30 Trendy Low Fade Haircuts for Men

Low Fade Haircuts

Who says trendy stuff is just for women? Guys out there are definitely breaking this norm and are not only coming up with the best leather shoes and jackets but hairstyles and punk earrings! Today we are going to elaborate the amazing Low Fade Haircuts which popped out on hundreds of Instagram pages, hashtags, and blogs.

So yep you have measured the frequency of its popularity by now but what exactly are we talking about?

Alright without any further adieu, let’s get started and dive right into our interest for today.

Now if you have gone through the article title carefully before skimming through the night less weeping effort content of the article which is literally giving a good headache and has already exceeded the deadline submissions. But heck no you got to still skim this nut head content without actually reading it, and wow I wish when people would feel the yes the writer owns the words, so care for it, appreciate it and yep give it a dignified green bill pass.

Still reading ay? Oh yes, you are, yay! Since I have had the chance to get your attention right on my words, let’s go!

What we are basically going to be discussing here are some of the variations of the fade low effect hairstyle for different hair textures and colors.

First up on the list we have,

{ 1 } Smooth Upside Down Triangular Fade Out

Low Fade Haircuts
The picture attached shows a very prominent triangular sort of a hairstyle which sinks into the neck area and somewhat disappears with very less hair giving it a lovely look of the greyish black natural hair hue.

The crown of the head has the maximum hair with a lot of volume with different length hair strands going like waves throughout and coinciding at the centre forming a triangle.

Next up on the second type,

{ 2 } Look Right Smooth & Straight

Low Fade Haircuts
We have the smooth straight dirty black, brown-blonde with a left side partition and right hair is pretty voluminous but not fluffy curly instead pretty straight and smooth.

The hair just like any other fade low styles, go outs and fades pretty clearly at the back of the neck. If you noticed, the precise cut on the front that leads further to the face cut and the well trimmed and again precisely kept the beard.

Aye hot guys all around, go for it!

A pretty impressive style I must say!

Third on, woohoo,

{ 3 } Messy Bird Nest Cookie Cream

Low Fade Haircuts
We have some intriguing hair which I don’t really get at least from the crown but somewhat goes on improving later part. And if you are wondering what made me curate such a title then nom-nom it’s the chocolate black brown colour first and then it’s the amazingly messy hair on the front which my childlike brain visualises like a birds nest.

And yeah, of course, his features swalalaa with that stone ear stud. Look here, not there, where is your attention, babes are here!!! Here here, Now!

Oh and a point comes to me whether you guys are even getting what I mean, heard it, you never see the sarcasm in the text!

Anyways next up we have,

{ 4 } Lehrate Baadal

Low Fade Haircuts
Yeah, right LehRate Badal, which translates to floating clouds from Hindi to English and that’s precisely what I vibe from this sort of hairstyle. Perfectly fluffy blub game with an astonishing rise on the front most part which recedes into a much more calmer crown hair segment and has a fade effect of course but at remarkably lower levels when compared to others discussed earlier in the article.

We can also notice the two triangular node cuts protruding out on the forehead and then near the ear area.

Here we go number five on the list

{ 5 } Spiky Head Z Cut

Low Fade Haircuts
Umm, don’t mind if it’s not exactly what you think to be the proper name because whatever I find this hairstyle kind of too edgy with those monstrous vibe spike head all-over which transits to a calmer nature after the storm and then that z cut on the side is wow. Thats not enough, its followed by a circular cut and then fades out on the neck region.

{ 6 } Sleek Slick Back Milk Chocolate

Low Fade Haircuts
Oh, this is probably an inspiration from the new sleek slick hair from the red carpet, and well the crazy name can be attributed to the amazingly beautiful brown milk chocolate sort of hair. YUMMMY Id better nom his hair, if I get to see him.

{ 7 } Brownie Faded Low

Low Fade Haircuts
Here on next another faded low but with a defined cut near the ear too along with much darker shades of brown.

{ 8 } Dirt Blonde Goku Volcanos

Low Fade Haircuts
Yeah whatever you call that colour as, I find it like a greyish mushy brown earthworm pit. How can you not notice the amazingly prominent cones or volcanic thingy popping right out of the head?

{ 9 } Clean Combed Left

Low Fade Haircuts
Now that’s something which you can really call gentleman style, clean yet fashionable. No spikes, no monsters, simple dapper style.

Why does this guy remind me of Ronaldo, the footballer?

{ 10 } Gel Wedding Ready

Low Fade Haircuts
Yah kind of seems perfect for the groom on his reception party or a wedding party to give a dapper look and I believe it’s going to be better with the crisp white shirt and edgy crunchy tuxedo.

{ 11 } Where Am I Sorts

Low Fade Haircuts
This fade low hairstyle seems like the unaware types who aren’t really sure of the world around them. They just need something of their own to resemble their personality.

{ 12 } Heads High Classic Spikes

Low Fade Haircuts
This picture is kind of a classy reminder for those who are sick of the regular types of new modern haircuts and colours and styles. The hairstyle is truly simple to the grounds and doesn’t have a very flashy outlook to it. Along with the very natural sort of fade out effect.

{ 13 } Cool Experiment Type

Low Fade Haircuts
This one type of the fade-low hairstyle is not very common nor very rare, but the hair on the crown is definitely a bit different considering the way they have been styled in fluidity. And of course, the natural blackish smooth colour the guy has is impressing.

{ 14 } Mission Egypt on Head

Low Fade Haircuts
Let’s go! If you are a past life Mayan or Egypt sort of lover, then you can now get Egypt right on your head, and yes, of course, the colour of hair and the precise cut is beautiful.

{ 15 } Pine Cones on the Head

Low Fade Haircuts
When you got pine cones so flawlessly beautiful right on your head then why worry about the rest and of course enjoy and appreciate if you got them naturally and yeah look closely how there is a short straight line going perpendicular to another hairline which finally disappears.

{ 16 } Warm Blond Rise

Low Fade Haircuts
The hair, of course, looks amazingly clean yet stylish again. The warm sort of blonde tone is pretty attractive and seems to be perfect hue to dye our hair with. Anyways the haircut looks kind of unique by the fact that it’s not only fading out from the neck but from the ear end too.

{ 17 } Crow Jet Black No Direction

Low Fade Haircuts
Well, the top hair on the crown is all messy again without any sort of common direction that the hair is following. The hair follows a simple pattern of straight edge cut in front like a few others and also starts to fade out from the ear area.

{ 18 } Short Length Brown

Low Fade Haircuts
The guy in the picture seems to have shorter hair than the regular trends which we could see up until now otherwise the front cut is simple not very precise and starts to fade out again around the ear area.

{ 19 } Brown Thick Hair Partition

Low Fade Haircuts
The picture seems all normal until the point you pay your expensive attention to the hair partitioning on the left side of the guy. What’s the difference? See it yet? If yes then you absolutely aren’t blind because I am usually the one who is blind. This faded low hairstyle has a very clean circular cut near the ear area.

{ 20 } French Roll Front No Fighting

Low Fade Haircuts
The front part of the hair as shown in the picture has a very visible rolled wavy hair on the front but unusually this style is not uniform and stops there as if a storm came over but not a wind blew, the hair abruptly gets very simple, straight and regular. It has a regular not very rare front and side cut with a very less defined cut around the ear.

{ 21 } Oh Hybrid Pineapples

Low Fade Haircuts
Now that reminds me of the guy from my class who sits right in front of me, secretly nicknamed as a pineapple because of the hairstyle, ay. Damn got to say the hairstyle in this picture is hot in jet black. The neat cuts and the edgy crisp looks are just wow. The first thing which I could notice the moment I chanced upon this style is the varying difference in the top and back hair. In this style, the top hair is majorly curly short whereas the rest are straight and neatly trimmed short and of course fade out from the neck/ back.

{ 22 } Cute Guy Curl Punch

Low Fade Haircuts
The style will definitely blew away girls hearts when clicked and rolled over the screen. Firstly you can’t go unnoticed the beautiful curls which go over the front and yeah I find it overwhelming cuteness and next is the mix of the straight and triangle cuts near the ear that transits into faded low back.

{ 23 } Newborn Baby Curls

Low Fade Haircuts
Another cute curly hairstyle on here, we roll over the new-born baby sort of curls, soft and frenzy frizzy.

The frenzy fuzzy hair happens to be uniform throughout the crown area and then get plainer later on near the ending part and then goes absolutely faded out.

{ 24 } Impressive Curls

Low Fade Haircuts
This picture is again some curly sort of hairstyle along with a unique, beautiful blonde tone and has a clean straight cut on the front, and the fade-out is not exactly very prominent somehow butt had a bit of effect likely transits to the beard area.

{ 25 } Dream Hair Goals

Low Fade Haircuts
Now there happens to be a reason behind the picture being titled that. Well, basically it has been named as a dream goal because getting that sort of softness or silky texture is a dream to be never achieved by me anytime soon. The flawless greyish sleek, slick back hair is pretty impressive and has a voluminous top that goes into a faded low in a triangular form.

{ 26 } Gel and Spiked

Low Fade Haircuts
This is the hairstyle to go with if you are looking for the classic yet stylish look. It works the best with older age people as well, and this form of wet – hair look never goes out of fashion. Just ensure that if you are using a gel, it is a good one that does not cause any side – effects with your gel.

Okay next up number twenty-seven, woohoo we getting closer to the end of the list. Yeah, I’m pretty happy.

{ 27 } Light Grey Brown Simple Hair

Low Fade Haircuts
This picture shows a pretty simple style with a fade-out effect that is visible from the middle to the end of the hair. The top of the hair is plain, little voluminous but fine wine.

{ 28 } Short African Styled Fade Out

Low Fade Haircuts
The picture is definitely a change from the regular and the common hairstyles which were coming up until now, the hair is pretty quirky and fades out above the ear and has a straight cut followed by a circular cut which transits into lesser hair and finally fades out.

{ 29 } Gta Don Vibes

Low Fade Haircuts
Hey, wait, what!? Is it only me who gets those GTA don vibes from that picture and the guy. The extremely frenzy sort of hair with a fantastic amount of voluminous height looks pretty good and has a short, sleek straight front cut and then fades out into air all of a sudden.

{ 30 } Caramel Brown Simple Lift

Low Fade Haircuts
The picture is pretty decent and shows all hair back gel hair and doesn’t really have any prominent fade out effect visible but a difference to be noted is the cut at the back of the ear.

WOW wait what, are we done!? Yippee! Kudos to me, I made to the end of the list and believe me, it took efforts. Proud moment.

Anyways whatever hair you pick, pick it with confidence, believe on yourself and bash off with style but don’t forget to select the best according to the hair type, hair colour and hair length cut. Make sure that if you are bringing a change in the styles of your hair, you go to a certified hair salon that have the experience with the particular style. Some of these might be a little hard to implement and any mistake while styling your hair can backfire to create something extremely messy.

So until the next time,


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