22 Sophisticated and Chic Traditional Living Room Design Ideas

Sophisticated Traditional Living Room Design Ideas

When you think about traditional interior decor, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you’re thinking refined furnishings, floral wallpapers, elegant curtains, and vintage rugs, you’re not far off the mark! This design style includes a lot of different design styles like the French country and neoclassical style. However, one thing that remains constant in all the traditional styles is the sense of refined elegance and charm. While traditional living room design is often quaint yet elegant, bedrooms are mostly warm and luxurious. But no matter where and how you use this style, the result is always an interior that is cozy and inviting.

The most common features of this style are the vintage furnishings and regal colors and textures. Structural details like wall paneling, wainscoting, stucco ceilings, barouche work, fireplaces, etc. are also important elements of this style. However, they’re not necessarily required to give the decor a traditional look. In fact, a few pieces of victorian or vintage furniture, classic chandeliers, vintage rugs, damask wallpapers, and elegant curtains can easily give any room a traditional feel. If you too are looking to give your interiors that refined elegant look, traditional decor is your best choice. Here are some beautiful traditional living rooms to inspire you to bring that quaint English charm to your living rooms!

{ 1 } Classic Traditional Living Room Design

Classic Traditional Living Room Design
Traditional Furniture and Colors In Living Room By Oak Hill Building and Remodeling | Photo By Nick Vitale
From the elegant millwork to the hardwood floors, everything in this beautiful living room speaks of refined elegance. Millwork and ceiling design speak of traditional influence in the design. And the heavy, victorian furniture further adds to the traditional look. Even the color scheme of neutrals with dark pink accents gives the room an old-world charm. Add in a natural stone fireplace, classic chandelier, and oriental rug and you have a classic traditional living room decor that looks at once stylish and beautiful.

{ 2 } Soft Pastel Colors in Interiors

Soft Pastel Colors in Interiors
Soft Color Palette In Traditional Living Room By Barnard Speziale Interior Designs
Heavy ceiling trim, ornate millwork wall, traditional fireplace, and hardwood floors give this room a very traditional feel. Similarly, the heavyset sofa with linen covers, armchair, and ottoman along with the coffee table and side table, give the room an old-world feel. However, the light color scheme of soft pastel blue and white keeps the room bright and cheerful!

{ 3 } Bright Colors In Simple Living Room

Bright Colors In Simple Living Room
Colorful Accents In Neutral Living Room By Terracotta Design Build | Photo By Jeff Herr
Beautiful, elegant rugs are a staple of traditional living rooms. They bring sophistication, luxury, and warmth to the decor. And if you choose the right rug, you can also use it to bring texture, color, and pattern to your decor. While dark, regal colors are popular in design they’re not a necessity with traditional decor. You can also keep your decor bright, fresh, cheerful, and airy with a few good choices. For example, go for nested tables, wall art, and plantation shutters for window treatments. They bring light and provide privacy and also have that old-world charm. Similarly, vintage, oriental rugs in bright colors and vivid patterns also spruce up the decor.

{ 4 } Open and Natural Living Room Decor

Open and Natural Living Room Decor
Fresh and Open Living Room Design In Lakeside Residence By Castanes Architects
Most people think that traditional decor is dull and stuffy with closed space, dull colors, and regal textures. However, traditional style can also be bright, fresh, and spacious. For example, this open-plan, spacious living room is certainly a traditional design. The ceiling beams, victorian armchairs, heavy sectional, and Persian area rug give the room a refined look. But the large full-length glass windows, colorful accents, and contemporary touches like the coffee table and lights make the room feel open and light. The stunning natural view and the bright flowers freshen up the decor.

{ 5 } Gold Accents In Luxurious Living Room

Gold Accents In Luxurious Living Room
Traditional Living Room Brimming with Luxury and Elegance By Samuel Gordon Architects
This living room is the perfect example of the joyful excess and quaint charm that the traditional design is famous for. You can easily bring the same refined luxury to your own living room with a few select changes. Take this classic and elegant Victorian living room for example. Wall trim, millwork, wainscoting, or detailed work like barouche or rococo designs as shown here can add old-world charm to your place. If you can’t get Victorian-style curved, heavy furnishings, you can also upholster your current sofa and armchairs with a velvet or silk fabric in rich colors like royal blue or gold. Similarly, go for hardwood floors and elaborate chandeliers and wall sconces. Add an oriental design area rug and use a floral pattern or damask wallpapers on the walls.

{ 6 } Neutral Beige Living Room Design

Neutral Beige Living Room Design
Open and Inviting Neutral Living Room Decor By L Marie Interior Design
Large spacious room with angled ceilings, brick fireplace, floral curtains, and Vintage chandelier make this living room look quite traditional. The vintage area rug, woolen upholstered sectional along with the velvet upholstered accent side chair, wooden coffee table, and Murphy Herringbone Bobbin Leg Footstool further add to the traditional feel of the room. However, the open and inviting space with a neutral color scheme and many windows give the living room a contemporary touch. This place looks at once modern and fresh as well as traditional!

{ 7 } Eclectic Touches In Traditional Decor

Eclectic Touches In Traditional Decor
Traditional Design with a Tropical Twist By Summer Thorton Design Inc | Photo By Brantley Photography
Traditional living rooms normally portray a grand and luxurious look that has an old-world charm to it. However, this living room is a completely different take on the posh style. It takes all the refined elegance of traditional design and gives it a tropical twist with breezy beach colors and a relaxed vibe. High ceilings with exposed beams make the room look airy and spacious. Vintage ming pattern garden stool, vases, bowls, table lamps, and potholders in bright blue give the room an elegant and traditional look. Victorian furniture like the cream-colored sofa, antique chests, drawers, and armchairs further add to the vintage feel. However, the blue-and-white color scheme with orange accents, floral and ikat prints, and fresh flowers give the room a fresh and breezy tropical twist. The teak coffee table, a jute rug, and chandelier add a finishing touch to the decor.

{ 8 } Simple Traditional Living Room Design

Simple Traditional Living Room Design
Traditional Furniture and Colors In Living Room By Harry Braswell Inc. | Photo By Greg Hadley
The traditional decor usually has some bold and dark colors in rich fabrics like shiny velvets and silks. But, this neutral living room with its beige and tan colors, manages to capture the essence of traditional design despite the lack of bold colors. The large beige sectional easily separates the living room from the kitchen without making the division quite obvious. A tan area rug, antique round coffee table, and pillows in tan, beige and grey-blue colors bring pattern and color to the decor. Millwork ceiling trim and full-length glass windows also give the room a traditional feel.

{ 9 } Soothing Blue Accents In Neutral Room

Soothing Blue Accents In Neutral Room
Coastal Blue Accents In Neutral Traditional Living Room By Everything Home
If you think traditional decor has to be boring and stuffy, you’re wrong. As long as you keep the basics intact, there’s no reason why you cannot play with colors even in traditional design. For example, this living room is certainly a perfect traditional design. The high ceilings, window trims with inbuilt seating nooks, traditional brick fireplace with millwork surround, dark wood floors, and heavy Victorian style furniture give the room a traditional look. However, the liberal use of blue accents in the area rug, reading nook, pillows, sofa, and armchairs brings a breezy, cheerful vibe. The leather ottoman, wooden side table, and chandelier give finishing touch to the design.

{ 10 } Stunning Views In Living Room Decor

Stunning Views In Living Room Decor
Bay Windows and Circular Seating In Elegant Living Room By Upland Development Inc.
At first look, this living room will remind you of those old English parlors with bay windows and circular seating. However, a closer look reveals contemporary touches that make this traditional decor feel fresh and welcoming. Just look at the in-built round seating style. It promotes conversation and involvement. The large open views let the nature in and give a fresh look to the room. Dark wood floors and ceiling trusses add a traditional touch to the design. Similarly, the shiplap ceiling, herringbone tiles, and Moroccan tiled fireplace surround bring old-world charm. But you can also add personal touches to traditional decor with colorful accents like the pillows.

{ 11 } Beige and Wood Living Room

Beige and Wood Living Room
Elegant and Refined Living Room Decor By W Design Interiors | Photo By Scott Hargis
This room is the perfect example of a refined traditional living room design. And it’s very easy to recreate a similar look and feel in your living room too. It is not necessary to have only antique furniture to get the look. A few select pieces like the pretty armchairs used here are also enough to give a traditional look. The dusty blue color of the built-ins is reused in the fireplace surround and pillows. It gives the room a colorful yet uniform look. You can go for bright shades that match other elements of your interiors. However, keep the rest of the decor neutral to let those colors pop!

{ 12 } Light and Spacious Traditional Design

Light and Spacious Traditional Design
Warm Wood and White Tones In Living Room Design By Danes Custom Homes
Earthy colors and contrasting white tones make this living room a warm and welcoming retreat. The wood tones in the hardwood floors, furniture, area rug, even the pillows bring a warm and cozy feel to the decor. The jute window treatments, linen curtains, and upholstery create a feeling of comfort and simplicity. To get this look, all you need is a warmer, earthy color palette and abundance of light in the decor. Just try to use wooden furniture and incorporate earthy colors like brown, red, orange, green, etc. in accents. Include a plant or some kind of green foliage to give the room a fresh feel.

{ 13 } Classic White and Wood Theme Decor

Classic White and Wood Theme Decor
White Walls and Dark trim In Traditional Living Room By Linda McDougald Design
This living room is an innovative mix of contemporary and antique furnishings set against dramatic linen, white, and gray palette. The dark stained oak floors compliment the dark tones of the furniture and the dark wood trim on the walls, doors, and windows. In contrast, the white walls and white upholstered furnishings look bright and welcoming. The oriental area rug, vintage ceiling light, and beautiful fireplace surround add to the traditional look of the design. To recreate this look, all you need is a couple of traditional-style furniture pieces like armchairs or a sofa in dark wood tones. You can use bright white walls and ceiling as a contrast. If you can, add some dark trim to the walls and ceiling for effect or even add some colors to the mix!

{ 14 } Exposed Beams In Traditional Living Room

Exposed Beams In Traditional Living Room
Beautiful Trusses and Shiplap Ceilings In Traditional Living Room
Beautifully built trusses, traditional fireplace with a brick wall, shiplap ceilings, wall trimming, and hardwood floors of this living room are all reminiscent of traditional interior design. However, modern furnishings bring a contemporary touch to the decor. Green plants add some fresh vibes and the full-length glass windows and doors keep the space brightly lit. All in all, this pretty living room is a fresh take on the traditional style of interior decor.

{ 15 } Traditional and Elegant Living Room Design

Traditional and Elegant Living Room Design
Traditional Coffined Ceilings In Living Room By Garrison Hullinger Interior Design | Photo By Blackstone Edge
A neutral color palette only serves to highlight the traditional structural touches in this interior design. The coffined ceilings and wainscoting on the walls give the room a traditional look. The ornate furniture further adds to the vintage feel of the decor. Plus the gleaming hardwood floors and stunning fireplace mantel add elegance and glamour to the decor. For a true luxe look, you can add some classic modern lighting like the wallflower hangings, wall sconces, and decorative table lamps shown here. Although, you should make sure the room is well ventilated and properly lit with natural light to keep the interiors fresh.

{ 16 } Charming Living Room With Fireplace

Charming Living Room With Fireplace
Neutral Colors and Built-In Shelves In Georgian Estate Living Room By Gerrard Builders
Beautiful coffined ceiling along with wall trim and moldings give this living room a traditional look. The built-in shelves and millwork cabinetry further adds to the same look. Victorian style ornate furniture, brick fireplace, and round coffee table also add to the old-world charm of the room. Antique fireplace screens, traditional decor items, vintage lighting, and wall sconces give the decor a finishing touch. While the color palette here is neutral, you can add some bright colors and bold patterns to your decor. After all, a touch of your personal taste will give your decor some individuality.

{ 17 } Vintage Touches In Simple Decor

Vintage Touches In Simple Decor
Exposed Beams And Stone Fireplace In Traditional Living Room By Stonewood LLC
This simple living room looks traditional despite its contemporary structure and materials used. This is because of the use of traditional style in decor and the way furniture is arranged. Exposed beams and stone fireplace are the distinguishing features of traditional decor. However, the bright red Persian rug, chesterfield pattern armchairs, wooden coffee table, and antique fireplace screen also bring a traditional look to the design. But you can also bring in some contemporary touches to the decor if you want. You can use modern lighting fixtures like recessed lights and use a comfortable modern sofa in place of vintage finds. As long as it goes well with the rest of the design, it is okay to bring some personal touches to the decor!

{ 18 } Elegant and Warm Traditional Design

Elegant and Warm Traditional Decor
Simple Yet Effective Traditional Setting By RKI Interior Design| Photo By Cherie Cordellos
Everything in this room gives a traditional look and feel. Whether its the curved sofa and armchairs, the stone fireplace, mirror and iron table, wool drapes, or the piano, all the decor is quite traditional. The cozy area rug from Oushak and the woven shades too add to the old-world feel of the room. The recessed lights light up the entire room and bring some cheerful vibes to the decor. You can also recreate this look in your living room with just a few clever touches. A curved sofa and Victorian-style ornate armchairs are enough to bring a traditional look. Alternatively, you can go for long flowing drapes in rich fabrics and stunning chandeliers to get the luxe look.

{ 19 } Beach Colors In Traditional Room

Beach Colors In Traditional Room
Fresh and Breezy Vibe In Traditional Living Room By Kim Radovich Interiors
More often than not, traditional decor is associated with glamour and luxury. And while it is true, it’s not all traditional decor offers! Natural materials, open and spacious design and comfortable decor is also an important part of traditional style. This living room is the perfect example of an open, light, spacious and traditional decor. The ornate furniture, wooden floors, reclaimed wood side table, and stone fireplace all give the room a traditional look. Similarly, shiplap ceiling, exposed beams, and full-length glass windows give a traditional feel. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep boring interiors and neutral colors! You can bring an individual feel with accent colors like the fresh and breezy beach blues in this room.

{ 20 } Bold and Glamorous Living Room Design

Bold and Glamorous Room Decor
Luxurious and Bold Traditional Living Room Design By Richard Drummond Davis Architects
In order to get authentic traditional interiors, you need to do more than buying some antique furniture pieces. This living room also uses ornate ceiling trim and detailed wainscoting for a traditional look. The french armchairs and antique table in this room have a traditional look. You can also go for traditional Victorian or French furniture, especially antiques. Plus, you can also add flowing draperies, vintage area rugs, ornate decor items, and traditional fireplace for effect. Bold colors and rich fabrics like velvet and silk can further enhance the luxe look. Use traditional lighting like chandeliers and table lamps to add a finishing touch to the design.

{ 21 } Warm and Welcoming Living Room

Warm and Welcoming Living Room
Soft Colors and Airy Interiors In Cozy Living Room By Middlefork Development LLC | Photo By Nathan Kirkman
The main features of traditional decor are the ornate architecture as well as the interior decor of that time. The traditional style of wall molding and ceiling trim give this living room a traditional look. Plus, the herringbone pattern inlay in the traditional fireplace, as well as the hardwood floor and large windows, further enhance the look. But at the same time, traditional furniture like the armchairs and coffee table also give a period look. Add to it the wall art, wall sconces, floor lamps, and candle stands, and the room looks like a perfect traditional living room. However, soft neutral colors, cozy seating, and airy interiors keep the room warm and welcoming!

{ 22 } Vibrant Traditional Living Room Design

Vibrant Traditional Living Room Design
Vibrant Colors and Floral Patterns In Living Room By Platemark Design | Photo By Michael J Lee
The traditional design is all about getting a period look that is as comfortable and inviting as it is stylish and luxe. You can get a traditional look in your living room too with just a few simple changes. Shiplap ceilings and exposed beams along with a stone fireplace and detailed millwork give this living room a traditional look. However, if you can’t change the structure of your home, simply add traditional furniture and some antiques to get the look. Traditional furniture pieces like the antique cupboard in this living room will add a period look to the decor. If you have white walls and ceilings, a neutral color palette will make the room look dull and staid. Instead, go for multi-colored prints and floral patterns in the decor. You can add a multicolor area rug and colorful accent pillows.

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