How to Blow Out Sprinklers With Air Compressor

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There are many reasons why you might want to blow out sprinklers with an air compressor. One of the best ways to end a long winter is by creating lovely summer mayhem.!

 An air compressor will also help get rid of built-up sediment in your sprinkler system that can cause clogs. Before blowing out your sprinkler, it is important to remember that not all tools will work well for this.

 It is possible you may break something and have to pay a lot of money on repairs if done improperly. That’s why we’ve put together this blog post about how to blow out sprinklers with an air compressor so you can do it safely and effectively!

What size of air compressor is required to blow out a residential sprinkler system?

There is no set size for an air compressor to blow out a residential sprinkler system. The amount of water flowing through the pipes will determine how much pressure you need in order to break up sediment and clear it from your pipes.

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 If there are many sprinklers hooked together, then more pressure may be needed than if only one or two were connected at any given time. Some people have even used their car’s brakes as a temporary way of blowing out their systems! It depends on which type of setup you have in your home.

What tools should I use for this process?

You can find an air nozzle attachment that fits onto your hose and has a tiny hole with which the air bubbles come through these nozzles. You can also use a Shop-Vac for the other end of your hose, but this is not usually necessary if you are only blowing out one or two sprinklers at once.

What should I do to prepare my system?

The first thing to do before blowing out any pipes with an air compressor is to shut off everything! This includes your water main and all individual sources that may be running in your home 

both inside and outside (such as irrigation systems). Make sure not to turn the water back on until after you have bled each line fully so it does not get backed up again and cause problems later on.

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How long will it take me?

It really depends on how many lines you have to blow out. For a small irrigation system, it may only take you an hour or so but for larger systems with more pipes, the process can last three hours or longer!

It’s not hard at all if you follow these steps and don’t try any shortcuts that could cause damage to your sprinklers. There are some tips below in case you need them:

Set up your compressor on a level surface (you’ll be using pressure gauges) and ensure there is enough space around it before turning it on.

 Make sure nothing will get sucked into its air intake as well!

Use two of the hose adapters we discussed earlier by attaching one end of each to the compressor. Attach these to your two lines and then screw in a threaded coupling onto each side of the adapters (and tighten with an adjustable wrench).

You need to turn off any automatic valves on your system, so make sure you are familiar with where they are located before starting. Double-check that there is no water flowing through them by closing all other valve controls first!

Attach one hose adapter to the air intake of your compressor – this will be used for blowing out water from pipes. 

The second hose should go into something like a bucket or another location that has been designated as “protected.” Keep away from anything that could catch on fire!

If you’re using a pipe bender, you’ll want to use the smallest pipe bender size that will fit over your sprinkler head. If you have a more complex setup, make sure it’s properly supported before beginning- you don’t want any of your compressed air going into anything but water pipes!

Before connecting the compressor and coil hoses together, pump your air handgun for 20 seconds or so to ensure good pressure is available. Keep in mind there should be enough pressure on both sides; if not adjust accordingly by adjusting valves with an open-end wrench until it’s even.


Blowing out sprinklers with an air compressor is a pretty straightforward process, but it’s important to remember that you need to have the right equipment on hand before beginning. That means having a good quality pipe bender and enough pressure from your compressor! 

Keep in mind also that you will be putting water into both hoses- one for blowing water through the pipes and another as protection against backfire if there are any leaks.

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