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20 Fascinating Long Layered Bob Haircuts

The traditional bob first made its appearance in the 1920s and since then it has never lost its charm. It is a timeless hairdo which never ceases to grab attention and appraisals from women all over the world. With time, the bob has transformed into different styles and looks which are chosen by women according to their preferences. As the medium length and wavy textures are becoming increasingly popular among women, in this relation, bob haircuts are counted as one of the most opted hairstyles for casuals or occasions. One amongst the most famous and universally flattering bob hairstyles is the Long Layered Bob Haircuts which carries the sassiness of its predecessor. Let’s have a look at the most flattering Long Lob (Long Bob) Haircuts:

{ 1 } Elegant Layer With Waves

Long Layered Bob

A loose and wavy styles goes a long way in transforming your personality. These delicate big waves on a long bob look quite feminine and can hide the fullness at the front. Fewer layers help you save up time from your busy schedule as you can cover large sections with the curling barrels creating a look with romantic negligence.

{ 2 } Centre-Parted Bob Hairstyles

Long Layered Bob

Choppy, uneven layers instantly add up the charm to your look creating visual interest and act as a great addition to a layered bob haircut. This long layered bob looks nice, each separate strand is curled, and different undertones and highlights look advantageous. Not shorter than shoulder length, this haircut should be finished with loose curls to keep the style from appearing to be flat.

{ 3 } Spiralled Layered Bob

Long Layered Bob

While having curly style with straight locks has always been preferred, the opposite can also work perfectly well as it helps to blend with different layers. Examine how these curls stick together to create an intricate pattern and make the look more expressive as well as expensive. It helps to make your hair look even more voluminous and tidy. For very straight hair, you can always use a curling barrel to create this hairstyle and later wrap up by using a good quality hair-spray.

{ 4 } Burgundy Lob Cut

Long Layered Bob

While you have already opted for a bold and trendy cut like a bob, why not flaunt is properly by combining it with colours that look ravishing and a bright, trendy hue? Burgundy is a mystical colour to choose and makes brown and green eyes pop. But always remember while whatever hue you choose, the undertone, whether warm or cool should always be in tune with your skin tone and should flatter your complexion.

{ 5 } Side Parted Blonde Wavy Bob

Long Layered Bob

The messy long bob is one of the most famous hairstyles presently, and this one looks simply breathtaking. The soft waves created in the naturally S-shaped hair look splendid. Strands are cut in layers that end at the nape of the neck and create an angled look. The texture of the hair looks quite voluminous with the side parting along with two-tone hair colour. This hairdo is generally tousled and textured to create a windblown look that is trending on vogue.

{ 6 } Brownish Swirly Bob

Long Layered Bob

Perfect for a trendy girl, this swirly layered bob on shiny brown hair looks enchantingly beautiful and elegant. The natural base colour highlighted with a different shade of brown at the top brings out the exotic nature that resides within every confident woman. This style also suits thin hair as two layers create a natural needed volume. The upper layer is voluminous, and the lower layers flow down freely giving the hairstyle a perfect blend of layers.

{ 7 } Basic Layered Wavy Bob

Long Layered Bob

The layered bob shown in the image is the most common layered bob hairstyle regarding styling. This is a kind of hairstyle that says I woke up like this” that is entirely in trend these days, looks voguish and a lob is perfect to create this kind of effect. The stacking of the hair at the back allows for fullness in the cropped style while the long layers forming around the face provides softness and framing of the face. Comb these little curls so that they turn into delicate waves and the cut is ready.

{ 8 } Angled Choppy Bob With Long Layers

Long Layered Bob

Haircuts that use angled shape contains an element of strict geometry that can be ruled out and softened by wavy styling. In this haircut, short, textured locks drop into increasingly longer and brighter waves that end at the collarbone. These layers in the front draw the eye downwards and are perfect for elongating the face. An angled chop is ideal for women who enjoy attention, and even though the ends may be uneven or jagged, the aspect of this look getting compliments cannot be destroyed.

{ 9 } Shoulder Length Layered Bob

Long Layered Bob

One of the best methods to frame long layered bob is to slightly curl the front strands and leave the black locks free. These exquisite waves are longest in the front and become shorter as they come closer to the nape creating a perfectly angled layer cut. The uneven cuts at various levels add to the framing of the face and tousled look of the cut. This haircut looks particularly well on blonde hair with a slightly darker undertone.

{ 10 } Golden Brown And Honey Lob Cut

Long Layered Bob

When it comes to styling, one of the most diverse haircuts is the long layered bob haircuts. If you want a more girly look, then opt for layers softly curled at the ends. The long wavy finish will create an elegant look and elongate the face at the same time. To make it even more appealing, you can choose vibrant colour mixtures like brown with honey colour highlights. The beautifully layered tresses in golden brown and honey highlights literally shine and reflect light attracting attention and making them look more versatile and tempting.

{ 11 } Straight Cut Bob With Textured Ends

Long Layered Bob

A bob haircut looks even more elegant on crispy hair where the locks at the back are shorter than those that are framing the face. These wavy locks create an image of a dreamy girl. This textured shoulder-length lob is perfect if you are looking for something comfortable as well as super-fashionable bob cut. Try a mixture of subtle warm and cool highlights to make the look appear more modern. You can curl the ends or let them remain flat as per your will.

{ 12 } Jagged And Angled Bob With Messy Waves

Long Layered Bob

A modern bob is never a one-length; it is usually cut at an angle. Shorter at the back and longer as it gets to the front with irregular layers throughout the whole cut. This look is simply gorgeous, blonde and free-flowing; it reaches the shoulder in pretty waves. The best part about this hairstyle is that it is very quick to style; you can go off to sleep in a comfortable braid and wake up with a natural wavy and beachy look.

{ 13 } Loosely Curled Layered Bob

Long Layered Bob

If you are a woman who loves to stay active and outdoors and would like your hairstyle to define what you truly are, then this is the perfect haircut for you. These loose curls of this tousled lob look stunning when they flow freely and lightly touch the collarbone. The face-framing curly locks would uplift your overall look, giving it a smooth finish. The golden-brownish waves make sure you look perfect at all times and also assure that your hair can be put up in a quick ponytail in case you need to ride a bike or work out.

{ 14 } Gorgeous Dark Bob

Long Layered Bob

Not every woman is blessed with naturally wavy or curly hair that looks ravishing on bob hairstyles, but that does not mean that they can’t achieve it. Curling irons were singularly made with the intention of providing such lustrous and voluminous curls to thin and fine hair. You can use a curling iron on separate strands of your hair in alternate directions starting from the middle of each strand in order to prevent them from turning into spiral curls. Use a good quality hair-spray to retain the curls all day long.

{ 15 } Swirly Layered Bob With Messy Ringlets

Long Layered Bob

This wavy bob is completely in trend now and can be imitated very easily. The soft wavy locks look more alluring in shoulder length style like this. Added to that, the soft fleecy ringlets are a good way to hide the imperfections on the face and to increase the charm of the neck. All wavy bob hairstyles look absolutely sensational with balayage- the blended colours create a natural appeal.

{ 16 } Loosely Curled Balayage Bob

Long Layered Bob

Cut at an angle, this lob haircut will be a perfect match for any skin tones. The texture of this haircut is not very versatile but evenly layered in order to create a swirly angled image where the hair at the front is larger and gradually gets smaller at the nape of the neck. Curls that form the face are a striking feature of this look. Another excellent work is the balayage colour technique where the lighter shades are reserved for the ends of the hair and the front bangs.

{ 17 } Clean Single Swirl Bob

Long Layered Bob

If you are not a big fan of messy swirls and curly bangs, then this is the perfect go-to hairstyle for you. A simple, easy yet eloquent and different hairstyle that carries all the sassiness that a bob should have. This clean hairstyle looks very formal and plain but never fails to serve its purpose. Keep styling and colouring at minimal quantity to make this look even more appealing as too much of styling will demolish the purpose. This hairstyle will look best on fine-textured frizz-free hair as too much of mess can ruin the look totally. However, it may be a little difficult to maintain but the effort is totally worth it.

{ 18 } Choppy Bob With Subtle Layers

Long Layered Bob

A cool and casual look as this is created with a loose and wavy style. This hairstyle is perfect for you if you have thin hair and have a hard time making them appear healthy and voluminous. Try the choppy bob hairstyle that will instantly add up volume to your hair along with subtle wavy layers, not too curly. Fewer layers help in saving a lot of time and protect hair from a lot of hair damage due to the heat of curling barrels.

{ 19 } Ash Blonde Bob With Different Layers

Long Layered Bob

Create your own wavy bob with the help of some expert colour that is perfect for your skin tone. In this hairstyle, hair creates an appealing cascade, appearing to be flowing downwards with strands of different shades and lengths are curled and they look quite feminine. The large messy waves are easy to carry and style providing the perfect look of a carefree messy hairstyle. This beautiful balayage is perfect for the slightly tanned complexion as the ash hues don’t look very harsh but instead, create a good contrast.

{ 20 } Soft Wavy Bob With Side Bangs

Long Layered Bob

Bangs are the universal hairstyle that can pair up with any other haircut and make it look all the more gorgeous and appealing. The soft wavy bob looks fresh and flirtatious without overdoing the look; it is the perfect bob if you want to increase the volume of the hair.

Most of us love to rock the long layered bob look as they appear to be romantic and bold at the same time. The best part about this hairdo is that it accentuates the attractiveness of thick locks and if thin strands are clipped together, they appear to be thicker and the layers add to a new level of movement. It is a good choice when you are transitioning your way from long to short hair or just opting for a seasonal switch. In short, it is a universal hairdo that makes any woman look confident and pretty. However, if you have a prominent nose or chin, you are advised not to choose this cut.

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