How to Be the ODD one at a House Party


Being weird is not something that you can learn (well, you can, but you won’t be happy pretending someone you’re not) but it’s possible to learn how to embrace and emphasise your weirdness. Weird or odd can both be ambivalent in their meaning but most times, they are just synonyms to words like original, unique or extraordinary – these sound much better, right? A party is a place when you can really stand out and let other people know you for who you truly are (or who you choose to be). So how can you make yourself seem like the odd one? Well, it’s something that you already have in you but here are some ideas that may inspire your weird soul:

Talk to random people about random things

Talk to random people about random things

Try saying have you seen a rhino anywhere in here? To a couple of people around the room, while staying completely serious, of course. Try making sure that you’re choosing someone who will actually laugh but it’s not always possible. There will be people who will think that you’re completely crazy but it’s not something that should bother you. Shout: Long time, no see, Karen! to several girls around you – they will be baffled or amused until the day comes when you actually see a Karen. Also, try pretending like you don’t know some very normal things; when someone asks if you want a cookie, say: What is a cookie? Is it a fruit? Just remember to finally admit you’re joking, though. Don’t overdo – you want to be weird and funny, not irritating.

Carry different things with you

You can be the person who always has some dry smoked pork sausages in your backpack or a pet rock with painted eyes and mouth that you carry around and introduce to people; at first, they might be surprised but after some time, whenever you’re not accompanied by your pet, they will ask where it is. If you’re ready to take it one step further and you live in a place where cannabis is legal, there are some edibles that you can buy from time to time and share with people. Be careful not to give out too much of it to one person and always make sure that a person knows what they’re taking. Check over here what you can shop for to be the one with funny cookies/chocolates/snacks. 

Don’t be afraid of Colours and Patterns


Whether you’re choosing a new backpack, sneakers or a dress, don’t go for any of the regular choices. Your outfit is actually the first and probably the most powerful thing that can help you stand out. Make sure that people see you – make it impossible for them to overlook you. Don’t be afraid to mix some things like different colours or patterns that don’t match (but only at first sight). Combine old and vintage with new and modern. If you really don’t mind people staring at you, or maybe if you even like it, you can consider wearing some Halloween outfits details, e.g. vampire’s teeth or fairy wings. Second-hand and charity shops should become your favourite places – avoid shopping in retail chains stores because that’s where everyone does it. Now you wonder what you can do for Halloween? Well, if everybody is dressing up, you can be just a regular guy – wouldn’t it be super weird?

Do some normal things Too

Especially when your reputation starts to precede you, you should keep doing regular things as well. If you’re known for being odd, doing something normal will surprise others – you won’t lose your charm but you will still be someone with whom people actually want to hang out. Remember that you don’t want to be a clown so try being funny and weird but also smart and interesting. Make fun and joke around but be able to have regular conversations as well.

Be Yourself

Be Yourself

In the world where everybody is trying to be what they’re not, being genuine, honest and real can be a little weird and truly original. We all have things that make us different from others – little quirks and weird habits that you already possess are probably enough to make you seem a bit odd in the eyes of the crowd. Don’t be someone you’re not as it can only bring you down instead of making a star out of you!

Putting too much of a show can only do you harm – you will lack consistency and finally, someone will accuse you of being a show pony. Of course, some may think you’re really weird but you have to stop worrying about how they see you and what they expect from you. Embrace yourself just the way you are and don’t be afraid to show it all to other people. The weirder, the better!

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