2021’s Interior Space Partitions are Popular to Do So

Interior Space Partitions

Space is invisible, but when we use the physical interface to enclose it, there is space. Partition is one of the important ways to enclose the space, good partition design can make the space dynamic, full of level changes, fully exploit the value of space. Decorative partition is an important part of highlighting the space atmosphere, showing the user’s taste and reflecting the beauty of the details of the interior space.

Today we talk about the design of metal mesh partitions in the space and how to design partitions in 2021. Metal mesh partitions are actually divided into virtual and hard and soft, so the categories can also be divided into the following:

  1. Metal Mesh Curtains.
  2. Solid metal meshs.
  3. Construction of laminated glass partitions.
  4. Metal Mesh Screens.

Metal Mesh Curtains

Metal mesh curtain partition belongs to the softer material can use light and shadow changes, material changes, color changes, etc. to affect the visual and psychological, not only the physical properties of the entity on the separation of space. There are several types of metal mesh curtains, including spiral curtains, ring mesh curtains, chain link curtains and wire mesh curtains.

Metal Mesh Curtain ring mesh curtain

Solid Metal Mesh Partitions

Solid metal mesh partitions are the most used in our design and can be divided into decorative partitions and functional partitions according to their functionality, etc.

Solid Metal Mesh Partition

Laminated Glass Partitions

As a high rate of appearance, full of forced metal laminated glass partition, favored by many designers.

Indoor glass partitions are vulnerable to human impact, so safety glass should be used. Depending on the thickness of the glass, the impact resistance of the glass is different, the thicker the glass, the stronger the impact resistance. For safety reasons, preference is usually given to metal laminated glass with a high safety factor.

Laminated Glass

Metal Mesh Screens

The screen is the space can be effectively divided into two areas, complementary impact, but also for the entire room to bring a certain decorative effect, which folding metal mesh screen is widely used. Metal mesh screen both materials and design are very bold, novel, folding score size can also be based on user needs, but also because it has these characteristics and role, so that the folding metal mesh screen has a large market share.

Screen is an important furniture and decorative items in the interior of the house, both to show elegant sentiment, but also contains a profound connotation of people praying for good fortune and welcome. Partitions can play a role in separating, beautifying, coordinating, brightening colors, changing the orientation of space, delineating functional areas, etc.

Features of metal mesh screens:

  1. Metal mesh screen is environmentally friendly: recyclable material, both dustproof and antibacterial, quick to disassemble and easy to clean.
  2. Metal mesh screen is very durable: super tensile strength, super resistance to rupture, not easy to deformation.
  3. More beautiful: not only can be applied in home decoration, office, restaurant, conference room use screen, make it feel neat, beautiful and generous.
  4. Good for ventilation: there are mainly mesh ventilation holes, air and air conditioning wind can be partially penetrated by the mesh holes, ventilation and air.
  5. Partition to protect privacy: If you need to change clothes, restaurant or visitors to protect privacy and avoid noise.

Metal Mesh Screens Metal Mesh Screen

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