4 Ways to Get Promoted At Work


After working in a job for a while, you might just assume that your skills will be noticed and that you will get a promotion. However, a promotion is not something that you (usually) get just for working somewhere for a long time; a promotion is something you really have to earn.

If there is a chance of promotion at work, then it will pay to ensure you are in the running if you want to progress in your career. Here are some ways you can ensure you’ll get noticed for the right reasons.

Have A Positive Attitude

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Having a positive attitude towards your work is very important. Can you imagine your boss promoting someone who is always complaining about the work they have to do, or their pay, or their colleagues? It is unlikely to happen even if they do happen to be skilled because that attitude reflects badly on the company.

Be positive, try to enjoy your work as much as possible (and if you can’t, think about trying another career in which you can) and generally be engaged. Asking questions during meetings (if they are intelligent and relevant) is a good way to do this, as is meeting deadlines and being a role model to other employees.

Get Qualified

Get Qualified

There is no such thing as too much education, and even if you think you’re done with school there is always something else to learn. If you could obtain an additional qualification in your chosen career on your own time, this would certainly show commitment and initiative.

Think about your own career and what you would want and need to learn, and which qualification will help you the most. Working in healthcare, you might choose to study an online MS in healthcare analytics, or if you’re a chef you could study for a degree in food technology.

Avoid Office Politics

Avoid Office Politics

If there are many people all working together in one place, there will inevitably be office politics and plenty of gossip. It’s best to stay away from this if you can; it will reflect better on you if you aren’t involved (especially if anyone raises a complaint and will show you can work without being distracted. It could also prove that you have the business in mind and don’t want to do it any damage.

Ask For It

It’s a simple thing to say, but it can also be hard to bring the subject up with your employer. However, it is worth doing, no matter how scary it might feel, as unless you tell your boss you want the promotion how will they really know? They will see you doing well and being positive, and although these are good things, it might make them think you are happy doing what you’re doing and staying at the level you are at.

Make time to have a meeting with your boss and let them know that you want to be considered for the upcoming promotion. Not only will they then see that you want the change, but they will also see that you are strong and confident enough to tell them in the first place – both of these are positive points.

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