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30 Trending Fresh Blonde Bob Hairstyles

Gone are the days when only long or medium length hairstyle was trending. With these super cute and stylish blonde bob hairstyles, you can ditch that long hair look. We are not talking about something different, but we are talking about the bob hairstyle only. A hairstyle which can go with fine hair, thick hair, wavy hair, straight hair, etc. And adding the blonde shades to your bob haircut will highlight them even more. These blonde bob hairstyles are very much in trend nowadays. Since we have different shades of blonde, we can also go for dual tones to make our bob cut look more attractive.

When it comes to handling and taking care of long hair, it becomes quite tricky. But the bob haircut is not a problem to handle. The blonde bob hairstyles which we have listed below are trending this year and can go for any season. These are the fresh bob looks with the different shades of blonde to go for any occasion. Now, as you have the variety in blonde bob hairstyles, so you don’t have to even worry about the same old bob look. You can choose which one goes well with your hair type.

{ 1 } Light Butter Blonde

Blonde Bob Hairstyles

One of the fashionable bob cut with the twist of shades. We are sure you would have seen this bob cut before also. The smooth bob cut in the shade of light butter blonde is looking fab. And the slight dark roots of the bangs are also beautiful. The bangs on the forehead are giving a full look to the face. From a young woman to an older lady, any women can try this look. Especially for those who have a square shape face.

{ 2 } Wavy Short Bob

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
If you are a kind of woman who likes to keep it short with a bit of mess, then go for this look. With the shades of platinum and light blonde color, and the dark color highlights at root are giving a fascinating look. With the short hair like this, very less time is taken in doing this hairstyle. If you already have wavy hair curls, then good, else you can do it with ease with the help of curling iron.

{ 3 } Platinum Blunt Lob

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
If you don’t want to go for too short hair and want to keep neck length hair, then here is the lob hairstyle for you. Another platinum shade hairstyle with the ash blonde inner roots. Along with the lob cut, the hairstyle also has the blunt cut with straight hair. The partition from the mid is giving a classy look. If you have fine hair, then do try this hairstyle.

{ 4 } Dual Shade Bob and Lob cut

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
So, there is a twist in this hairstyle. Along with the dual color shades of hair, it also has the dual cuts that are bob cut and lob cut. Lob cut is basically bob cut only but on long hair tresses. With the side partition and one side hair being styled in a bob cut and the other side in the lob cut. From root to few inches downwards, the hair is colored with black shade. And the major part of the hair below is done in the dark blonde shade.

{ 5 } Symmetrical Blunt Bob

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
The perfect symmetrical blunt bob cut hairstyle for the women with round or oval shape face. This short hairstyle is good to go for everyday styling, especially at the workplace. It may look very simple to many of you, but it is also looking elegant. Coming to the color shades, the light ash blonde shade along with the brown-blonde tone for highlights are used in this style. If you want an effortless hairstyle for every occasion, you must get this look.

{ 6 } Shaggy Blonde Bob

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
For the fine hair tresses, this style is great. As it will give a bit of volume to your hair. With the mid partition, keep the one side locks at the back of the ear. And the other side framing your face. Use the dual blonde shades to highlight inner and outer hair tresses. Use the light blonde shade and the brownish-blonde shade for this style. If you are in a mood to have a funky look, go for this hairstyle.

{ 7 } Fine Hair Messy Bob

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
Up for a casual look with short hair? Here, it is, with the messy look, it is giving a complete casual look. Be it traveling or any party, try this trending look. The tresses are wavy and messy. The mid partition is making the tresses fall on both sides cheeks, giving your face a complete look. Even if you have fine hair, but still this look will look amazing on you. Try it with the light butter blonde shade and the ash brown shade.

{ 8 } Layered Angled Dual Blonde Bob

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
We suggest this style especially for the women who have a small face or oval shape face. The angled bob cut is beautifully covering the cheekbones giving it a perfect frame with the fine hair tresses on both sides. It has been layered beautifully to make it look symmetrical from both the sides. This kind of style looks great when the mid partition is done. Use the dark brown blonde and the golden blonde shade for coloring your hair.

{ 9 } Wavy Blunt Lob

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
For the shoulder length long hair, go for the slight wavy hairstyle. Get the hairstyling done with the blunt lob cut. And then you can use the curling iron to Give your Hair a Wavy Bob Look. The attractive part about this hairstyle is the color shade. This shade of platinum blonde is very much in trend these days. From summers to winters, you can carry this look undoubtedly.

{ 10 } Long Blonde Bob

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
Try this stylish and cute hairstyle for the long neck length or shoulder-length hair. This is a kind of versatile hairstyle, which can make you look sassy and cute at the same time. The smooth tresses are looking beautiful with the long bob cut. You can also keep the long side bangs. By covering the face, this look will give a nice frame for a square shape face or an oval shape face.

{ 11 } Platinum Ash Bob Cut

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
This bob cut is giving a bouncy look to hair. Notably, the bangs on the front are trimmed so well and are forming a kind of arc giving a bouncy look to bangs as well. A slight layer cut also accompanies the bob cut. With the mix of ash blonde and platinum blonde shade, the style is a perfect go for any occasion. Just keep the hair short and get the bangs trimmed timely to have that crisp look at the forehead.

{ 12 } Smooth Wavy Platinum Long Bob

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
The smooth, glossy platinum hair tresses are styled in the bob cut. For someone who is neither fond of short hair nor fond of long hair can keep this medium length hairstyle. The long bob hairstyle is looking very decent along with the soft waves. Because of the platinum shade and the glossy tresses, the haircut will suit almost every outfit. Be it formal or casual or even the traditional dress, it will go with all.

{ 13 } Side Puffed Wavy Bob

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
This is an entirely fresh look in the bob cut hairstyle. The side swept bob cut is already trending, but this one is different than that. The wavy hair tresses are a little bit puffed at the one side of the head as in the picture. This can be the next style statement, because of the arced wavy hair swept at one side. Go for the medium blonde shade along with the dark blonde slight highlights.

{ 14 } A-Line Angled Dual Shade Bob

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
The A-Line Bob Look is a Very Popular Look. But you can make it all new by adding the different color shades to it. For those with a slim or oval shape face, this hairstyle is surely going to make your face look broad. And you can keep it for as long as you want as you can manage them easily. Just like the mochaccino blonde and light blonde shade, you can also add different shades to look stylish.

{ 15 } Blonde Shade Inverted Short Bob

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
Let’s ditch the usual bob cut and get the inverted bob cut look. This is easy to do look as it is for the short hair tresses. No matter even if you are above 50, by this style you will surely look younger than your age. So, any women can try this hairstyle. It is a single shade look with the glossy golden blonde color shade.

{ 16 } Sleek Platinum Lob

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
Many of us love to have the straight sleek look. But how about long bob cut with that sleek look? Yes, you can get the bob cut look on any type of hair. So, need not chop your hair short or get it wavy or curl. This sleek lob hairstyle is giving a goddess look. The mid partition is done neatly. No other shade than platinum can give it such a lavish look.

{ 17 } Shaggy Short Bob with Bangs

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
Getting ready for a fun event or a casual party? Go for the shaggy short length hair with the bob cut to catch all the attention. Again, we would ask you to get platinum color shade as this is the one shade which is trending this year. But the simple shaggy bob will not be able to do the magic alone. So, add those beautifully layered bangs at the temple for a complete look.

{ 18 } Tousled Wavy Bob for Medium Hair

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
Ladies if you don’t want a neat and perfect hair look, then try this tousled hair look. This untidy wavy look for medium length or neck length hair will give a cool chic look. And by this look, you will not even feel bored with the same old bob hairstyle. As your hairstyle is adding a happy vibe to your personality.

{ 19 } Straight Long Bob for Fine Hair Tresses

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
As we already mentioned above that you can try these trending bob cut on the different type of hair. Here, is one more look for the long hair tresses. The fine hair long tresses with the crisp and neatly chopped ends are giving a bold look. The light blonde shade of straight hair is styled in the bob cut look.

{ 20 } Long Shaggy Bob with Dual Shades of Blonde

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
Here comes another shaggy hairstyle but this time for long or shoulder length tresses. They are styled in the form of lob but to make them look attractive, the dual blonde shades are used. One of the shade is the light butter blonde shade, and the other one is the light honey blonde shade. Do the mid partition, so that the locks can cover your face.

{ 21 } Dual Textured Hair with Bob Cut

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
Just to get a glamorous look, women these days are trying the dual-textured hairstyle a lot. So, we have bought for you all the bob cut with the dual-textured hair. You can keep the above hair smooth and the below hair wavy. And in a similar way keep the dual shade with dark blonde and light golden blonde. Try this with at least shoulder length hair or with the hair length more than that.

{ 22 } Layered Blunt Lob with Side Bangs

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
Another straight hair look for you all with the ice blonde shade hair. To style the same look, get the bob cut along with the layered cut and do the partition from the mid. The bangs on both the sides are framing the face and giving a decent look. The tresses are colored with ice blonde shade and the root is slightly colored with medium blonde shade.

{ 23 } Long Bob Arc with Bangs

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
As most of the women prefer to keep shoulder length hair, so here is another hairstyle for it. The long length hair is chopped into the bob cut hairstyle. The tips of the long hair tresses are twirled outwards forming an arc. Again it is the combination of platinum and ashes brown color shade. The uniformly layered bangs are falling on the temple giving a very bold yet impressive look.

{ 24 } Short Blonde Bob with Short Bangs

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
This is one of our favorite hairstyles and it is so because of the simplicity this look carries. It’s a simple bob cut look and even the color shade is also kept uniform throughout, which is light golden blonde. The best part about this hairstyle is the bangs which are trimmed neatly and is giving a very cute look.

{ 25 } Asymmetrical Platinum Bob with the finely chopped Bangs

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
The hairstyles like these look great on women with fine hair. The hair is styled by cutting them in the asymmetrical layers, and the bob cut style. The bangs are made beautifully to cover the forehead. This hairstyle will suit women with square shape face. You can choose your color shade also, but it will look pretty with the platinum shade only.

{ 26 } Smooth straight Lob with Blonde Shades

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
Many of the celebrities have also tried this hairstyle on different occasions and award functions. Mostly, you will see this look being carried by the African women. But you can also try this straight sleek bob cut. Be it thick hair or fine hair, you can try this hairstyle anyway. Use the golden blonde shade and the dark brown blonde shade for highlights. All you will have to care about is to get the hair trimmed neatly and symmetrically to make them look so good.

{ 27 } Messy Chopped Lob with Golden Blonde Shade

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
Be it the messy curls or the straight hair, if you go for the bob you will rock. Just like the one in the picture with the side partitioned messy curls and bob cut, this is giving a sexy chic look. For clubbing, social parties, sports event, or any such other occasion, you can try this look. The hair is slightly curled and is formed like a mess. For such looks, only one shade is enough, so you can go with the golden blonde. In case, you want a little highlight, then color the root tip with dark blonde or brown blonde.

{ 28 } A-Line Bob with Side Bangs

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
We all know how beautiful the side bangs look on anyone. And if they are with the A-Line bob cut, they make even the simple bob cut look stylish and classy, just like in the picture. Go with the light golden blonde shade along with the light ash blonde shade for this hairstyle. Keep the length just below the chin and not more than that, if you want to look pretty.

{ 29 } A-Line Stacked Bob Cut

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
Most of the women want to add volume to their hair. But not every hairstyle can give you that. So, here is one of the A-Line Bob hairstyle where the hair tresses are stacked in a way to make them give full volume to the hair. And adding the color shades to them makes them look more versatile. The ash brown hair color shade along with the butter blonde highlights is making it attractive.

{ 30 } Side Parted A-Line Long Bob

Blonde Bob Hairstyles
The last but the sassy hairstyle is here for the ladies who love to keep some hair length. It is a sleek hairstyle with the A-Line long length bob for fine hair tresses. The side partition done in this hairstyle is giving an impressive look. For the women in 30’s and 40’s, this look is good enough for them to ditch their age. The dark brown blonde and the honey blonde shade are making the style look very bold.

We all know that neither the bob cut hairstyle is new nor the blonde shade. But the way we carry them keeps changing. From the trend of golden blonde, now the platinum blonde shade is more in use. And with these blonde shades, you can even make the boring bob cut also, look fancy and classy. Even you can try different ways of styling the bob cut. Here, is one thing about the bob cut, that whether you are in 20’s or 30’s or 40’s or even above 50, you can anytime try the bob cut look.

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