5 Different Ways To Share Your Living Space In The Home

Rivera Parsons Dining Table

Moving in with a significant other is one of the greatest moments and steps to take in a relationship. Whether you’re recently married, relocating, or just simply joining spaces, the excitement of this transition is unmatchable! Some important aspects to consider are budgeting, determining moving costs, and ensuring you have enough help the day of the move. But, after your belongings are combined together in your new place, you can finally get to start with the fun part: designing your living space together. With boxes to unpack and plenty of time to design the inside of your home to perfection, there are a few tips and tricks to help you along your journey of home decor and room planning with your partner.

{ 1 } Living Room

Living Room With Space
Narrow Living Room Photo by Tara Donne
The living room is a shared space for both you and your partner, and for entertaining guests. Whether you already own a couch or are looking to purchase a new one, ensure your items are durable and hard wearing. Don’t forget about the smaller pieces too that ensure the longevity of your furniture. For example, check out some decorative coasters and table runners for Coffee Tables in order to protect your end tables. The living room is an energetic space for watching games and movies, so taking some precautions helps to save your furniture, and gives you peace of mind. Depending on the size of your space, consider purchasing a shelving unit to display movies and books, alternating between what you and your partner enjoy to read and watch. They can become a talking point with your guests while providing organized storage to keep your living space from feeling cluttered.

{ 2 } Kitchen

Spacious Kitchen Interior with Brick Walls
Spacious Kitchen Interior with Brick Walls via Image Flow/Shutterstock
Making meals together is a great way to bond and learn from each other. You can talk about your favorite foods and dishes, and the best practices to cook. The kitchen can also be a space to learn how to cook if it’s something you never tried before. There are many websites like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron that offer helpful tutorials on how to cook 5-star meals for people who may have limited time or want to learn more about nutrition and healthy eating habits. Dive into this new hobby with your partner, and make it something fun you can spend doing together.

To ensure your kitchen space stays organized or if you decide to keep food costs separate, label drawers that hold your food items to avoid snacking on your partner’s items on accident.

Scandinavian Open Kitchen Design
Scandinavian Open Kitchen Design by Cosentino North America
Often times the kitchen is the first place you wander into in the morning to make coffee and breakfast, so having a simple, neutral decor will remove any harshness on the eyes, and replace it with a calming and inviting atmosphere. Adding fun design elements like a kitchen chalkboard where you can write daily reminders, grocery lists, and potential dinners for later. Along with decor, staple items like a colorful blender or a vintage style toaster can be an eye-catching piece to decorate your counter space. This can be a great way to add a personal touch to space and added a pop of color.

{ 3 } Dining Room

Rivera Parsons Dining Table
Rivera Parsons Dining Table
Some of the greatest conversations cultivate from a dining room over great food, and family dinners. Your dining room table is a space to share time with loved ones, whether it is just you and your partner, kids, friends, or guests. To start, your dining room should revolve around a sturdy and spacious dining room table, like the ones available at Arhaus. Decor pieces in the room should also be subtle, because the dining room is a place for conversation, so distracting pieces may take away from meaningful conversations. Instead, accessorize with valuable moments and dishware in a hutch in the dining room where the limited play will happen so you are ensured of the safety of the items, while still showcasing them.

{ 4 } Bathrooms

Industrial Narrow Bathroom
Industrial Narrow Bathroom by S A K Designs | Photo by Monika Sathe
If your new home has multiple bathrooms, split up the planning, and have your partner design one, and you design another. Bathrooms are popular areas to add funky colors schemes and decor, so don’t be afraid to go bold! Maybe you want a colorful accent wall and tile backsplash, or prefer a minimalistic design for a spa-like atmosphere. Or maybe you want to support your favorite sports team with a branded shower curtain! The bathroom gives you complete freedom to make it your own, so have some fun with it!

{ 5 } Everywhere Else

Industrial Narrow Bathroom
Bernal Heights Residence by Gast Architects, Interior Design by Nina Punzi | Photo by Ed Ritger
If you have multiple rooms available for home offices, or guest bedrooms, split up your design preferences! Your partner can design one room, while you design another, and can create a tasteful and design-collaborative home. Creating a unique room for yoga or art can benefit you and your partner if you want a home within your home. A way to escape and practice something you enjoy will only be beneficial. This can also be an opportunity to begin a new passion, like taking up drums, or learning how to sew. From your basement to your backyard, the possibilities are endless! Check out websites like Pinterest to learn about creatively themed rooms and how you can incorporate them into your shared space. Often times Pinterest offers ways to cut decorative costs and how-tos for fun Home Decor Projects.

Contemporary Custom Closet
Walk-In Closets by Pam Vidulich
Be sure to map out a practical room for any storage items you accumulate. With holiday decorating, and clothes for different seasons, you’ll want a space that is easily accessible but out of your daily viewing. If you are moving into an apartment, check out storage units nearby to keep your items safe, and also to prevent clutter in your new space.

Moving in with your significant other is special and exciting, especially when you get to decide on new decor and themes for each room. Splitting up the effort will be key to your mutual success after a move, along with budgeting properly and choosing to allocate funds for the important items. Take the time to discuss your interests in themes and colors before you start decorating and really cooperate for this new time in your life.

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