25+ Gorgeous Graduated Bob Haircuts for Women of All Ages

Graduated Bob Haircuts

It’s 2018, and the cropped is the new trend! Cropped pants, cropped tops, cropped crops and even cropped hairdos. Bob haircuts have been creating a storm in the fashion industry since forever. The love for Graduated bob haircuts has many reasons. They are cool, stylish, and easy to maintain and look gorgeous on all ages. You can experiment with them in your own way and be your hairstylist. Various looks can be adopted and carried with ease. Ease brings with it the confidence. Being confident is the key to look stylish. If you are confident and comfortable with your style, no one can say it is wrong.

Here are some Graduated Bob Haircuts that you can get and make the heads turn.

{ 1 } Red Alert Bob

Graduated Bob Haircuts (1)
Going all red is a challenge and something that not everyone can carry. But you can always experiment with the color of your choice. Keep the look classic by straightening them, and you’re ready to go for any event. Pro Tip – Ask your hairstylist to keep the front section longer than the back one. This will not only add the style quotient but also make you stand out of the crowd.

{ 2 } Sleek Straight Graduated Bob

Graduated Bob Haircuts (2)
Straight hair always look super good with every outfit. You can get a permanent straightening treatment or a keratin treatment to achieve the sleek straight look. You can also straighten your hair for a special event with a good straightener. Just keep in mind the proper technique of doing the same. Use hair care products and take care of your tresses. Love them, and they’ll love you back.

{ 3 } The Silver Blonde Bob

Graduated Bob Haircuts (3)
Blondes come in a varied range. They have n number of tints to them. From yellow to blue – you can find any blonde if you wish to. Silver blonde is one of them. It looks super good when it shines in the sunlight, and at evening it has a subtle glow. A wavy hairstyle compliments the bob cut, and the silver color is the cherry on the top.

{ 4 } Graduated Bob to Have a Barbie Baby Look

Graduated Bob Haircuts (4)
Want a shortcut and still look like a Barbie? This one’s the perfect hairstyle for you! A heavy fringe cut and a bob cut look super sexy together. The front section should be the length of your face, and the back one can be just touching the neck, and voila you’re done. This is an easy-peasy hairdo to carry. It also gives a little punk look to your personality. Keep it straight and keep it simple.

{ 5 } 3D highlighted Bob

Graduated Bob Haircuts (5)
This technique of hair coloring creates depth and volume in the hair. Different sections of the hair is colored in different shades. Women choose from browns to reds for this technique. You can act smart just by adding a 3D look to your hair using different shades of browns with a tinge of reds. Simple blond hair looks flat and does not leave the desired impact. Keeping the hair simple and showing off your beautiful highlights is always good to go option for any occasion. It gives a smart and sophisticated look.

{ 6 } Golden Blonde

Graduated Bob Haircuts (6)
The evergreen golden blonde is a perfect look for a bob cut. Adding a few browns to the blonde will make it glow and look beautiful. Get creative and add shades of browns and reds to the look. This look needs a few layers of pre-lightening and coloring. Use special shampoo for colored hair and make the look stay for a longer time.

{ 7 } Waves With Silver To Black Ombre

Graduated Bob Haircuts (7)
An ombre is usually done from top to bottom. But this ombre look is a little different from the usual. Add different levels of the color to different layers. Darker on the inner and lighter on the outer layers. The outcome is beautiful and looks like petals of flowers. Add loose waves with a small barrel curling iron, and you have the perfect look for an evening event. Add a sexy red dress to complete the look.

{ 8 } Toffee Is The New Look For Graduated Bob

Graduated Bob Haircuts (8)
Toffee highlights are the latest trend in the market. Your bob cut will look great with shades of toffee. Caramel touch ups will add another upper level to the entire look. You can add large crimps to make it look raw. Center part your hair and people will go crazy for this raw college look.

{ 9 } Regular Ombre Graduated Bob

Graduated Bob Haircuts (9)
A shoulder-length bob cut looks great with an ombre hair color. The ombre hair is a style statement in itself. The slow shift of your natural hair color to another one is a form of newness. Plus only coloring the ends does not damage your hair as much as the global hair color does. This can add charm to your personality as you can choose a color that suits either your skin tone or your personality. Add on – you can carry the look as it is or use styling products to style them.

{ 10 } Blunt Graduated Bob Haircut

Graduated Bob Haircuts (10)
The classic blunt look is never going out of trend. Sleek, straight, simple. Can be carried regularly plus looks great for formal evenings and casual parties too. Use hair masks suitable for your hair type to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

{ 11 } The Hollywood Blonde bob

Graduated Bob Haircuts (11)
This is a hair color trend that is usually followed by Hollywood celebrities. It is often the golden blonde shade with layers of browns and caramels. You can get a stylish haircut like keeping it short at the back and long in the front. This type of cut is trending in the fashion industry these days and looks great on the younger generation. Adding a curved fringe adds the extra element to the look.

{ 12 } Long Graduated Bob

Graduated Bob Haircuts (12)
Long Bob or Lob is a haircut which is the length in between the bob cut and medium length. It is usually up till the shoulders. Messy soft waves are the perfect style to choose for this length. A crazy beach look can easily be created. The length is suitable for most hairdos – ponytails, buns, etc. Just add the waves and flip over your hair to create the clever mix of casual and party look. Add hoops and a beautiful dress, and you are ready for a party.

{ 13 } Short Graduated Bob

Graduated Bob Haircuts (13)
A short bob is a crazily spreading hairstyle. It is actually spreading like an epidemic. It is called a pixie cut too. Women are choosing it because its sexy and easy to carry. It looks great with anything and everything you wear. Adding highlights to it makes it even more appealing.

{ 14 } Combo Look

Graduated Bob Haircuts (14)
A boy cut from behind and bob from the front is the chic look these days. It gives a little tomboyish feel to your personality though. But it is a cool look too. You don’t need much time to get ready in the morning if you have this hairstyle for sure.

{ 15 } Blow Drying Straight Bob

Graduated Bob Haircuts (15)
When you straighten your hair with the help of a blow dry, the hair becomes sleek yet have a certain amount of volume to them. Volume looks beautiful on every kind of hair, exceptionally thin and wavy. You can add slight highlights to the look for that extra element.

{ 16 } Wine Highlights In A Graduated Bob

Graduated Bob Haircuts (16)
Coloring your hair is always fun. You can experiment with any shade you want, at any level you wish to and the part you want it in. Wine color looks beautiful in highlights. Add them with a little burgundy color, and voila you’ll be the trendiest woman of your kitty party group. Make sure you use proper products to keep the color intact for a more extended period.

{ 17 } Barrel Curls In A Graduated Bob

Graduated Bob Haircuts (17)
Adding large barrel curls to a pixie cut creates an event grade look. You’ll look fashionista, and since the length is short, it is going to be a quick task. Heat the curling iron and safely use it to roll your hair. The look is perfect for a party with friends or even an evening dinner. The look has an emotional touch to it if you do a similar makeup.

{ 18 } Burgundy Hair Color

Graduated Bob Haircuts (18)
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has brought back the red hair color with her recent release. I feel the reds are never going out of the season and might soon become a classic as well. Try experimenting with layer, ombre, highlights or even global reds. Burgundy is the most loved shade and most women go for it.

{ 19 } The Boss Look With A Graduated Bob Haircut

Graduated Bob Haircuts (19)
When you want to look classy and sophisticated, get a pixy and straighten your hair. Side part the hair and you are good to go. The look is perfect for any official events and even a regular look.

{ 20 } Messy Bob – I Woke Up Like This

Graduated Bob Haircuts (20)
Messy hairstyles are the new in. They are trendy, and you have to do nothing for that. Use a blow dryer to create one, or just don’t comb your hair when you get out of the bed. I’m sure that’s the messiest look you can get! Experimenting with new styles is fun. This one looks voluminous too. Highlights are always a great add-on.

{ 21 } Violet Baby

Graduated Bob Haircuts (21)
If you are daring enough to go crazy with your hair color, violet is a great option. It looks royal and punk at the same time. It depicts the bold personality you are and definitely looks great. But you will have to go through a lot of pre-lightening of hair before you achieve the correct shade.

{ 22 } A Touch Of Gold With Graduated Bob Haircut

Graduated Bob Haircuts (22)
As I mentioned before, Golden highlights are simply adorable. Adding them to the ends of your bob cut enhances their effect. It is like the touch of gold – beautiful and priceless. An ombre effect with browns can be another add-on to the gold. A slight shift will make it look even better.

{ 23 } Fashionista Bob

Graduated Bob Haircuts (23)
Blunts with easy-peasy hairstyle is a fashion blogger look. You would not really need anything to make it look perfect. Hair accessories will look great on this look. You can experiment with everything from bandanas to pins.

{ 24 } Cheap Thrills With Graduated Bob Haircut

Graduated Bob Haircuts (24)
I know Sia had a duo look in the song, but you can surely get one hair color in the same look. A blonde would be great in style. Make sure your ends are cropped properly and have clear edges. Bold eyebrows and a punky lip shade will make you party ready with this hairstyle.

{ 25 } Romantic Curls In A Graduated Bob

Graduated Bob Haircuts (25)
Have a date? Take a small barrel curling iron and add long romantic curls to your blunt hairstyle. Add on a little black dress and a great pair of earrings to complete your look. Unlike everyone assumes, romantic curls look great on short haircuts and make you look wonderful. And again, highlights are fun.

{ 26 } Graduated Bob With Coloring The Roots

Graduated Bob Haircuts (26)
Adding shades of brown to the roots and just pre-lighting the ends is what you need if you wish to do a different experiment with your hair. This look makes you look a few years younger and is perfect for formal events. Side part your bob cut hair, and you are good to go for any occasion. Simple, sober yet stylish – that’s how I will define this look

{ 27 } Graduated Bob With Loose Waves

Graduated Bob Haircuts (27)
Wavy hairdo are always elegant. Women of any age can opt for this hairstyle. You can get the look with the help of a small barrel curling iron and then running a comb through your curls. Hairsprays can be used to set the look. A few highlights in the front section enhance the overall look.

Bob hairstyles are not just fun but also classy and elegant. Using proper hair care products will get you the perfect look. You can style your bobs in any way possible. They aren’t restricted even with that short length. Hair gels and hair sprays can give you the punk and emotional looks. Romantic curls to loose waves – you can try anything and everything. Now bring all your essentials to your dressing table and get ready to have some fun. I am sure, everyone will be stunned with your experimental skills and would want to opt for a bob cut too! Try these styles and let make people around you understand that bob cuts are not restricted.

Make sure that when you are going for the bob hairstyle, you try out the different combinations to ensure that the same suits you. You can ask for a barber or a stylist to help you suggest with one. The hairstyle typically fits the person or rather suits them depending on the face cut, the skin tone, the general texture of the hair, the hair color and to some extent the physical outlook of the person. No matter what hairstyle you are in, keep up the confidence and face the world!

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