Top 5 Video Marketing Ideas for Your Healthcare Practice


Nowadays, many people show the importance of visual content. According to the study, 54% of patients choose to obtain helpful information through videos instead of social media posts and email newsletters. Additionally, videos are stored easily in people’s minds compared to text or image contents. With video content, it is too easy to express human emotions that lead to conversions. That’s the reason web pages with video content results, 80% better than these web pages without video content. Video marketing plays a key role in the healthcare sector, including medical practices, despite their size, location, and specialty. If you need SEO services then check out this Digital Marketing SEO Agency.

Video content marketing helps healthcare marketers to contact possible patients and adapts them to accepting patients. According to a report, if an email has the word “video” in the subject line results, 19% open rate, 65% increased click-through rate, and decrease in-subscribers to 26%. Video marketing helps in brand building and enhances your brand image. If you need to be recognized as a leader among your competitors, video marketing creates influential content that suits your target audience. The video content is supposed to show your message for maximizing online reach.

Though with the thousands of medical practices, initiating every day, it is harder to express your story to the audience. According to experts, medical practices, and healthcare facilities must explore improved content types to obtain new patients by maintaining an online reputation.


Five Video Marketing Ideas

  1. Tell Your Story: Most people are spending their time reading content in different digital channels, and healthcare marketer users should tell their stories in a much longer space to reach the target audience. Make use of slideshow video content in your marketing strategies that make people get connected with your medical practices and services. The efficient use of video marketing is to tell a story within a minute but offers the required detail to engage the audience. There are a number of free slideshow maker available in the market to help you make an impactful story.
  2. Show empathy: Being sympathetic and authentic is important because this makes the target audience to show interest with your brands. The video should activate your emotions, resulting in creating a memory in patients’ brains. As a healthcare marketer, you should think of these touchpoints to establish your brand. When the audience views your video, make sure positive emotions are triggered to have an association with your brand.
  3. Educate Target Audience: As a healthcare marketer service provider, it’s your job to educate your target audience. Healthcare marketing is a complicated business; you have to get a lot of compliance requirements. Also, privacy laws are needed to market your products and services in a definite way. You have to think in a creative way and act as a problem-solver to make sure that most of the people are watching your product videos. Educational videos are the only way to make patients’ happy and engage them in the complicated process like a doctor advising about their medicines. Converting your product information into short videos with graphics assists patients, doctors, and pharmacies to work better.
  4. Build trust: The Americans have trust issues with medical service providers. In the past years, only 1/3 rd of the American people will trust health officials during an epidemic of diseases. Looking into detailed demographics, like income and race, the need for trust is surprising. Using multiple ways of communication, it is easy for you to recoup confidence, but it takes time.
  5. Create a Destination: With more playlists on YouTube channel, you can create short videos and recipes for viewers. These recipes include snacks, drinks, and desserts with healthy ingredients for a proper diet. Content hub with recipes playlist promotes your audience to visit for each new post, and your audience will share across their network results with more reach.

Building Brand Image

According to a report, video content will reach three times more and gets 20% more engagement from the target audience than text posts. Video content connects your audience, directs them to your website easily, and assists to cherish relationships with potential patients.

Video marketing helps to create brand awareness as most people are looking for online videos for education and entertainment. Video content offers chances for versatility and creativity, such that it decreases your marketing budget. The online videos will enhance conversion rates, maximum reach, and considerably get better patient appointment levels.


According to reports, 63% of businesses are dependent on video marketing, and 82% of businesses consider video marketing strategies as a key part of digital marketing. Find below some of the important reasons to consider video marketing for the practice.

  1. Maximize Conversions: Product video will improve conversion rates by 80% and guides directly to patient appointments.
  2. Improves ROI: 83% of businesses make a good ROI (Return of Investment) with significant gains. Video production is not an easy task, but online video editing tools are handy and affordable. It is easy to create decent videos using smartphones.
  3. Builds Trust: Video marketing will engage patients and ignite emotions by building trust. Some people are doubtful regarding new healthcare providers, but useful video content shows your medical practice and services in an understandable way. That’s the reason 57% of users are more confident to consider videos as a part of business strategy.
  4. SEO Optimization: Videos help to increase visitors’ time on a website that hints search engines about your website regarding appropriate content. According to SEO optimization methods, healthcare providers’ websites are likely to display 53 times more in Google’s first two pages if the website has an embedded video.
  5. Social Media Marketing: According to the report, 60% of social marketers will use video content as a part of the strategy. The latest features promote video content sharing on social networks, and people are more concerned with expressing emotions. Although emotions cannot improve your ROI directly, sharing the content will drive an increased targeted audience to the website.

Types of Healthcare Video Marketing: You can also make use of free video editing software to edit your product videos for improved reach. The eight types of videos must include in healthcare video marketing campaigns are demo videos, event videos, educational videos, explainer videos, patient testimonial videos, virtual office tours, personalized messages, and live videos.

Online video marketing is the key to satisfy the information needs of people. According to a report, nearly 64% of healthcare providers expect video content to rule the online strategy methods. Video offers access to a huge community of online viewers. Make sure to engage viewers that results share your product videos by spending more time on the website.

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