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25 Amazing Long Bob Haircuts for Every Women

The long bob haircut is the most famous and easy to carry style and is becoming increasingly popular among people who live in a warmer climate or want hassle-free hairstyles and do not want to spend a lot of time on their hair every day. Long bob haircuts are neither very short nor too long. It is the perfect blend of length volume and luster and even does not require too much maintenance. The best part about these bob haircuts is that they suit every face cut, color, and texture. It is somewhat blunt and cut just above the shoulders but adds an instant glow to the face. Let’s take a look at some trendy long bob haircuts:

{ 1 } Beach Wavy A-Line Bob Haircut

Long Bob Haircuts

This look is perfect for a modern girl. The haircut gets longer as it moves to the front of your face. You will need a flat iron to get this look. The beach wavy hair is both fun and sassy. You will also need curling iron and serum to achieve the look. In the end, use a good quality hairspray to set the hair and get rid of frizz. This haircut will look good on any face cut but will look the best on fine textured hair.

{ 2 } Wavy Bob Haircut

Long Bob Haircuts

Create waves on your straight hair to get this look and go from normal and boring to pretty different and charming. Use curlers to create smooth waves on your hair and with your hair color create a contrast in the hairstyle. Use good quality hairspray to control frizz, and you are ready to go. This is a simple and pretty hairstyle that can be done within a few minutes and would look perfect on short dresses, casuals or t-shirts. An easy go-to hairstyle for parties and small engagements that will grab the necessary attention.

{ 3 } Straight, Angled Bob Haircut

Long Bob Haircuts

The best part about this haircut is that it is as super simple and easy as they look and does not require a lot of effort or work to maintain it or keep it looking like that throughout the day. You just need a straightening iron, some good hair serums, and hairspray to protect the hair from heat damage and you are good to go.

{ 4 } Curly And Short Bob

Long Bob Haircuts

This hairstyle looks both elegant and pretty especially with the highlights. You need curling irons to get these pretty curls and good quality hairspray to tame those frizz. It is the trendiest haircut in the present year and would look good on every skin color, texture, and type. Starting from the back of the ear and increasing in length up to the front, this hairstyle is the perfect description of sassy and elegance in one picture. Plus it is very comfortable and easy to carry so count it as a bonus.

{ 5 } Twisted Wavy Bob Haircut

Long Bob Haircuts

This shoulder-length wavy bob haircut looks very charming on red hair. It can save you a lot of time while getting ready for a gala evening and wouldn’t even make you run to the washroom every time to check on your hair. Just use a curling iron and take clump size sections of your hair and curl them, let them rest and spray some good quality hairspray over them. The bluntness of the cut contrasts with the texture of the hair making it more cool and appealing.

{ 6 } Black Bob With Waves

Long Bob Haircuts

Though black is considered to be quite a dull color these days, but it looks incredible on short wavy hair. Apart from giving you a textured and well-maintained look, this haircut provides you a glimpse of edginess and class with its well-maintained locks and luster. The shine and gloss that natural black hair can create are beyond any other hair color’s boundaries.

{ 7 } Fine Hair Long Bob

Long Bob Haircuts

Long bob looks the best on fine textured hair and grabs the most praises for it. While it is whimsical, it also provides a fuller look. When it is cut in an A-line look, the locks look longer in the front of the face appearing fuller and thicker at the same time. Opting silver or white hair color gives an extra effect to the hair giving it a more natural as well as a glamorous look. The extra long pieces in front make the haircut look more appealing and cute.

{ 8 } Balayage Long Bob Cut

Long Bob Haircuts

As playful and sweet as this looks, this haircut is all the more appealing when it comes to styling it. The curls that fall aside your face will grab all the attention and detail of your whole look for the day. This ombre balayage uses soft and subtle highlights and a carefree shuffle to achieve the tousled hair-effect. To style it, you can always add up a small twist in the front and let the baby hair fall in front of your forehead. Using curling irons, you can give a pretentious curl to those subtle curls and make it look more obvious and interesting.

{ 9 } Messy Blond Bob

Long Bob Haircuts

The untangled cut of this bob hairstyle makes it so easy to carry as well as appropriate for every occasion. The best part is that you do not have to think about which hairstyle to choose, you already have the hairstyle. The messy curls add up the volume to your hair and make it look fuller and thicker, adding up a natural glow and fullness to your face as well. While this hairstyle is in trend a lot these days, many young girls prefer this hairstyle and combine it with their favorite hair bands, catchers and clips.

{ 10 } Layered Bob

Long Bob Haircuts

Since bobs are so bold, you should pick such colors that bring out the best in them and what is better than to choose a color which has different undertones to it along with varying layers of highlight coming up to the view. Such brown and blond color blend can literally transform the look of your bob giving it a new life. This hairstyle reveals a two-tier haircut showing a dark, dense underlayer and texture on the inside while the highlighted top layer is full of gloss and shine.

{ 11 } Straightened Bob With Outward Curls

Long Bob Haircuts

This is a retro hairstyle that was quite common in the 90s when bob cut had hit the industry. Off late, since the trend of vintage is growing in, the fashion of old times is being welcomed hugely by the industry, and therefore his hairstyle has come back to find its place among us. This is quite a plain hairstyle that can be created very easily and is very comfortable to wear. It would look superbly good on hair with excellent texture. Soft and subtle curls that move outwards would definitely capture attention and praises.

{ 12 } Long Bob Cut With Black And Brown Shades

Long Bob Haircuts

Shading highlights in hair are the most popular trend that is going on these days. Bob cuts that are super easy to carry and maintain go very well with such soft highlights of different shaded colors. A mixture of subtle brown on a hair that is naturally black will furnish a perfect combination. The curls falling softly across the face will naturally lift the tone of the skin while the untangled cut and blunt edges will maintain the standard look of the haircut. Shuffle your hair to create the tousled effect, and you are ready to look your best.

{ 13 } Straight A-Line With Pink And Purple Color

Long Bob Haircuts

Too bored with your natural hair color? Can’t stand getting your hair in shades of ombre, balayage, blond or red anymore? Then you must try on something new. Everyone at some point in their lives has wanted purple highlights and what is a better combination to purple than pink? We never forget ladies who look ravishing and rock in brightly colored hair. As it is the A-line bob cut is already bold, then why not mix it with some bright colors and play it well? There is a bob cut to suit every taste. The short front bangs just match perfectly with the hairstyle and hair color.

{ 14 } Choppy Blond Bob With Angle

Long Bob Haircuts

If you do not want the same consistent hairstyle that everyone has or get too easily bored with your hairstyles, then you must get a choppy bob haircut with a lot of layers. Keep the hair on the front slightly longer so that they flatter your face. Then you can style the hair- if you have them straight, you can curl them, or if you have curls, then your life is sorted. This hairstyle does not demand attention or neatness, it can be as messy as it can get but still look amazing.

{ 15 } Chocolate Soft Bob Cut

Long Bob Haircuts

As opposed to a widespread belief, long bobs with single-length cuts and the same all over color doesn’t have to look single-dimensional. You can always try and test on easy-going colors that match your complexion as much as your personality. The chocolate brown color is a color that suits most people. It serves its purpose without creating a huge fuss about it, and that is the best thing about it. You can get a lighter shade done on the ends to add extra appeal to the haircut and make it look more phenomenal and offbeat than regular simple chocolate hair colors.

{ 16 } Brown Side Bangs

Long Bob Haircuts

An A-line haircut combined with side partition will always do the trick. It can make you look simple but pretty as this is quite a retro look that you must try on. This hairstyle may not be particularly edgy or very stylish, but it projects neatness, beauty, and confidence in the best manner possible. It is perfect for a girl who wants to look and walk with the trend without looking like she is trying too hard to fit in. The brown color looks particularly well on bright sunny days and would make you appear younger with its excellent quality.

{ 17 } Soft Pink Wavy Bob

Long Bob Haircuts

Another ravishing trend in hair colors has been that of the light pink shade which goes perfectly well on the naturally blond hair and matches completely well with light skin tones. The light color is not too bold but serves its use, not to mention the hue of warmish daylight projecting from your looks. An easy to carry yet super fun option when you are tired with the common blonde, red or brown colored hair on everybody’s head. Also, to achieve a better look, you can combine it with some similar hue highlights that fit the color and your skin type.

{ 18 } Brown Curly Bob

Long Bob Haircuts

Bob haircuts look even more fascinating when combined with super soft, fine textured and shiny hair that gives out the perfect color balance. The most important thing while planning to get a bob cut is the choice of colors you want for your hair. Surely, the haircuts do suit all skin types and colors, but every hair color won’t look perfect on you. The key to a perfect looking bob is the perfect hair color that defines your personality and evens out the haircut.

{ 19 } Bob Pixie With Contour Highlight

Long Bob Haircuts

As carefree as this looks, this haircut will turn your look from normal to enticing in a matter of just several minutes. This bob cut is mix-matched with light-catching contour highlights on the outside along the lengths and end. Then it extends to a warmer darker underlayer that capitalizes all the latest coloring trends. To style, this look, use curling irons and wrap about a 1-inch section of hair in it and curl them loosely making sure that the ends are not involved. Let the hair stay messy as it will enrich the look. We do not want to create a school-girl tidy hairstyle with this. Messy is the new style these days.

{ 20 } Gentle Waves On Blond Bob

Long Bob Haircuts

Naturally blond hair looks perfect on bob cuts even so better on untangled bob. This look is as simple as it looks but can go a long way in making you look pretty and cute. The middle partition can sometimes make the hairstyle too dull, but you can always combine it with some pretty twists in the front or some pretty hair bands to accessorize your hairstyle, you can even use hair pins to catch a small portion of hair and put it in the back, and you are good to go.

{ 21 } Black Wavy Bob

Long Bob Haircuts

Another very simple to carry and play hairstyle, this is the classic bob color with a pinch of wavy trend in it. Shiny, glossy, voluminous and lustrous, this look will turn you into a party dive that has total control over everything in her life. Mostly black hair is underrated in the present time, but your look can change the way people think about black hair.

{ 22 } Medium Cut With Side Bangs

Long Bob Haircuts

Thick straight hair appears to be full and does not demand a lot of layers or colors. The little side bang will perfectly do the trick and is the best combination to the definite hair color which you choose. This contrasting hair color of black that ends in a blond is entirely unusual and would totally make you look out of the crowd. It is a simple but mesmerizing look that can work just as well in casual parties as in important meetings or social gatherings.

{ 23 } Bob With Different Colored Front Fringes

Long Bob Haircuts

Long bob hairstyles can sometimes go extra long and catchy, but they do not lose their sexy shape and attractiveness. This lovely highlighted colored front piece not only adds up life to your hair but also uplifts your face and overall look. You can try this for causal as well as formal meetings.

{ 24 } Honey Bob With Soft Curls

Long Bob Haircuts

Bobs are mostly seen of colors dark brown or platinum blonde, but many of us forget the sweet and delicious middle hues. This hairstyle looks very pretty in honey blonde as it oozes out warmth and softness from a cut that is generally considered to be bold.

{ 25 } Uneven Dishelmed Bob

Long Bob Haircuts

Another fantastic aspect about having a bob cut is that it does not require neatness. The mess which it creates is perfect for its volume and overall appearance. This bob hairstyle that is unevenly cut at various angles adds up the general volume to the hairstyle making it look more appealing.

In short, it is far better to have a short but cute bob hairstyle than have longer unmanageable frizzy and damaged hair that invites even more damage and dirt when left open. If you are a person that loves to flaunt open hair and does not like to tie it up every time. Apart from being presentable all the time, think about all the time that you will save in the morning trying to ponder over which hairstyle to choose from and then failing in it whatsoever.

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