Who Will Best Benefit From Using A Short Stay Serviced Apartment

Using A Short Stay Serviced Apartment 1

Relocating or being assigned to a new city for work can be a daunting experience for even the most experienced of travellers. There are so many things to consider when contemplating the move, such as the location and the amenities within as well as those near the vicinity.

Then there are several personal thoughts, but top of the list is always what type of accommodation will be best for you. If you are about to relocate in a place as exciting as London, serviced apartments are quite popular. Read on to find out more to see if they are a perfect fit for you.

What Is A Short Stay Apartment?

As the name suggests, a short stay service apartment is a property that is available for rent for days or weeks. The accommodation can sometimes be referred to as an apartment hotel and come fully furnished.

Luxury serviced apartments in Mayfair, London offer high class amenities including a video entry phone system, lifts, DVD film service, CD and stereo system, and complimentary wireless internet. They also come with a full kitchen, dining area, lounge, and a friendly concierge service, making the facilities comparable to a five-star hotel. Some apartments have the capacity to cater for up to 10 people.

What Are The Benefits?

Staying in high quality short stay apartments offers the same comforts as being at home to guarantee full relaxation during the visit. They provide better value for money than a hotel with the same furnishings, sometimes with discounts depending on the length of stay. There is a privacy in an apartment not afforded when staying in a hotel, and any issues are quickly dealt with by a professional team to ensure you have a stress-free stay.

Who Are They Suitable For?

  • Commuters may find a short stay apartment a comfortable way to relax rather than the grind of a journey home. Perhaps an assignment has arrived late at work which needs finishing. What better way to complete the task than after settling down in luxury surroundings. London serviced apartments, in particular, are ideal for those working away from Monday to Friday.
  • Business travellers feel the benefit of such a facility if away from home, as it would be easier to invite colleagues over to complete transactions and guarantee a restful stay, ready to engage fully the following morning.
  • Those on short- or long-term assignments from overseas can put down a base without the hassles of signing contracts at estate agents while possessing the freedom to move, rather than having to stay somewhere that they don’t enjoy, having committed themselves. While in situ, they will be able to discover the delights of an evening at the theatre.
  • A short stay apartment is the perfect solution for anyone having moved home and waiting to take on a new property.
  • Tourists will find such an apartment ideal to be able to return after a day’s adventure prior to settling down to chill in luxurious surroundings. 

Using A Short Stay Serviced Apartment 2

For the very best living experience if in transit, away on business, on vacation or requiring an evening stay, short stay apartments can cover all bases.

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