What Is The Purpose Of Dental Fillings?

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At some point during our lifetime, one or more of our teeth will start decaying, requiring dental treatment. Cavities are one of the most common dental problems that affect almost all individuals. They are a direct result of harmful bacteria present in the mouth and can prevent you from smiling freely. 

And as a preventive measure to stop further damage, dentists recommend using dental fillings. Made from either metal or porcelain material, these fillings can help improve your smile and prevent serious damage too.

Dr. Mark Shalaby and Dr. Mike Shalaby, two well-known general dentists from Austin, Tx shared some key advantages and the purpose behind using dental fillings for improved oral health.

What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are tooth fillings that your dentist uses to fill in a cavity. The dentist first removes the decayed part using a drill. Once the decayed part is removed, the dentist will clean the area to remove bacteria and other debris stuck in the teeth.

The dentist will then put the fillings to repair the teeth. A special blue UV light is used to cure the filling and help them set. Once this process is completed, the dentist will polish the fillings to achieve the desired result. This whole procedure is quick and painless and gets done within a single sitting.

What is the Purpose of Dental Fillings?

When bacteria in your mouth overgrow with help of sugar from the food you eat or improper cleansing, they form a sticky film on your teeth known as plaque. The acids in plaque erode the natural protective enamel on your teeth which leads to small holes. This marks the first sign of tooth decay or cavities.

These holes or hollowed areas allow the bacteria to enter the inner part of your teeth known as dentin. Since dentin connects the nerves with your teeth, it can result in tooth sensitivity when it is attacked by bacteria.

Dental fillings are used to cover up these cavities and prevent bacteria from causing further damage. If not done on time, the decay progresses further, to the tooth interior and pulp.

This leads to inflammation, swelling, and immense pain. It may then require a root canal treatment or even removal of teeth if the infection spreads beyond the pulp.

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Advantages Of Dental Fillings

Decayed teeth look unappealing and may cause self-esteem issues. Hence, getting dental fillings can help improve the appearance of your teeth. Composite resin filling in particular blends in really well with your natural tooth color and is thus completely discreet. Dental fillings can also be used to repair chipped or broken teeth. And they can last a good 5-10 years with proper care.

Regular dental checkups can help your dentist diagnose and prevent severe tooth decay improving your overall health. They can even make chewing food easier by filling out hollowed areas.

If you want dental fillings in Austin, Tx, reach out to Dr. Mark Shalaby and Dr. Mike Shalaby at Paradigm Dental. They provide high-end artistry and quality services to all their patients so that they can have the most natural-looking teeth. So book your appointment right away.

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