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Furniture design is a course that involves not only being skilled in crafts but having the knowledge of traditional and current designs. Clients seek different designs along with understanding of svg file (Scalable Vector Graphic), Because one needs to be fully equipped with various wood and furniture designs. Online courses in furniture design focus on pre-construction with the inclusion of topics on how to construct furniture. Online furniture courses include undergraduate degree programs and certificates that cover materials and history as subjects. Online classes are based on theory to prepare the learners with skills such as layout techniques, repair, maintenance, and wood selection. Reviewsbird offers more insight about online courses to better overview how to study furniture design online. The outlined online courses are a few that one could take to boost their skills without going through the hustle of attending a class.

1. Contemporary Furniture Design

The class enables the student to learn modern furniture development principles. This is essential for the learner to acquire current furniture design knowledge, including its application in upcoming trends. Among the topics involved in this course are function and form to understand furniture design basics.

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2. Wood Working Safety Course

Students must learn about safety measures while working on wood. This is to prevent accidents that happen around the workshop area, including the safety precautions and actions to be taken in the case of an accident. Additionally, the course equips learners with handling electrical equipment, hand tools, measuring tools, and power tools.

3. Joinery Basics

Students learn about woodworking basics such as joining pieces of wood to create a piece of furniture. The course’s necessary skills include using hand tools in creating mortise, dovetail, and dado joints.

4. Drawing Digital Designs

The online course equips students with computer software techniques to create plans and designs for projects. The learners know how to use the most common design software to make models from a three-dimensional computer draft.

5. Furniture Design History

The class is vital for students to learn about economic, technological, cultural, and social influences affecting the furniture industry.  The course on the history of furniture design begins with vintage designs and discusses the furniture industry’s revolution and its impact on furniture design.

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6. Topcoats and Finishes course

The course enables learners to choose a suitable coat or finish when working on furniture or woodworking project. Students also get to learn about how to apply finishes and repairing dents using sealers and primers.

7. Course in Designing Furniture

Here, students learn how to choose the wood and use the material to create unique designs. The course also includes evaluating different designs according to function, safety, and usability.

Studying online courses in furniture design might seem challenging due to physical activity such as handling wood, which is part of the curriculum. However, different software assists learners to learn how to join wood, design furniture in different shapes and sizes through an online class. The learners can then take their time to get the necessary tools and materials to practice independently once they learn the basics and furniture design history.

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