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Teen Haircuts – 20 Haircuts for Teenage Girls

This season, rather this year has been so amazing for all the salon owners that they are celebrating their success. Even the newbies in this field have tasted success this year. The salons have seen and have done all sorts of hair transformations for all the ladies and the gentlemen. Then why leave behind the young girls? Teenagers have also got their share of teen haircuts this season.

Here in this article let us see various hair transformations and hairstyles curated especially for the teenagers.

{ 1 } Messy Bob Cut

Teen Haircuts

This is one of the simplest haircuts for the girls. If you have voluminous hair and if they are unmanageable, you can get then chopped off. Side parting or a center parting, the choice is yours. Simply run fingers through your hair to give it a messy look. This haircut is easy to carry for the teenagers, more so if they are school goers.

{ 2 } Straight Cut

Teen Haircuts)

The school going girls do not get more stylish than this. After all, this is what the school want from any girl. A simple straight haircut is all that you need. Get them trimmed if they are unkempt or unmanageable. A medium length hair can be easily tied up in a neat ponytail.

{ 3 } Simple Straight With Center Parting And A Balayage Melt

Teen Haircuts

This is yet again the very old and classic haircut that is known as the simple straight cut. To give a twist to this evergreen yet simple cut is to add light and natural waves to your hair. Simply dampen your hair and scrunch them lightly with the help of your palms. And yet, if you still feel that you really can carry a bold look, you can get those colored in either an ombre melt or a balayage.

{ 4 } Shoulder Length Blunt Cut With Light Waves

Teen Haircuts

Another classic haircut. Who does not love to go back to school? Well, a huge number of girls are there that loves to style up their hair like a school girl. And there are ample of hairstyle ideas available, but choosing the right one is very important. Back to School Hairstyles for Little Girl is one of the lovely ideas, which helps an individual to stand out loud amongst the crowd and it looks absolutely cute as well.

{ 5 } Long Hair With A Half Updo

Teen Haircuts

School days are always fun and so is sporting this hairstyle. A style that is normally sported by all the teenagers, this one is giving serious hair goals to the college going girls as well. All you need to do is to tie your hair up (half of it) and secure it with a rubber band. Give your hair a little messy look to give a normal look. A textured hair like dark brown with light brown caramel balayage is a perfect recipe for good hair.

{ 6 } A Simple, Blunt Cut

Teen Haircuts

A simple, blunt cut is all that the girls want when in their teens. This is not a kind of, but a simple, blunt cut for short hairs and a textured has added to the X-factor. By creating a middle parting and neatly combed hairs have added much sheen. All the young girls and teenagers can carry this. This gives an ultimate look. A good hair day is all that you want.

{ 7 } Loose Wavy Hairdo For Medium Hair

Teen Haircuts

This style is ideal for all faces from oval to heart to triangular faces. Start with taking sections at the crown and blow dry the hair in outward and upward directions. At the nape and sides, hold the hair firmly and blow dry them to get straight hair. You can comb them in any direction of your choice, but a middle parting will be best suited for long and thin faces. Use a large curling iron to curl ends but keep the curls till mid-lengths. Keep the curling iron for 5 to 10 seconds and then unfold the curlers. This cut is ideal for all the girls with long to medium length of hair. You would definitely rock the party with this very easy and regular hairstyle.

{ 8 } Deep Parted Wavy Hair For Medium Length Hair With Side Bangs

Teen Haircuts

Ideal for oval, square and diamond faces. Blow-dry bangs from the roots and rolling in upwards direction. Blow-dry sections of hair at the crown by combing them lightly, after all, you need to give that little waves and bounce in the center too. Use a bit of smoother through mid-lengths and ends to secure your hairs. Create a left partition to get the illusion of a wider face. Its suggested to use a large radial brush which will prevent tear and damage of hair. At the crown, use large hot rollers, vertically at the bangs, back and sides, starting from the ends to the roots. Use pins to hold it.

{ 9 } Gorgeous Curly Updo for Long Dark Hair

Teen Haircuts

Ideal for oval, square and diamond-shaped faces. These gorgeous dark brown locks are pulled back and secured at the back. This creates a head-turning formal look, best complementing those with a longer face. This easy to create a hairstyle with the right tools and the right amount of products. The hairstyle is not only stylish but also easy to be made. It will look good for any occasion and weather conditions. Girls will rock this style with perfect dresses. Why go the simple way, create this style for a sexy look.

{ 10 } Two Minutes Basic Unkempt Look With Centre Parting For Long Hair

Teen Haircuts

In recent times, people are always in a hurry, and that is why they opt for the finest and top-notch hairstyles for them, which will look absolutely cute on them and at the same time, which will also not take much time as well. You can try a different kind of hairstyles as well, and that is why you will also understand the ultimate hairstyle idea that easily goes with the dress up and makeup as well.

{ 11 } Sexy Asymmetrical Cut With Marshmallow Color Melt

Teen Haircuts

This haircut/hairstyle is ideal for face shapes. In this, use a blow dryer forward from the right and keep the hair straight at the back and at the sides. Use ample amount of moisturizer for conditioning along with a good heat resistant product. Use a straighter to straighten your hair like needles, it might take 3 seconds to do so. Take one section at a time, it will make your work easier and quicker. If you have messy hair, use sculpting lotion, it will also give you a firm hold. Avoid using excess hairspray to prevent dandruff-like white, flaky residue. Part to the left for wider looking face. Use a small radial brush to add volume. Use fingers and wax to style your bangs, sides, and nape.

{ 12 } Side Layered Bangs With A Bun

Teen Haircuts

Ideal for oval, oblong, square and diamond faces. Holding firmly blow-dry the bangs on low-setting, to both sides. Next, blow-dry the crown in an upward and outward direction. Apply enough mousse to damp hair, along with the hair shaft. Blow-dry under, the hair at your back and sides, from the roots to the mid-lengths. Curve them under, at the ends. Use smoothing shine through the mid-lengths and ends. Centre partition for an illusion of a longer and thinner face. Use a large radial brush, to smoothen out waves and add body. Use large curling irons for 5 to 10 seconds. Lastly, use fingertips to lightly wax ends of your hair. Now tie them up in a messy bun. This will give you the perfect messy look that you’ve been wanting.

{ 13 } Half Braided Front With Back Pigtail

Teen Haircuts

This twisted braid under three minutes does not take much time to prepare and that is why people go for this hairstyle as well. Eventually, this hairstyle also gives you some cute and pretty look as well. It will give you a cute pretty look which will surely make your little girl the center of attraction. Trying out this style, you will be able to look outstanding amongst others as well.

{ 14 } Curly Updo For Medium To Short Hair Types

Teen Haircuts

Ideal for oval, oblong, square and diamond faces. Make quite an impression with this elegant style. Secure your gorgeous hair with hair mousse or hair gel. And, leave a sexy loose curl out at the front to draw attention and focus to her eyes. Get this haircut at the best salon that you prefer. And if your stylist doesn’t get this hairstyle, try showing him/her the picture. This season. This curly hairdo is trending amongst the teens. Wear this long-lasting style for any occasion and weather condition. This will also create a voluminous look for those who have thin or long face cuts.

{ 15 } Simple Side Parted Golden Blonde Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair

Teen Haircuts

Ideal for all faces and can make you look ravishing. Keep the tension consistent while blow drying the strands forward. At the ends, use the blow dry to roll the hair outwards towards the back. Take out ample amount of mousse and apply on damp hair while using the hair shaft. Now use the blow dryer at the back and sides from roots till mid-lengths. Create a curve shape near the ends. Apply hairspray to keep them set along with a smoothing shiner to get the shiny hair. Create a center parting which will give you the illusion of a thinner and longer face. Use a large radial brush, to smoothen out waves and add body. Style bangs and ends with fingertips and wax.

{ 16 } Simple And Naturally Straight Middle Parted Hair For Long Hair

Teen Haircuts

Best suited for girls with oval, oblong, square, heart and diamond faces. Brush and blow-dry straight, an inch below the roots, at the back and sides. Blow dry creates a natural looking straighter hair. Use a straightening iron to dry hair, at the roots, working down to the ends for 3 seconds. Use smoothing shine through the mid-lengths and ends. Centre parting also creates an illusion of longer and thinner face. Use a large radial brush, to smoothen out waves and add body. Blow-dry hair under, to both sides.

{ 17 } Loose And Soft Wavy Hair Do With Golden Brown And Dark Brown Balayage Melt

Teen Haircuts

Ideal for all face types. Start with applying mousse along the hair shaft evenly. Blow dry your hair from roots to mid-lengths at the back and sides. Create a curvy shape at the ends. Use hairspray to set the style. Apply smoothing shine from mid-lengths till the ends. Go for a centre parting since it will give you the illusion of a broader face. To get smooth waves, use a large radial brush. Blow-dry hair under, to the right. Use large curling iron from ends to mid-lengths for 5 to 10 seconds. Use fingertips to lightly wax and pinch the ends of your hair. This golden brown and dark brown balayage will give that extra look and volume to your hair.

{ 18 } Gorgeous Hair Do For Long Hair With Natural Waves

Teen Haircuts

Ideal for all face types. Start with applying mousse along the hair shaft evenly. Blow dry your hair from roots to mid-lengths at the back and sides. Create a curvy shape at the ends. Use hairspray to set the style. Apply smoothing shine from mid-lengths till the ends. Go for a centre parting since it will give you the illusion of a broader face. To get smooth waves, use a medium radial brush. Use large curling irons from the ends to the mid-lengths, for large soft and natural waves.

{ 19 } Simple Side Swept Straight Hair

Teen Haircuts

This look is perfect for any college girl or a teenager. All you need to do is to comb your hair neatly to give a sweet look. Create a normal side parting and wear band if you wish. This is perfect for straight hairs. And of course, you can always use your hair straightener too to get this kind of look; if your hair are not straight enough. Style it up with great oomph and you’re ready to rock the party.

{ 20 } Simple Layered With Front Fringes

Teen Haircuts

Again a very simple yet classic hairdo that the girls will love. Front fringes and bangs are completely in this season. This style is a replica of celeb hair styles. So the next you visit your hair stylist, ask him/her to create this look for you. Straighter hair will look sexier than wavy hairs.

These hairstyles, though are best for girls and teenagers, but are common for all females. You can carry out this with ease and comfort.

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