Six Main Questions Related to Microsoft AZ-300 Certification Exam: Find the Right Answers with Practice Tests

Microsoft AZ-300

Microsoft Azure is a popular Cloud platform, which provides managed services, infrastructure, and everything else that you may need for your business applications. The Cloud platform is suited for any business that would like to leverage Cloud servers. Microsoft Azure is also suitable for those who would like to employ a wide range of intelligent services to work on a large scale and at far cheaper costs than thelocal ones in their location.

Currently, the Microsoft Azure credentials are among the most popular and sought-aftercertificatesin the IT industry. Being the role-based certification, the Microsoft Azure professionals are always in high demand because they tend to be far much more productive in their job than those without theMicrosoft credentials. The AZ-300 test is one of the role-based certification exams that Microsoft offers. Let’s talk about it inmore detail.

What is Microsoft AZ-300 certification exam?

What is Microsoft AZ-300 certification exam
Microsoft Click Here to Visit (AZ-300) from Exam-Labs AZ-300 is a certification exam that is intended for the experienced IT specialists. It is an architecture-focused test that covers a range of services and subjects. It mainly deals with the core architect technologies. Microsoft released this role-based exam in October 2018. The AZ-300 test is also known as Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies. The candidates for this exam are the Azure solutionsarchitects, particularly those who advise the stakeholders and also translate business requirements into scalable, secure, and reliable solutions. This certification test measures the learner’s ability to deploy and configure an infrastructure, create and deploy apps, develop for Azure and Cloud storage, implement security and workloads, as well as secure data and implement authentication.

Please note that there are the exam and the certification related to Microsoft AZ-300. The related credential is known as Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert. The relevanttest is Microsoft AZ-301: Microsoft Azure Architect Design. The IT experts pursuing the mentioned certificate must clear these two exams in order to be certified.

Are there any prerequisites for Microsoft AZ-300 certification exam?

Are there any prerequisites for Microsoft AZ-300 certification exam
There are no formal requirements for this test, but after passing this exam together with Microsoft AZ-301, you will acquire the expert-level credential. AsMicrosoft states on its website, the candidates for this test should have advanced knowledge and experience across a range of aspects of IT operations, including business continuity, governance, data management, identity, budgeting, virtualization, security, and networking. This role basically requires managing how the decisions in every area affect the overall solution. The individuals attempting Microsoft AZ-300 should be proficient in Azure development, Azure administration, and DevOps. The students must also have expert-level skills in one or more of these domains.

What is known about Microsoft AZ-300 certification exam?

You will need to complete 40-60 questions within 150 minutes. The types of questions are mentioned on the Microsoft platform in the FAQ section. Due to the exam policies the company has, there can be different formats of questions during your certification test, for example, case studies, drag and drop, multiple choice, hot area, fill-in-the-blank, and so on.
What is known about Microsoft AZ-300 certification exam
The Microsoft AZ-300 exam is available in several languages, including English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Like most Microsoft certification tests, this onecosts $165 for the individuals in the United States. The price of this exam may vary from one country to another. The difference in prices is usually due to different taxation policies. Otherwise, the fee is the same for all studentsaround the world.

What are the skills measured in Microsoft AZ-300 certification exam?

The Microsoft AZ-300 exam evaluatesthe candidates on various skills. The skill set measured in this testis grouped into five broad knowledge domains, which form the basis from which the questions are drawn. The exam objectives are as follows:

  1. Deploying and configuringan infrastructure – 25-30%;
  2. Developing for Azure storage and Cloud– 20-25%;
  3. Implementing authentication and securing data – 5-10%;
  4. Creating and deploying apps – 5-10%;
  5. Implementing workloads and security – 20-25%.

One of the best ways to know the topics that you need to learn before taking the exam is to take training courses from the Microsoft website. The company offers you 10 free online courses and 5 paid ones.

What are job roles associated with Microsoft AZ-300 certification exam?

What are job roles associated with Microsoft AZ-300 certification exam
As we said earlier, passing the Microsoft AZ-300 and Microsoft AZ-301 certification exams makes an individual eligible to be awarded the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certificate. According to the name, the job role for such Cloud experts is asolutions architect. Passing these two tests validates the ability to configure and deploy infrastructure; create and deploy apps; implement workloads, security, design, and infrastructure strategy; design for deployment, integration, and migration; develop for both Cloud and Azure storage; design data platform solutions; determine workload requirements; design for security and identity; design a business continuity; secure data and implement authentication.

How can you prepare for Microsoft AZ-300 certification exam?

When passing the Microsoft AZ-300 certification exam, thorough preparation is critical. Besides, the students should also ensure that they are using the recommended and verified training materials to study for this test.
How can you prepare for Microsoft AZ-300 certification exam
When you come across an IT certification exam, the first thing to do is enroll with an official or accredited body. That is why the applicants are advised to enroll with Microsoft so that they can get the exam details, which will help them become informed about the test they are preparing for. You will be also able to access the best study materials that are only available on the official Microsoft website. You will also find practice tests as well as a huge community of users.There are also verified, useful, and comprehensive preparation tools for Microsoft AZ-300 available on the Exam-Labsplatform. Some of the most popular resources among the students are braindumps and video tutorials. This site also offers an exam simulator that can make your monotonous prep process more dynamic.TurningExam-Labs intoyour go-to-platform for studymaterials is a great step towards passing the AZ-300 certification test.


With all these preparation materials and hands-on demonstration, you can feel confident that you are on the right path.You will be in a position to pass your Microsoft AZ-300 certification exam and move one step closer to becoming a certified Azure expert.

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