How to Use Indoor Plants for Interior Decoration

Indoor Plants

Adding greenery to any interior space brings the outside in and makes the room feel fresher and alive. Moreover, you can use indoor plants to fill empty areas that look awkward. That said, finding the ideal position for these plants in your home can be challenging since modern design emphasises minimalism and simplicity.

If you choose wisely, plants can transform the outlook of your home. They improve air quality and connect your house to nature. Ornamental plants also add colour and texture to your existing décor.

Here are some useful tips on how to use plants to improve your interior decor.

Fill Empty Corners

Some corners are not suited for furniture. If your home has such a space, consider filling it with plants. Ensure that your choice is big enough to cover the entire area. This particularly applies to small spaces since it makes the room appear more spacious.

Hang them on the Roof

If your room has limited space, hanging the plants is an excellent alternative to placing it on the floor. This way, you leave enough space for other stuff while brightening up your house. The only problem with this style is the risk of accidents. The pot might break by fallingor hit aperson walking through the room.

Use it on Walls

Indoor Plants on wall

Although many homeowners prefer painting, using greenery on your walls can make it unique and stylish. This idea is perfect on bare walls or the walls in your lobby. You can decide the shape and size that suits your taste. More importantly, your pick should be suitable in your environment.

Make it the centrepiece

A centrepiece draws the attention of all visitors in your home. By using green plants as the focal point of your living room, you create the illusion that it is spacious. Alternatively, if you add blossoming flowers, it shows that you want to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Decorate Your Hallways

Since the hallways are among the most used areas in a home, they need decoration. Adding fresh plants and flowers to this space makes visitors feel welcomed to your premises. The plants also improve the aesthetic appeal of your house and create an excellent first impression onfirst-time visitors.


Incorporate Plants to Your Shelves

Placing plants on your bookcases, tabletop, and other shelved equipment is an effortless way of infusing some new energy into your home. Furthermore, they add style to furniture that would otherwise be considered bland and unattractive.

Invest in Stylish Planters

Depending on your preferences, a cohesive planter is a must-have accessory. For instance, if you use baskets and other materials for planting, you can add a tropical feel to your home. On the other hand, ceramicplanters make your home appear classic, while wood gives it a timeless outlook.

Regardless of your preferred style, planters are an easy way to make your interior décor appear professional.


You can never have too many plants in your home. Greenery and flowers are magical in that they can revitalise any space without making it appear cluttered. On top of this, plants breathe new life into your house by improving air quality.

When choosing a plant, ensure that it aligns with your existing décor. Try to be creative and think of the options that can make your home more stylish.

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