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20 Professional Curly Hairstyles for all the Working Women

There have always been rumors about the professional curly hair, gone are the days when maintaining curly hair was a hassle. They are fashionable and chic and work effortlessly in raising your glam quotient. Girls with long curly are blessed because curly hair will be quite in this season, and will stay for long too. Free your curly hair from no styling zone because now we see almost every fashion conscious women heading towards the salon to get their curls. Whether it’s your workplace or any occasion, with your right curls, you can always be the center of attraction. Generally, any curly hairstyle goes with all the outfits. Nowadays with a wide range of products being offered to us in the market managing your curls are very easy, so here are some professional hairstyles for curly, coily and wavy hair.

{ 1 } Ponytail With Bouncy Curls

Professional Curly Hairstyles

When you get these curls no matter what is the length of your hair you can never go wrong with this ponytail. A high ponytail and then flaunting the entire section in two halves one on your left side and one on your right side and we just love these curls. Neatly done this hairstyle is so easy to make and keeps your hand free from your hair. Whether you are out for your workplace or your Sunday brunch, this hairstyle is the perfect one.

{ 2 } Loose Curls

Professional Curly Hairstyles

The hair strands ripples with lazy waves, it shapes varies from curl to curl never predictable. Molding these spiral waves into any style you want, it looks overwhelming. Part your hair from the middle, curls hanging loosely on your shoulders making it look really elegant. As the name suggests, these wavy loose curls can be styled in many other ways also like keep all your hair on any one side whichever suits your face or else a low ponytail can also be kept, and it will look beautiful and chic.

With a hint of burgundy, these hair gives a beautiful shine when exposed to sunlight. You can choose any color which suits your complexion to stand out with these loose curls. These pretty looking curls are effortless to do it yourself and very manageable and can be carried with ease.

{ 3 } Loose Highlighted Waves With A Messy Finish

Professional Curly Hairstyles

Creating side parted keeping most of your hair on right side of your face, keeping it simple and straight near the parting and then keeping rest of your curls loose and corporate beauties much appreciate it. It looks great with blonde highlights on loose natural black waves and adds a messy touch to it. Not keeping your hair too long this style can be easily created by you at home by following just a few steps and are easily manageable. It looks absolutely amazing on any face cut and looks great with any outfit you wear. This hairstyle increases your volume of hair and can be made on any types of hair irrespective of texture, length, and quality.

{ 4 } Short Hair With A Head Full Of Curls

Professional Curly Hairstyles

Short curly hair can look amazing. This style looks so fashionable and chic. With these shoulder length hair and full of curls you look super cute. Middle parting with your curls falling on both side almost covers most of your face area thus making your face look slimmer. The critical factor is that you can’t get these curls by yourself and you have to consider excellent professional help for this. Pitch black curls almost suit every skin complexion and face cut. They are not easy to maintain but once done can make you center of attraction anywhere you go.

{ 5 } Long Loose Waves

Professional Curly Hairstyles

With mid-length hair you can smoothly go for this style, side-parted these curls add volume to your style. Its back brushed near the parting on one side that makes it look a bit puffy with curls loosely hanging on both the side of your shoulders. Whether you go casual or formal, you will never be let down with these curls. With a hint of blonde color on the tip of your curls makes it look super edgy. This style can be done at home but will require a lot of your patience and styling products; a good hairspray is must to set these curls. These curls suit your personality well and even your face cut without covering your face

{ 6 } Intense Curls With A Puffy Crown

Professional Curly Hairstyles

If you have big bouncy curls, then this style is best to show them off. Create a side partition and let the hair fall on your shoulders freely, these curls on one side of your face gives a mysterious vibe. The intensity of your curls makes a puff at the parting creating a crown look. These brown colored curls make your look more glamorous at your workplace. This can be done at home with the simple tools used to curl up your hair, easily manageable curls make you look super cool and looks good on any face cut.

{ 7 } Short Layered Bob On Dented Curls

Professional Curly Hairstyles

These beautiful curls can be highlighted by getting a short layered bob style. These curls thicken your bob and gives your hair a reasonable volume. With these purple colored hair you can rock any outfit you wear on any occasion and will be center of attraction no matter what. Creating these dented curls can easily be done at home with so many videos available online about curls but is a bit time-consuming. Consult your stylist before coloring them, color them according to your skin tone, purple have really made this style very funky can edgy and can be carried away with ease at your workplace or your Sunday brunch. Such manageable hair keeps you easy and going.

{ 8 } Wavy Lob

Professional Curly Hairstyles

Nothing is more fire than serving a right hairstyle. This style is for those who have loose curls. Mid-length blonde color hair with messy parting looks impressive and suits your personality very well. This hairstyle suits on an oval face cut because this style gives volume to your hair and thus hiding your jaw lines making your face look fuller. This style goes well with western outfits and can be easily carried away on any occasion. They are easily manageable and can be done at home with the help of curling rods.

{ 9 } Low Bun With Loose Curls

Professional Curly Hairstyles

When you go out on a date and having no time for your hair then this is definitely the one which you would go for. This is a romantic updo, this loose bun needs good volume hair irrespective of the texture of your hair. You can easily do this hairstyle at home. Creating some loose curls on both sides of your face makes it look very nice. This bun matches any of your outfits and can be carried away with ease on all occasion, especially suiting oval face this hairstyle requires some hair pins to tuck in the bun.

{ 10 } Side Parted Waves And Curly Ends

Professional Curly Hairstyles

These long side-parted hair with some loose curls at the end looks fantastic. This mid-length hairstyle is parted sideways letting your curls loose on both of your shoulders. This hairstyle generally suits all face cut and can be carried easily on every outfit. Easy to make at home requires very little time. This texture of your hair should be bouncy enough to flaunt those curls, and the texture should be smooth and soft, suiting all the occasion this hairstyle is a must for all those having long and curly hair.

{ 11 } Textured Waves With Layers

Professional Curly Hairstyles

Hair with good texture can give waves a beautiful look, and that is why it is so much in fashion nowadays. Side parted long hair, straight near partition and then lose waves at the bottom makes it look amazing. Mostly suits every face type and goes with every outfit. This is a casual look as well as formal one also and can be carried with ease, can be done at home very easily this hairstyle have some blonde colored waves over the black one, the color suits mostly on fair complexion, however, this is the most elegant style you can do with long hair with waves.

{ 12 } Big Curls Bob

Professional Curly Hairstyles

If your hair is dull and damaged then this is the hairstyle you should go for. This style increases the volume of your hair giving your face a fuller look. Side parting and neatly done backward these curls keeps your face free from hair. This hairstyle works everywhere and on all occasion and mostly on formal outfits .side parted these big waves gives a flamboyant look. Pitch black is an all season color and can never go out of style. This style makes you look and feel young.

{ 13 } Phoenix Bob

Professional Curly Hairstyles

Phoenix is a sign of rebirth. I have seen people fighting from some or the other medical/mental issues in their life, but when they choose to fight back and show how strong they are, that feeling is the inspiration of this hairstyle. A good texture needed to layer your waves, and I am simply falling in love with the purple color of two light and dark shades falling over each other. Easily carried on your workplace or any casual outing works better on mainly western outfits any suitable for all occasion. Professional help is a must for coloring the most beautiful hair of yours that make you real you.

{ 14 } Beach Waves

Professional Curly Hairstyles

Have you ever gone through the feeling of simply standing on the beach with your feet immersed in the sand and want to hit the beach really hard? Then this is simply the perfect summer hairstyle which you should go for. Side parted these hair add so much volume to your hair, shorter the better, easy to maintain, can carry it everywhere on all occasion. Great textured hair these brown hair fall over each other making the look layered and thus increasing the volume of your hair. A heat iron touch up is enough to maintain this super cool look.

{ 15 } Funky Waves

Professional Curly Hairstyles

OMG! This is so funky and stylish the one thought that comes in my mind after seeing this hairstyle and color is that I want this. Super stylish and so chic I m falling in love with this style, side messy parted with purple and blue at the bottom shows the hard work of an excellent professional hairstylist, these color blends well so perfectly and matches your personality too. Great texture is required to build this style. This is not what you can be carrying at your workplace, a full-on party look goes on a casual outfit, this style defines your personality well and as always said never lose your spark that makes ”you.“

{ 16 } Mop Crop

Professional Curly Hairstyles

This side-swept style works wonders for ladies having large curls; it gives you a cool and calm look. Side parted with most of your hair falling on one side covers your forehead. You can easily carry this style at the workplace and even for your casual outings, goes on almost all outfit. This style suits well on oval shape face. This mid-length hair falls on your cheeks and jaw line giving them a fuller look. The texture of your hair is not that important to get this style, just a few minutes with your hot curl iron is enough to rock this look.

{ 17 } Messy Bun Updo

Professional Curly Hairstyles

Do you know that these messy buns are conquering the world? This is the simplest of all the curly hairstyle, sweep your hair up and just tie them with a band leaving some strands on the sides. With these messy curly buns, you can shine through any party, meeting or class. Easily done, you can carry with ease and generally suits all face cut, requires great texture making you the center of attraction. Goes typically for all age group you simply rock.

{ 18 } The Morning Bun

Professional Curly Hairstyles

A smooth and silky texture is required for this hairdo, it’s effortless to make but the tough part is to keep it intact, and you can do this with the help of some hair gels and pins. This super chic style is effortless yet stylish and can be carried with ease either at your workplace or any party. This look fabulous on long faced and it lifts your jawline very well, giving you a full youth look. Very easy to make can be easily done at home losing some soft tendrils near your neck giving it a romantic feel too.

{ 19 } Long Waves With Curls

Professional Curly Hairstyles

This type of hairstyle is owners pride, neighbors envy, with this side-parted mid-length waves and curls at the end you find yourself always to be center of attraction. Not that easy to make at home requires professional help and maintaining these waves and curls are not that easy. Pitch black goes on all outfits and can be easily carried everywhere. Generally suits all face type. The texture of your hair should be silky to get that flow well. Regardless of all this no doubt with this hairstyle, you are going to steal millions of hearts.

{ 20 } Long Loose Curls

Professional Curly Hairstyles

Your search ends here for hairstyle if you have a symmetrical face, these loose curls with center parting is super chic elegant style. The texture of your hair should be super bouncy, the volume and the length balance out your face effortlessly. As I can’t stop myself falling in love with the color of this hair it makes you look simply dashing. Easily done at home, you can rock with this look wherever you go.

Whatever style you choose make sure that your curls require a lot of moisture and protein as they have to go through a lot of hotness so that you can look hot, so keep visiting your salon for regular protein treatments. You can only rock these looks only when you have clean hair and healthy scalp, and that comes from strict exercise regime and diet, needless to say, whatever style you choose be confident.

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