The Best Materials For Planters

Materials For Planters1

Plants in the compound or home are a breath of fresh air. They add so much character to a space making you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. The same fulfilling and free feeling you get when you are in nature is taken indoors, and you get to experience this when your plants are around. 

Plants are gems that require homes that they will thrive in. so much so, you have to select the best planters that they can call home. Here are some ideas of materials of planters you can use to make your plant box with your little exotic beauties.

Terracotta pots 

Terracotta is the most used planter all over the world. Suppose they are beloved because they are made from clay soil hence become the perfect home to any plant. These ceramic pots are porous materials that allow the proper air ventilation in the soil and enable the movement of water effortlessly. They are very durable and could last you a very long time.

On the flip side, they tend to be very heavy when filled with soil, so you need to keep them in one place to avoid having to lift them all the time.

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Wooden containers

Wood is also a fantastic planter material that is also a product of the earth. The best thing about wooden planters is that they come in multiple designs and sizes in the preference of the plant owner. The only catch when it comes to wooden planters is ensuring that suitable wood was used. If you do not care for the planter well, they may start decaying and breaking off.

Metal planters 

Suppose a deep pan you have had for years got a hole at the bottom; what do you do with it? Throw it away? Of course not!

Metal planters have a specific class and appeal to them to make them awe-inspiring to have in your space. They can become a great planter and a new home for your succulent. And using these scape metals is also saving the planet by reducing at least one piece of waste from the ecosystem and giving it a purpose. When you use metal planters, you should be careful not to place them in direct sunlight as they may burn your plants. To counter this effect, when planting, line the planter with bubble wrap to insulate it.

Materials For Planters2

Plastic plant pots 

Plastic materials are all around us such that no trash can lacks a plastic bottle of water, yogurt, or any other item. So much so, you have so much to use as planters to repurpose and give a plant a new home. And suppose you want to get rid of the writtings, consider buying spray paint and dazzle them. They are lightweight, and their colors last a lifetime.

Take away

When you give your plants a comfortable, cozy home, they thrive and become beautiful and thrive. So pick one material or even use all to offer your plants the home they deserve.

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