regular washing and constant use.

Easy to Use

Another advantage of these towels is their ease of use. These towels are double-sided with beautiful, exotic patterns on one side and the Tesalate trademark geometric triangular design on the other side. The double sided print makes the towel usable from both sides. Also, the towel comes with a hanging hook to keep the towel from falling off. It can also help keep the towels clean and dry.

With summer rolling in, weekend beach trips will become the norm for many people. Having accessories that make your trip more fruitful and fun is a must. And the sand-free Tesalate beach towel, with its many amazing features, is certainly one great addition to your beach or travel bag.

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