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30+ Gorgeous Wavy Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts

Is there anyone in the world who does not want to look good? The answer will be an absolute ‘no’. Looking beautiful and gorgeous would boost the confidence level to a greater extent. Hairstyle matters a lot in this. But it is not always the long and silky hair that looks beautiful. The short hairs can be even more stunning with the different types of bob. Many famous personalities etched an identity for them through these hairstyles. There are a lot of varieties of wavy bob hairstyles which suits your face and the texture of your hair. And the most important reason why we need to go for bob cut is that it gets you pleasant relief from the scorching heat of the summer.

Let’s explore the stunning wavy bob hairstyles

{ 1 } Wavy Bangs

Wavy Bob Hairstyles

The hair flowing over your forehead makes you the cutest. The bangs are not meant for the girls with straight hair. It can be apt even for the person with the curly hair. The length of the hair can be till shoulders. If you are a person wearing spectacles, then this is the right choice for you. You need not work too much each day to set the hair. Set the hair within minutes!!!! It also makes your hair look more voluminous, and this adds more to your confidence. You can even do the curls at the end to look more stylish.

{ 2 } Bob with the Center Partition

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
This is the simple hairstyle which would help in having a prominent projection of your facial features. If you are going to a party, you would wish to wear heavy jewelry. Your hairstyle should not dominate your attire and your jewels. In such cases, this hairstyle is the best option. Here, curl your hair to make it wavier which further enhances your looks. This hairstyle is even suited for the professional look. It gives you a kind of self-assured look.

{ 3 } Bob For Uniquely Textured Hair

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
This particular hairstyle is particularly suited for the girls who want to look cool. The hairstyle can be done for the people with the roughly textured hair. Why is it always you to have a strict and perfect hairstyle? Try this for some time. The hair would get an extra boost by having some layers, curls and smooth waves. And the hair should be trimmed above your shoulders. You need not be conscious of your hair.

{ 4 } Clumsy Bangs

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
Are you a woman whose job is so hectic? Are you not getting any time to look after your hair? And your job demands a neat appearance? Then the right choice for you is the clumsy bangs. Clumsy bangs are meant for the ladies who have a tough time in their jobs. This is also good for those whose hairlines have receded backwards. This is common among older women. To look young and beautiful, try this cool hairstyle.

{ 5 } Center Partitioned Curly Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
The girls with curly hair always think that they cannot do any hairstyle with wavy hair. They will just put one ponytail and feel so deprived. But there exists a haircut which would produce an awesome look for them. Moreover, you have an advantage too. Your hair looks voluminous how much ever the thickness of your hair may be. The looks can be enhanced better by adding more colors to the hair. Just visit a hairstylist and have a gorgeous look.

{ 6 } Bob with Curls Towards The Front

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
In this type of hairstyle, the hair is cut till the shoulder level, and in such a way that the curls face the front side. The hair is at the same length. Hair coloring further adds beauty to your hair. This hairstyle will be more suited when you wear short gowns. This hairstyle will be suited for a lot of parties including business parties. The specialty with this hairstyle is that this gives a kind of both the professional as well as looks cool.

{ 7 } Shabby Bob with Front Twists

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
Here, you need to cut the hair shortly much above your shoulders. Some of the front hair is taken, and they are twisted on one side. This twisting should be gentle. This hairstyle will give both the traditional as well as modern look. Your looks will be more adorable. This is apt for the wedding parties. You can use the beautiful broaches on one side which adds more flavor to your hair according to the occasions.

{ 8 } Side Partitioned Long Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
The hair is trimmed after leaving certain length below the shoulders. This hairstyle is more apt for the person with the oval face and silky hair. The gentle curls can be given to get smoother. The best thing with this hairstyle is that it provides a kind of innocent look to your face. You can go for this hairstyle when you wear sarees. It has some other advantages too. You can also fashionably put a ponytail. So dress and make your hair according to the occasion and have fun!!!

{ 9 } Messy Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
These types of bob are simply trendy. The hair is cut randomly without any order. Heavy coloring over the entire hair would act as a supplement. Putting some pins at the back would make it more stylish. This hairstyle goes well with heavy makeup with darker lipsticks. This hairstyle is best well-matched for special occasions like dating.

{ 10 } Bob For Rough Hair

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
This type of hairstyle is more suitable for rough hair. The beauty can be enhanced by having the colors in the end. The white color matches more with this hairstyle. The hair is cut little above the shoulders. You can also have some curls at the end. The curls can also be done by taking some hair together in an alternative manner.

{ 11 } Freaky Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
This Bob Hairstyle is Best for Women with thick hair. There will be shorter bangs at the front. The hair will be cut very short much above the shoulders. You can also have the out curls. The coloring of the hair done with the bright color would give a perfect stylishness to the hair. The clumsiness in the hair makes you look so casual. This hairstyle would be seamless when you plan for some long distance traveling, some beaches, etc.

{ 12 } Loose Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
The hair is cut at the same length just above the neck. The hair will be given smooth curls. The coloring can be done in majestic colors like pink, violet-based on your likings. The hairstyle would suit for attending business meetings in formals. The ladies who are wearing the spectacles with this hairstyle would have some geeky kind of look. This hairstyle would go well for the person even with thin hair.

{ 13 } Differently Colored Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
These kind of bob are so interesting and would make you stand unique in the crowd. You can easily watch the people standing for a moment and take a look at you. The hair is cut very short much above the shoulders. There will be side partition. The hair at the ends will be colored with the greenish color while in the top the hair will have the natural appearance. The people with the round face and a lot of skin in the cheeks can do this hairstyle to look awesome.

{ 14 } Multi-Colored Lengthy Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
Here, the center partition is taken, and the curls are done. If you are the person whose hairline has receded, don’t worry. This is the rightest choice for you. The coloring in golden yellow in the lower half of the hair would give us the trendy looks. This hairstyle is suited for almost all the occasions. Just like the previous hairstyle, you would have a definite impact on the people’s mind with this glamorous hairstyle.

{ 15 } Traditional Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
Though this type of bob has been in vogue for a long time, people still love to do hairstyle on this style. Here the hair length is cut short, and the layering is done from top to bottom. This hairstyle is best suited for the people with the unique heart-shaped face. In this type of hairstyle, the maintenance of hair is effortless. If you are a middle-aged woman who wants to go trendy, this hairstyle is the best choice for you.

{ 16 } Simple-Styled Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
This hairstyle goes well for the people who love to have a simple look. There will be curls in the entire hair with the hair shortened much above the shoulders. Though the hairstyle looks simple, it gives a classy look to the person. Are you a businesswoman who runs much faster than time but under compulsion to look fresh? then this is the best choice for you.

{ 17 } Bob with the Back Curls

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
This can be done with Silky and wavy hair. The hairstyle is done in such a way that all the hair would have curls facing towards the back. There will be some smooth twists in the front that adds more to the beauty of the hairstyle. It looks almost similar like a bunch of feathers at the back. For the women who are interested in a different fashion, this hairstyle is the best choice.

{ 18 } Bob with a Single Uniform Curl

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
The hair is cut short and there is just a single steep curl in the middle of your hairstyle. This hairstyle gives you a kind of pleasant look which makes you look more cheerful. This is done with the side partition. It gives you a kind of geeky look too. The additional beauty to the hair is giving the hair more colors.

{ 19 } Classy Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
In this type of bob, some of the hair on the front side is taken, and they are cut across. The hair is cut to the shoulders. Slight curling is done to enhance the style. And these curls have to be smoother. This hairstyle gives you a kind of classy woman look. The coloring done in brown shades would be nice. This hairstyle can be done for different events. A light makeup would suffice for this type of style.

{ 20 } Trendy Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
In this type of hairstyle, one side of the face is covered with the hair and the hair is cut just above the shoulders. This type of hairstyle goes well with the dresses like jeans giving you a stylish look. You would look more confident, and this is one of the unique hairstyles.

{ 21 } Extremely Curled Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
In this type of bob, the hair is extremely curled. You can rock in this bob cut with the perfect makeup. Here, the length of the bob should be as low as possible. The clumsy hair would make your hair look quite thick. Use can use hairsprays to set the hair properly. A stylish look with the beautiful hair is something which you get from this. This hairstyle would go well with the simple dresses too.

{ 22 } Princess Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
There is some hairstyle that makes you look like a princess. Want to feel like someone who holds herself high? Then go for this cut. Here, the cut is done till the shoulder level. There will be a side partition. You can use broaches of different varieties to add a compelling look to your hair. With a beautiful white gown and flowers, you will look like the most beautiful princess on the earth.

{ 23 } Shorter Bob with a Middle Partition

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
This is a simple hairstyle with a partition in the middle. This would be best suitable for someone who has pointed chin. With the hair on both sides and your smile would create a certain kind of charm to your face that makes you look more beautiful and serene. This type of bob can be made for the normal occasions where you want for the casual outing etc.

{ 24 } Lengthy Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
Many want to keep their long hair but still, wish to go for a bob cut. For them, this hairstyle would be the most excellent choice. This is the most flexible hairstyle as it can be used for any occasion and for any dresses. The hair is cut on the same length.

{ 25 } Bob with Tiny Buns

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
This type of hairstyle would give you a cute look. This hairstyle can be done by the women who have thin hair on the sides compared to the middle. The pins of different styles can be used to make your bob to look more beautiful. Big earrings would add more to the beauty of the bob.

{ 26 } ‘C’ Shaped Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
Here, the hair is cut uniformly in the shape of ‘C’. This hairstyle would work well for those with straight hair. Shades of bright colors such as red, orange would make you look stunning and glamorous. This hairstyle would be perfect for occasions such as parties in the night.

{ 27 } Side Parted Uneven Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
The hair is set with the side partition. This hairstyle is suitable for women with both straight and wavy hair. The best thing with this hairstyle is it gives a simple yet elegant look. You need not do anything rather than simple combing in the morning. You look smart when you give a presentation to your business meetings.

{ 28 } Beach Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
The hair looks more like a series of beach waves. It would look more stylish when you walk. This hairstyle matches all the types of attire. Light makeup is enough to make you look more attractive with this hairstyle. It also makes you look more elegant. Hair colorings with light colors would work magic in your hair.

{ 29 } Short And Sweet Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
These bob are perfect for those with the bushy hair. It gives you a kind of cutest look. It is also perfect for the summer. Much maintenance is not required. The hairstyle remains the same even when you wake up after a deep slumber. A unique and large earrings would add more beauty to the hairstyle.

{ 30 } Bob with The Feathers

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
Just imagine you have a bunch of beautiful feathers in the hair. It is possible with this hairstyle. It gives you a cool look. If you are a person with the golden eyes, don’t forget to choose this hairstyle.

{ 31 } Enchanting Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
The uniform cutting of this bob would give a certain kind of charm to your face. It gives you a unique appearance. Hair is cut from the back to the front. A slight coloring given to the hair would make it appear bright, and further showcases the hairstyle in a better way.

{ 32 } Dazzling Bob

Wavy Bob Hairstyles
This is well-matched for the curly hair. You will look more dazzling with a side partition. This is the right option if you want to maintain the same hairstyle for a long run.

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