12 Tips to Take Care of Skin During Pregnancy

Take Care of Skin during Pregnancy

Women undergo numerous changes when pregnant. These changes also extend up to the skin. Acne and facial hair are some of the changes your skin might undergo during pregnancy. As a result, you should take care of your skin or you risk bumps and rashes. You have to go an extra mile apart from visiting your dermatologist. Skin care commences by taking care of yourself. Here are other tips on how to take care of your skin during pregnancy:

{ 1 } Relaxation

Do you know that stress can drastically ruin your healthy and good looking skin? This is the reason pregnant ladies are advised to avoid stress by all means. Instead, try you best and stay relaxed throughout the entire gestation period. Relaxation is directly linked to a healthy skin. Therefore, pregnant ladies should engage in various activities that will keep their stress levels low.

{ 2 } Increasing the Amount of water you take

Increasing the Amount of water you take
Water is known to contain a lot of numerous benefits to our bodies. Pregnant ladies can greatly benefit from drinking plenty of water. Water ensures your unborn baby attains all the vital nutrients in the body and gets hydrated throughout the gestation period. In addition to these, water takes care of our skin. As we all know, our body contains numerous toxins that should be flushed out. Water hastens the process of getting rid of these toxins.

These toxins can damage your beautiful skin if they stay in your body for a long period. Drinking plenty of water also hydrates your skin. There are instances where your pregnancy makes you nauseated. Try your best and take small sips throughout the day. You can spice up the taste of your water by cutting some lemons. Try and consume at least three liters of water or more per day.

{ 3 } Regular Workout

Regular Workout
You no longer have to spend a large amount of money just to take care of your skin during pregnancy. Simply consider workout routines. All workout routines increase blood circulation in the body and ensure the skin attains vital nutrients. Enhanced blood circulation throughout the body increases the rate in which the skin gets rid of harmful toxins. There are numerous workout techniques you can engage yourself in during your pregnancy.

Therefore, choose a workout routine you are comfortable with and you can regularly engage yourself with. Carry out research on the different types of workout routines you can comfortably handle. Alternatively, you can consult your stylist on the workout routines that suit your current situation. Please note that persistence and consistency is the key towards attaining a healthy skin. Regular exercise also gives you a peaceful sleep; that directly impacts your skin.

{ 4 } Avoid Direct Sun

Avoid Direct Sun
During Pregnancy, your body will undergo a lot of hormonal changes. This is the reason you might be sensitive to the sun or develop different types of complications. Some pregnant ladies don’t know the risks associated with direct sun. This leaves their skin vulnerable to direct sun. As a result, try your best and hide from direct sun. It can be by wearing protective clothes and hat or by finding shade. Alternatively, consider sunscreen oil that is specifically designed for pregnant ladies.

You should avoid direct sunlight during your pregnancy because your skin is prone to dark patches and different types of pigmentation. This is the reason dermatologists encourage expectant ladies to stay indoors during the day. Avoid wearing fitting clothes by all means. Loose clothes are more likely to cover a large fraction of skin when compared to the fitting ones.

{ 5 } Avoiding Specific Chemicals

Avoiding Specific Chemicals
As earlier stated, the skin becomes sensitive during pregnancy. As a result, your skin might react negatively to some chemicals in products. Some products caution pregnant ladies against use. This is the reason you should carefully read the ingredients and instructions before using any product on your skin. Carefully read on the chemicals to avoid during pregnancy. You will be shocked that some of the cautioned chemicals are found in over the counter drugs.

That’s not all; women who use steroids and bleaching agents during pregnancy should stop with immediate effect or risk ruining their skin. These products contain harmful products such as hydroquinone, which can damage your skin if used for a long period. Make an effort of consulting your doctor on the products and chemicals to avoid throughout your pregnancy.

{ 6 } Regularly Cleanse your Skin

Regularly Cleanse your Skin
Women have different experiences and changes during pregnancy. Some women have it rough, whereas others don’t encounter any major changes. Skin is one of the most affected parts of the body during pregnancy. As a result, special care must be given or you risk developing pimples or even acne. Some of this might be as a result of hormonal change in the body. Either way, you can enhance the general health of your skin by regularly cleaning your skin. Dirt shouldn’t be allowed to accumulate on your skin as it can block your pores, thus causing pimples.

Therefore, clean your skin to wipe off dirt. You are encouraged to clean your skin before sleeping. This will make you relaxed and ensure your skin efficiently receives all the vital nutrients. There are different ways you can cleanse your skin. Choose the most convenient method.

{ 7 } Consulting your Dermatologist

Consulting your Dermatologist
Dermatologists are specially trained to handle different skin conditions. Make an effort of visiting your dermatologist at some point during your pregnancy. Your doctor will help you understand the different changes your skin will encounter. This ranges from facial hair, acne and pimples; among others. Above all; your dermatologist will equip you with tips on how to take care of your skin, despite the numerous changes. Here are some of the common advice dermatologists give to pregnant ladies:

• Be wary of any bumps or rashes that appear on your skin. You should regularly cleanse your skin to reduce the chances of bumps and rashes from appearing on your skin.
• Avoid itching, pinching or pricking bumps or rashes on your skin. This might result into both rashes and bumps staying in your body for a longer period. You also risk developing black spots throughout your skin.

{ 8 } Consumption of a Healthy Diet

Consumption of a Healthy Diet
Do you know your diet plays a crucial role on the general outlook of your skin? Numerous women have different cravings for meals throughout pregnancy. These cravings range from snacks and fruits, among others. Our skin needs a healthy diet to be able to perform different functions and maintain an amazing look. Just like any other part of the body, the skin needs nutrients and minerals to bring out an amazing look.

Continuous consumption of unhealthy meals has for a long period been associated with skin complications during pregnancy. Check out the different types of meals to consume during pregnancy to help enhance your skin.

{ 9 } The Use of good Sunscreen Oil

Use of good Sunscreen Oil
It is impossible to fully avoid the sun, throughout your pregnancy. There are instances you need to travel from one location to another. In such instances, there is a high likelihood of getting exposed to sun rays. Numerous women’s skin is sensitive to direct sun rays. Consider getting a good sunscreen oil to protect your skin from direct sun rays. Consult your dermatologist or carry out research on a good sun block product that is safe for pregnant ladies.

Choose genuine sunscreen oil that has proven effective for years. Sunscreen oil should be applied roughly thirty before stepping out. This statement is mostly included on all sunscreen oils in the market. Have a habit of reapplying sunscreen oil layer between three to four hours.

{ 10 } Keeping Dry Areas between Your Thighs and Breasts

Keeping Dry Areas between Your Thighs and Breasts
A lot of pregnant ladies complain about areas between their thighs and breasts becoming red and irritating because of friction. This can really give you discomfort and ruin your skin. As we all know, friction is at its utmost between your breasts and thighs. Try your best and keep these two areas as dry as possibly to reduce any redness. Alternatively, you can use products, specifically designed for keeping regions in our body dry. Wearing cotton underwear also keeps area around your thighs as dry as possible.

{ 11 } The Use of Body Oil

The Use of Body Oil
Pregnant ladies are prone to stretch mark and other types of skin changes. Stretch marks cannot be avoided, but can be minimized. Investing in good body oil gives you a good skin, despite the stretch marks. It also minimizes the discomfort attributed by stretch marks. Body oil should be used daily and should be applied throughout the skin. Focus mostly on your belly, hips and breasts. Skin around these three regions is affected by stretch mark.

{ 12 } Avoid Over Exfoliate Your Skin

Avoid Over Exfoliate Your Skin
As earlier stated, your skin will become more sensitive during pregnancy. Therefore, you should stop a couple of things in an effort to protect your skin. This ranges from being gentle during exfoliate and cleansing process. During pregnancy, your skin can easily break causing scar.

Use the above tips to take care during your pregnancy until you safely deliver your loved one.

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