Using CBD Vape Oil


Vaping has gained popularity in recent years, mainly due to the health risks associated with smoking. Year after year, despite numerous warnings and deaths caused by smoking, people continue to smoke. Vaping is generally seen as a much safer alternative to smoking, and not only is it applied to tobacco products but with CBD as well.

Vaping CBD is the preferred method for many young users new to the Cannabis subculture. This is due to the variety of flavors available, and because of the ease of which vaping has been made through innovation over the years. Often, new users are in search of the best CBD vape oil on the market, and with so many options available, a little guidance is often necessary.

Vape Oil

CBD vape oil is often confused with vape juice, e-liquid and many other names by which it is referred. Though the terminology may seem confusing, CBD vape oil, juice and all of the other names in which it’s referenced is all the same thing. Essentially, vape oil is a distillate from the CBD-rich flower.

Through a fairly complex process, Cannabidiol (CBD) is processed from the Hemp flower after harvest. Once processed, it’s then manufactured into flavored oils that can be used in a variety of devices, commonly known as vaporizers, vape pens or more popularly known simply as “vapes.”

Oils are available in numerous flavors with a varying percentage of both CBD and THC present. Under local and state law, and the 2018 Farm Bill, THC in CBD oils can be no higher than 0.3 percent. Though some full-spectrum CBD products are on the market that contains a greater amount of THC to produce a euphoric effect, these products are limited to sales only within states that have legalized their sale and use.

Vape Methods

There is frequently a bit of confusion when it comes to referencing a vaporizer and an atomizer. The devices themselves have multiple uses and are often confused as such. However, an atomizer is the heated coil (the heating element) which turns the oil or liquid into vapor within the vaporizer.


On the market today, there are numerous vaporizers with varying size batteries and digital applications incorporated. The very basic form and the most preferred is through the use of a vape pen. These devices are small and offer the user the ability to use the best CBD vape oil in a small apparatus which is easily transported and not nearly as cumbersome or bulky as a full-size vaporizer.

Though full-size vapes are commonly used for smoking CBD flower, smaller versions are the most popular due to their size and portability.

Looking for Oils

Numerous oils and juices are on the market today, and with the variety available anyone new to the Cannabis subculture may be overwhelmed at the choices available.

One should look for the CBD dosage whenever beginning to use the product. As such, it’s recommended that anyone new should always begin with a low dose and eventually work up until the desired effects are felt.


Dosage is generally labeled on the products in milligrams or percentage form, and this is typically required by law though it may vary from state to state.

It is also righteous to note that though the health risks associated with smoking CBD are much higher, one should consider any risks related to vaping as well before using CBD or vaping in general.

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