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27 Straight Bob Haircuts – The New Fashion Trend Setting the New Style

Women and hairstyle always go hand in hand. You can become a new person that you want to be and identify with. Sometimes a new hairstyle can help you change your perspectives in life as well as get you out of depression. When you feel smart it shows in your body language too. Your hairstyle describes your personality as well as gives you an image. There are various kinds of straight bob haircuts from long to short.

Among short hairstyles, bob cut is quite well known. Thousands of women have served in the lead, presenting bob cut hairstyle as one of the most famous hairstyles of the era. Several celebrities sport bob styles with conviction on the red carpet. For the preceding decade, Bob haircuts have been extremely successful. Bob hairstyles give beautiful looks without any hassles. From short bob haircuts to layered bob haircuts, medium bob, angled bob hairstyles, bobs with bangs, and very long bob cuts.

There are many types of bob haircuts. From little girls to elderly women they look nice on people of all age. From a few peoples perspective they might look very generic, but with different touches and styles, they have a lot of character and adds a whole new look to an individual. A lot of maintenance is required to keep Short bobs. One should do the frequent trimming. To make them look neat, straightening and blow drying are also recommended.

Here are some straight bob haircuts that one can sport to look different at all times

{ 1 } The Straight Hair Bob Cut

Straight Bob Haircuts

This hairstyle suits best in women with a square face. This haircut gives the face a definite shape. This straight bob hair has an angular cut from one side and the bottom is round up. The pixie look comes out really well especially because of the angular look of this cut. This angled bob has hairs cut in an even manner at an angle leaving some part of the hairs with the longer front.

{ 2 } Bob Haircuts with Bangs

Straight Bob Haircuts
More and more people are acknowledging bangs or fringes for their bob haircuts. Bangs hide facial structures and strong large foreheads. Fringes easily disguise asymmetry. Depending on the style of the bang, it can also be original. Bangs differ in height and long-drawn bangs can look like borders. For this hairstyle, periodic trimming is required. Celebrities like Emma Watson and Rhianna have sported the look of bobs with bangs.

{ 3 } Symmetrical Bob Cut

Straight Bob Haircuts
In this haircut, what is the main highlight of the cut is the alignment. If closely observed the haircut has the strands aligned all in the mid-bottom of the hair that gives a short pixie cut look. This hairstyle falls under small bob haircuts. This style is easy to maintain. However, once in a while trimming is required to keep the cut as it is. The side locks are in the same line as the entire length of the hair is kept and this adds a distinct look altogether.

{ 4 } Layered Bob

Straight Bob Haircuts
Layered bob haircuts are very trendy right now. They suit anyone with straight hair. Layers make the hair look puffier. Layered bobs are suitable for thin, straight hair. There are different kinds of layers. They include short, long layers, gentle to chopped layers. Long layers add flow while Short layers add volume. In this hairstyle, this is short layers where the crown area has got a lot of volumes and the bottom has a trimmed look.

{ 5 } Round Shape Bob Cut

Straight Bob Haircuts
This hairstyle suits oval faces and rounds as well. This is a very cute cut wherein the shape of the hair is cut in a way that it comes up just to the jawline highlighting them and giving the entire face a definite shape and texture. A woman having thin hair is recommended this haircut as a lot of volumes is not required. The slim look is the USP of this look.

{ 6 } Fringe Bob

Straight Bob Haircuts
This haircut will suit best with women having square faces. This cut is very pretty and adds the feminine charm. It gives the bob cut look and the fringes in the front layers add the extra charm to the hairstyle. There is nothing much to add on to this look as it exuberates its beauty through the simplicity of its look.

{ 7 } The Sleek Look Bob Cut

Straight Bob Haircuts
This look is bold and sleek. This gives the face a very sharp look. The haircut is best for women having thin hair. As you already have straight hair sporting this look will not be a problem at all. The hairstyle can be created by making a middle partition and keeping the sides slightly pointed and longer than the trimmed back.

{ 8 } Reverse Layer Bob Cut

Straight Bob Haircuts
In usual bob cut layer hairstyle what happens is the hair is cut in layers that go from short too long. The front usually has the shortest strands and as one move to the back, it’s longer. In this reverse layer, bob cut the front ends are longer than the back and it usually stretches beyond the chin till the neck. This gives a modern outlook.

{ 9 } Classic Bob Cut

Straight Bob Haircuts
The classic cut is presented with style and western influences to give a contemporaneous look to the original bobs. Today, angled bob and the inverted bob is leading the fashion of bob haircuts. While providing bob cut in inverted style, hairs are concentrated with layers that are textured at the back to give more texture and volume to the crown. Women with round face can opt for this.

{ 10 } Angled Bob Cut

Straight Bob Haircuts
In this hairstyle, hairs are uniformly cut at an angle leaving some division of the hairs longer at the front. The back portion has a classic bob bottom that is short. The infusion of two types of haircut with the angle and reverse mixed, it gives an elegant and chic look with any kind of dress at any place and at any occasion. This look can be made to look more elegant with a beautiful choker as a highlighting neckpiece.

{ 11 } Highlighted Layers

Straight Bob Haircuts
This bob cut has got a very intriguing cut. The layers have a slightly unkempt look and the main highlight of this haircut is the colored ends that bring out the ultimate sense of style. It gives indeed an ultra-modern look and it is very easy to maintain. As care and part of hair care regime, color protection shampoo should be used.

{ 12 } Long Bob Haircuts

Straight Bob Haircuts
These Long bob haircuts are very graceful. When they are cut properly, the hair is shiny and bounces with fluidity. They are the Most Suitable Bob for People With Wavy Hair. They also suit people with very round or flat faces. The Long bob haircuts impart a very sleek look. Also as this look is very minimalistic one does not require any hair accessory to pair with it. A neat comb with a middle partition is all that you require to create this look.

{ 13 } Triangular Bob

Straight Bob Haircuts
This haircut is indeed stunning and absolutely gorgeous. The cut is angled in a way that the trimmed line of the bottom is spaced out from short in the front to slightly longer in the middle and then again short in the end. The pattern comes up as if it is a reverse triangle. The hairstyle suits faces that are slim.

{ 14 } One Sided Bob

Straight Bob Haircuts
This haircut suits slim faces and imparts an extremely elegant look. This haircut is all about posing and exuberating a feminine charm. One side of this hairstyle is kept long while the other side is shorter. The bottom is aligned in a way that it looks as if you have longer hair if seen from a certain angle while from the other end it is just short.

{ 15 } Burgundy Bob

Straight Bob Haircuts
This hairstyle is marked by the key feature of being reddish in tone. The color is a subtle matte finished burgundy color. The hairstyle along with the color looks very royal and imparts a majestic aura to one’s personality. Also, this haircut has a quite cut. The alignment of the cut is tangentially drawn so that it is from short to slightly long in the front. This pixie cut indeed is very cute. This hairstyle is exciting and will definitely make you stand out of the crowd.

{ 16 } Pixie Pointed Bob Cut

Straight Bob Haircuts
This hairstyle is for the bold divas out there. Get glamorous and be bold. The outgoing nature in you is to bring out for everyone. This hairstyle gives the perfect edge and shape to this persona of yours. The front is highly pointed and the back is dramatically short to the point where it is almost trimmed. The haircut is anything but dull, it adds a spice to your look.

{ 17 } Classic Bob with Twist

Straight Bob Haircuts
This hairstyle is the Classic Bob Cut Hair which has the appropriate length and the perfect volume. However the front alignment of the hair has got slight longer fringes than that of the back. This hairstyle looks good on women of every age be it a teenager to an aged women. The best part of this hairstyle is its versatility that it suits all age group and also looks good with any attire be it casual or formal.

{ 18 } Horizontal Fringe Bob

Straight Bob Haircuts
In this bob style, the front steals the show. The haircut no doubt is that of the classic bob yet it has a lot of novelty of its own. The cut is done in such a way that the front fringes are shaped in the same line. It renders a very modern look and these hairstyles are much in vogue nowadays. Any kind of hair color will look absolutely gorgeous in such a look.

{ 19 } Classic Fringes

Straight Bob Haircuts
Women, who want to shed away the boring hair day and go in for something experimental, are you someone who likes to display something interesting? If all these are true then this haircut is absolutely for you. The fringe is aligned in the front in a straight line giving the face a definite shape. The ends are trimmed such that every strand can be distinctly visible.

{ 20 } Feather Cut Bob Style

Straight Bob Haircuts
This bob haircut is done in a manner that, the cut will have a somewhat layered look. The difference lies in the fact the layers are done in a base of the bob. The haircut looks good in women having a round face. Also, this look is very easy to maintain.

{ 21 } Blunt Cut Bob Style

Straight Bob Haircuts
Bob cut style suits almost all type of face is it round or bony. Any kind of hair too can be cut in this blunt bob style. In fact, any flaws on the forehead or face can be covered up by this hairstyle. Even women with very thin hair will look amazing when they have a blunt bob cut hairstyle. This hairstyle definitely gives a voluminous look and most importantly it is all about flaunting the cute and pretty locks.

{ 22 } Plain Point Bob

Straight Bob Haircuts
This hairstyle is indeed outstanding. Whenever you go to the parlor and ask for this haircut to your salon expert do not forget to mention that the angular end at one side should be conical and somewhat pointed in shape. Also, the haircut is very easy to maintain.

{ 23 } Pixie Bob

Straight Bob Haircuts
Do you know what a cute hairstyle is? Well, a pixie cut can be awarded as the brand ambassador of such haircut. This haircut is all about keeping it minimalistic. The cut is round in shape and the side locks have mini feather cuts. The bottom is given a blunt shape. Women with round faces look absolutely pretty and the diva in you is all set to make her debut walk.

{ 24 } Red Shaved Bob Cut

Straight Bob Haircuts
Bold and beautiful is a phrase that is often heard when women sport something unusual when it comes to fashion. Same goes with this hairdo where the color plays a major part in getting the final look. The front fringes are shaved keeping the same alignment that brings the face in highlight. Also, women who have broad forehead can sport the look as the hair covers it. Also, the crown is has a lot of volume and the two sides have equal pointed ends. The red color adds all the hotness to this look. Overall this style along with the bob cut gets a huge heads up when it comes to sporting trendy fashion.

{ 25 } Classic Bob Cut

Straight Bob Haircuts
Sometimes not going to the edge and keeping it short and simple is all that one requires. This classic hairstyle is all about going classic and simple and the beauty of it lies in that. The classic bob hair is the easiest and elegant hairstyle one can ever flaunt.

{ 26 } Medium Locks Bob

Straight Bob Haircuts
This haircut is all about keeping the side locks. In this bob hairstyle, the front hair side locks are kept just two to three inches small and the rest of the hair is kept in one alignment that is basically short and kept till the neckline. In this hairstyle, the jawlines are highlighted.

{ 27 } Trimmed Bob

Straight Bob Haircuts
This hairstyle is very short and a slight length is added by keeping only a single division of hair in mid-length. This style is very funky, cool and no doubt trendy. It is smart and requires no such maintenance. One can also sport this look with the help of a glittery headband that is sure to increase the glam quotient of the entire look.

The most popular short bob haircuts probably include inverted bob, pixie bob haircut, blunt bob, short shag, and the shaved look etc. There is plenty of short bob hairstyle that women can select that appeals the most. Bob haircuts are one such hairstyle that gets along with any kind of face shape or they can also be styled with reducing lengths or adding some fringes or by sporting and vibrant color.

This hairstyle is all about the versatility that you should try various haircuts styles and ideas together with keeping the hair short. So, for those who have made up your mind to get the best of all of the short bob hairstyles, the above style cuts will be a bliss to brows and incorporate in your fashion routine. A woman should always remember that a good hair day counts as a blessing and elevates the mood in no time. These bob haircuts are extremely easy to maintain and thus will never give you a bad hair day occasion. Flaunt your hair in style and be the best version of you. Wish all the lovely ladies the happiness of a good hairstyle!

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