Which are the natural products that can help you in strengthening your hair

Salmon fish

Stress, anxiety, hormonal changes,  imbalanced diet, commuting in a polluted environment, excessive styling products, hair grooming techniques, any of these or all could be the reason for hair fall.

So how do we prevent hair fall? Losing 50 to100 strands in a day is normal; however, if the hair fall count is more than 150 to 200  is a cause of concern.

The question is how to strengthen hair? First, start with a balanced diet that is rich in proteins.  Proteins are the building blocks of hair. Secondly, reduce stress levels through positive thinking. Thirdly, seek medical attention for any hormonal changes, and lastly, pamper your hair by taking proper care of them with proper nourishment to conditioning and moisturizing massage by oils. Finally, avoid using harsh chemicals on the head scalp and use natural products for your hair care.

Which are the natural products that can help you how to strengthen hair?

Hair is made up of Keratin. Keratin is a protein that is tensile and robust, less susceptible to tear and pull. Keratin is found in eggs and vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes and onions. Therefore for healthy hair growth, have an ample amount of fruits and vegetables. Fruits such as mangoes are good to taste and also have a high content of Keratin. 

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Salmon fish, sunflower seeds and garlic also are high in Keratin.

Hence the best way to strengthen your hair naturally is by having a diet rich in protein either through intake or by applying externally. In addition, a hair massage could go a long way in boosting your scalp. 

Make a hair pack of 2 to 3 eggs, dab cotton into it and apply it on your hair scalp.  Leave it for about 10 minutes, and then rinse it with a good shampoo so that the smell of the egg is removed. Do this at least once a week.

Massaging of the scalp with hot oil of coconut and olive oil, and almond oil. This contains a high amount of vitamins and minerals. Wrap a warm towel around your hair after oiling and massaging it. Wait for 10 minutes so that the nutrients are soaked into the scalp. Then wash your hair thoroughly so that the oil is washed out, and the layer of oil on the hair does not attract any dust or grime on your hair scalp.

A generous helping of salads that includes kale, onion, garlic and salmon every day in your diet will ensure that you get the required amount of Keratin. Massaging onion juice into the hair scalp also promotes hair growth.

At least once a week, have sweet potatoes and soup made up of carrots and vegetables for a generous amount of Keratin in your diet.

The importance of correct combing and hairstyling techniques cannot be emphasized any lesser. Do not use harsh chemicals and excessive heat treatment on your hair. 

If these simple steps are followed on a daily basis, the hair will be strengthened naturally without any medication.

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