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30+ Trendy Curly Bob Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair Lovers!

Curly bob hairstyles are easy to style and make you look young, confident and carefree. The age old standard is that curls look best when left long as they grow wide first and then down but not anymore. The new trend says curls rock with short hair. Short curls will make you look cute, modern and provide you the edgy look. To tame the wild, unruly hair, you might need lots of gels and serums, but it will be worth the effort. The key to beautiful evident curls is simply keeping them hydrated and moisturized, with these two you are good to go.

Let’s explore the trendy, most stylish curly bob hairstyles to suit women of all ages.

{ 1 } The Beautiful Ringlets

Curly Bob Hairstyles

These are the curls that can leave anyone awestruck. The beautifully defined curls in a definite pattern are so very smart in its appeal. Let the wild ringlets fall on your face and add to the beautiful, carefree look. The length is perfect to either let it remain open or simply clutch it in a half pony. The hair is done in shades of black and blond adding to the dimensions and character. Hydrate your hairs and when wet diffuse a bit to get the best curls possible.

{ 2 } The Beautiful Curls with Red Hues

Curly Bob Hairstyles
Curls are wild and unruly, so it the color red and two extremes combine to present you the best look that is elegant and wild at the same time. The curls have long and loose waves that add to the hippie look and are easy to manage also. The length is short thus easy to maintain and style.

{ 3 } Curly Hair with A Deep Side Part

Curly Bob Hairstyles
A super deep side part and tough of new highlights add a wave of freshness to your simple curls. The length is perfect for maintaining and styling in a short time. The natural curls with added highlights look simply perfect for any event and suit any face type. A tiara or crown is the best accessory for these gorgeous curls.

{ 4 } Natural Curly Bob with Waterfall Layers

Curly Bob Hairstyles
This hairstyle is super cool low- maintenance, waterfall layered curly bob with multi-dimensional highlights in the grey hair. It is all about freedom, and this is what earns respect for this style. The very natural upkeep with minimum products and styling but lots of conditioning and moisturizing to maintain the waterfall curls. This style takes off the years from your face.

{ 5 } Sophisticated Bob with Cute Curls

Curly Bob Hairstyles
The style is glamorous, modern and the dash of red lipstick simply adds to the look. The curls have the perfect definition and shape which looks very beautiful. The curls give an ideal shape and frame to the face by falling on the crown part. The highlight has given a new fresh breeze to the style. The short length further helps to maintain the freshness. Use a serum to hold the hair from flying and use the finger coil method to enhance the curls of the hair. Embrace your natural curls to get curls like this and then you are simply ready to flaunt the style.

{ 6 } Lob Haircut

Curly Bob Hairstyles
The cut has a bit shorter curls at the back and slightly longer cuts at the front. The layers have been done to add volume and movement. The hairs are in the natural color. The styling is effortless and is absolutely classic. The best aspect is that this cut allows you to have volume in spite of not having the length. Regular trims will help to maintain the shape and overall health of hair.

{ 7 } The Choppy Bob

Curly Bob Hairstyles
This look is nothing less than classic posh spice bob on curly hair. It is effortless and versatile. The strands have been styled to be ready for any event. The short bob is suitable for a thin face, but if the face is rounder, then length has to be kept longer. The side partition on long loose waves is definitely to give you young and edgy look.

{ 8 } Side Parted Stacked Curls

Curly Bob Hairstyles
The bob is timeless and ultra feminine. The intricately layered cut gives fine texture, and thus the curls get springy giving lightness of curls around the face and interior of hair. The cut should be done when the strands are damp to dry so that each curl can be properly textured with right curl pattern. The roots are touched up to get some added volume while movement. Use lots of moisturizing to get the perfect curls every day.

{ 9 } Medium Length Bob

Curly Bob Hairstyles
Some passionate experimentation with style will enable to get the curls like this. The cut is done on complete dry hairs so that each curl can be natural the way it wants to be and thus the curls will also be maximized. The curls have shaped externally but textured and layered internally to get and promote the all-natural curls. This style will suit everyone and will require chemical free products and lots of conditioning.

{ 10 } Curls with Bangs

Curly Bob Hairstyles
Curls that are just soft waves and with front bangs is all you need to look the most innocent girl in the group. The bangs are short so that they do not curl and hamper the look plus keep off the eyes to not obstruct the view. The waves are kept short and are perfectly trimmed to give the fresh look. A soft highlight has been done on the hair to add the spice. Regular visits to the salon will be needed to maintain the length of bangs. Lots of gel and serum will be required to keep the frizz out of sight. The style is best suited if you want to hide your long forehead.

{ 11 } Golden Layered Curly Bob

Curly Bob Hairstyles
Chin length bobs are for the low maintenance ladies plus it takes off the years from your face. The texture of loose waves depicts the modern diva that you are and the classic cut liberates you. The color is golden, but the bob length provides quite a lot of character and dimension to the style. Easy to maintain use diffuser on wet hair to get the best curls plus opt for a dry cut to give a more natural appearance to the hair.

{ 12 } Airy Tousled Curly Bob

Curly Bob Hairstyles
Wash and on the move are the mantra for the curly community. However to get those mysterious natural curls requires a lot of plopping, scrunching, conditioning and lots of moisturizing or hold in products but the result is definitely worth all the effort. The caramel hue looks apt for the modern girl and is good for all time. The short length is easy to maintain a long process. The hairs fall playfully on your cheeks and have been done inside partition to add volume and movement.

{ 13 } Tousled Scrunched Curly Bob

Curly Bob Hairstyles
What you have is envied by all so go ahead and enjoy it. Curly short bob is the best way to show off the natural curls. The roots have been teased and scrunched to get the curls at the crown and show it to be the best mane. Side partition is just what you need to give you the perfect frame of the face. The shape structures the haircut yet soft curls do the balancing.

{ 14 } Short Side-Parted Wavy Brunette Bangs with Bob

Curly Bob Hairstyles
These are the correct colors and essence of Wavy Bob Hairstyle That Anyone Would Like to Have. The bang falls on the forehead covering one of the eyes and giving a mysterious angle to your look. This style can be said to have graduated from the bob as it is slightly longer. This style will require Moroccan oil to maintain the good tresses and curls. It is a wash and go in style but will need good chemical free hydrating products to do so.

{ 15 } Lightened Up Angled Curls

Curly Bob Hairstyles
Soft waves with such a bright color definitely are an eye-catching style that is so well balanced. The color is unique with some from bangs having graduated from bob to slightly long lengths giving it an angled style. It is an asymmetrical bob cut that has been done with the help of razor thus the hairs simply bounce. The hair length is short but is versatile. Gel or mousse to hold the soft waves will be required. It will also give a definite fall to the waves. The style is for them who do not want to tie their hair but still would like to go for occasional braids and twists and keep the hair off their face.

{ 16 } Curly Lob with Bangs

Curly Bob Hairstyles
This is a boho style, but as the bangs are in the same length it is getting much of a decent appeal. The glasses in this style are particularly complimenting the style. Regular trims to maintain the length of bangs will be needed as it will otherwise disturb the eyes and give a messy look. For the waves, keep them hydrated and as the hairs have been treated with color a lot of care regime will need to be followed. The layers in this style add some texture to it making it look more flattering.

{ 17 } Vintage Inspired A-Line Bob

Curly Bob Hairstyles
This is vintage Inspired A-Line Bob Hair with short curled bob adding to the natural curl look. The side fringes continue to open and fall on the face giving a certain frame to the face. This style is suitable for fine hair, and the oil or serum has been used at the roots to maintain the volume and get the natural curls. It is easy to manage but a very stylish and flattering hairstyle. This style creates the structure that fine hair otherwise lacks which makes it a must try for ladies with fine hair.

{ 18 } Choppy Bob

Curly Bob Hairstyles
This is the Stylish Classic Posh Bob on curly hair. It is effortless and the most versatile hairstyle for the curls. The style has been done to get on the move. Depending on the fact that your face is suited for bob to go for this style and flaunt the soft waves. The length can be graduated to shoulder if you have a rounder face. This hair is the best option if you do not like the straight hairs but are not willing for curly hairs also, so it is a midway hairstyle.

{ 19 } Extremely Soft Blond Waves

Curly Bob Hairstyles
The length is kept normal in this style. The style is so simple yet is powerful and introduces the curls in a very soft subtle way. The look is soft but dominates the waves, and the side partition adds to the volume of the hair. The style adds to the volume because of the teasing at the roots. The length has been kept short to enhance the longevity of the cut. The style suits people with dense hair and does not want to spend to not much of time on maintaining. The face gets frame due to the cut and style.

{ 20 } Textured Shoulder-Length Blond Curls

Curly Bob Hairstyles
It is the most beautiful style for the curls that will draw attention towards you. This is a classic bob with natural texture. It has beautiful shape and fall giving a definite shape the face. The style adds to the length but gives fullness and body with the natural curls. Consider lightweight styling products for this hairstyle. It is apt for petite heart-shaped hairstyle and suits anyone that inclines towards easy to maintain hairstyle. It is simply a wash scrunch and moves with a natural haircut.

{ 21 } Sew-In Bob with Curls and Dash of Highlight

Curly Bob Hairstyles
These perfect thick gorgeous curls are worth the upkeep that comes with it. The style is for diva and will increase your style quotient but be sure to invest in some great styling and shining products that will suit the colored and curly hairs. The softness in its finish is what makes it a strong style statement. Use some gels to hold the strands in the sew-in pattern.

{ 22 } The Angled Soft Curls

Curly Bob Hairstyles
It is an effortless style to give you cute young look. Side partition of hairs with bangs falling on half the face looks very chaste and feminine. It is no maintenance style that can be maintained by the basic shampoo and conditioning regime. The style is versatile and will suit quite many hairstyles. Lightweight, moisturizing serum or mousse with some holding ability cream will be apt for this style.

{ 23 } Curly Inverted Small Choppy Bob

Curly Bob Hairstyles
Curly hair is all about volume and fun if you can carry it well. A fantastic hairstyle to add that elegance and grace to your style. This is a simple short inverted choppy bob cut with small curls. If you already have naturally curly hairs, this style will do wonders for your looks. Get small rollers curls if you do not have curly hair. Because the curls add that oomph factor in your style while you can carry it confidently.

{ 24 } Messy Curls

Curly Bob Hairstyles
Curls are all about adding that fun element in your style. This super small curly updo looks excellent and definitely adds volume to your hair. This style can be achieved by using a small rod or heating curlers. Leave them rolled on each section of your hair for about 15 to 20 minutes. Open the curls and check out. If you want naturally wavy hair, leave the curlers for a few minutes.

{ 25 } Simple Blunt Cut with Curls and Front Fringes

Curly Bob Hairstyles
Give your hair that boost and volume if you have thin/flat hair. Use heating rods/small curlers to achieve small curls all over. Front fringes too should go the curly way. A neat and evenly blunt cut hair will look great.

{ 26 } Medium Waves with a Deep Side Parting

Curly Bob Hairstyles
Give your hair that sleek look by adding fancy waves to your hair. This style can be achieved by using a small rod or heating curlers. Leave them rolled on each section of your hair for about 15 to 20 minutes. Open the curls and check out. If you want naturally wavy hair, leave the curlers for a few minutes. Apply hair serum/gel to give that sleek look.

{ 27 } Small Curls

Curly Bob Hairstyles
This style can be achieved by using a small rod or heating curlers. Leave them rolled on each section of your hair for about 15 to 20 minutes. Open the curls and check out. The more time you give your hair with the tongs on, the more and better curls you will get.

{ 28 } Bottom Heavy Bob

Curly Bob Hairstyles
Heavy ends on bob cut is taking over this year largely with the young girls. Unlike when done on straight hair, curly bob looks much amazing. This style on curly hair gives a bang on looks which speaks volume.

{ 29 } Vintage Short Blunt

Curly Bob Hairstyles
This hairstyle oozes out the vintage and glamorous you. You will soon get that vintage vibes too, once you get this style done. This style is all about getting that perfect and neat blunt cut with small curls. Wonder, if you ever get that neat and tidy blunt cut.

{ 30 } Stacked Bob Cut

Curly Bob Hairstyles
To get some major curly hair goals, avoid the straightened look. Opt for heavy curls this season. A stacked bob cut is a thumb up style for all the curly hair lovers. Ramp up the volume with a generous amount of hair serum/gel for that neat look.

{ 31 } Stacked Spirals

Curly Bob Hairstyles
This haircut is a major trend this summer. Avoid a thin and a flat look. Use spiral rollers to achieve this style and stacked spiral curls are giving some serious hair goals to all those lovely and strong ladies.

A lady knows how to accessorize from their jewelry to their flirty curls and voluminous hair. All types of curly hairs are giving these females a major hair trend with bold and curly hair. These are her precious curls. Whether waves, natural waves, tousled curls, asymmetrical spirals, bouncy and voluminous spirals, springy coils and what not – it all looks vivacious, funky and naughty.

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