31 Amazingly Festive Christmas Stairs Decoration Ideas

Coastal Christmas Stairs Decoration

When it comes to Christmas decorations, it’s hard to imagine a home that doesn’t include a decked out staircase. The staircase is certainly an important part of any home. It is already an eye-catching feature of most home interiors or exteriors. Christmas stairs decoration can add some extra cheer and festive spirit to your home’s decorations. Whether your staircase is the first thing people see when they enter your home or it’s tucked away inside the house, adding some festive flair to your banister is a great way to welcome the holidays! There are a lot of ways to make your staircase the most attractive feature of the house decorations.

Though green garland or tinsel is a perfectly fine and traditional way to add cheer to your banister, faux greenery isn’t the only option for sprucing up your staircase. You can make your staircases more festive with shiny Christmas ornaments and ribbons. Similarly, you can add some fir and mistletoe branches, amazing little wreaths and stockings to the stairs. You can choose any style and colors for your decorations. However, make sure to choose a style or decor that goes well with the rest of your decorations. We have collected some unique and festive Christmas stairs decoration ideas to help you make your stairs the talk of the neighborhood this season!

{ 1 } Simple Garlands Staircase Decor

Simple Garlands Staircase Decor
Bows And Garlands Christmas Stairs Decoration By Gunnerchu/Shutterstock
The most traditional and simple staircase decorations include garland and ribbons. However, there is nothing wrong with going traditional or simple with your decorations. Spruce up your Simple Garland Christmas Decor with some shining deco-mesh bows and bright red berries to give it a fresh and natural look.

{ 2 } Christmas Wreaths Staircase Decor

Christmas Wreaths Staircase Decor
Christmas wreaths are the most traditional decor elements in Christmas decorations. And yet, a wreath looks immensely festive wherever you put it!  These simple Fraser fir wreaths bring natural charm and festivity to the decor. The fresh green wreaths and the shiny green ribbons also match the home’s decor. Just tie them up to the banisters with ribbons for this festive and simple look.

{ 3 } Rustic Bells Christmas Stairs Decoration

Rustic Bells Christmas Stairs Decoration
This rustic Christmas stairs decoration looks so fresh and amazing! To get this look you need some rustic Christmas bells (if you get vintage bells like this, all the better!), brown deco-mesh, red lanterns, evergreen garland with wildflower decorations, and some brown 3d stars in varying sizes. Firstly, hang the stars on the staircase wall. Also, place stands beside the last stair and place candle lanterns on it. Moreover, keep a rustic bell between the two lanterns. Now, decorate the stairs with the garland, wildflowers, and deco-mesh. Hang the rustic bells from the garland at regular intervals. That’s all you need to do for this rustic stairs decor.

{ 4 } Candles And Garlands Staircase Decor

Candles And Garlands Staircase Decor
Candles are considered one of the most traditional Christmas decorations. They bring light and warmth to any setting. And they look so good too! This beautiful stairs decor gets a visual uplift with all the candles decorating it. The stunning garland with rose details looks festive enough by itself. But add the candles in clear glass jars to the decor and see how it shines! This look is so easy to recreate its a no-brainer! Just make sure to keep the number of candles in check and not get carried away. This decor will make your stairs look so elegant, sophisticated and festive at the same time.

{ 5 } Staircase Snowman Christmas Vignettes Decor

Staircase Snowman Christmas Vignettes Decor
Christmas Toys And Decor Display By The Simply Inspired Blog
This uniquely festive Christmas stairs decoration idea is pretty easy to recreate. Just wrap your stair railing with green garland, Christmas lights, and ornaments. You will also need a toy carousel, a small Christmas vignette in clear glass jar, and a couple snowmen. Just place them on the stairs as a prominent Christmas display. You can also display your most memorable and cherished Christmas toys instead of the above decor. This unique decor looks so new, fresh, and festive!

{ 6 } Elaborate Sleigh And Garlands Decor

Elaborate Sleigh And Garlands Decor
This Christmas stairs decoration might be a bit too grand for some, but we love it! It looks so festive and traditional! The elaborate garland on the banister looks grand in itself. The various flowers and Christmas ornaments decor give it a festive uplift. The life-sized wooden sleigh is jam-packed with Mini Christmas Trees, Christmas gifts, green foliage, and various flowers. It looks ready for Santa to climb in and get going! Admittedly, this whole setup is a bit (okay more than a bit!) elaborate, but it’s immensely festive and interesting.

{ 7 } Minimal Christmas Ornaments Staircase Decor

Minimal Christmas Ornaments Staircase Decor
Christmas Stairs Decoration On A Dime By In My Own Style
All those minimalists out there would certainly fall in love with this festive decor. All you need for this chic and festive look is a few packs of garland ties and Christmas ornaments. It saves you so much time, money, and hassle of decorating. Firstly, wrap one end of one garland tie on a baluster. Now, make a little dip in it by bending the middle of the tie. Then wrap the other end around the next baluster to secure. Also, remember to stair-step the placement of each garland tie going over the staircase. Secondly, hook an ornament on the ties using a simple wire ornament hook. Don’t shy away from experimenting with colors or shapes in ornaments. The garland ties and ornaments add just enough decoration to make the stairs look festive and holiday ready.

{ 8 } Garlands Bows And Ornaments Decor

Garlands Bows And Ornaments Decor
A Festive Staircase Ready For The Holidays By Style At Home
This elegant staircase decor focuses on a natural theme to keep things simple and fresh and in line with the coastal setting. The designers have used the cottage’s subdued color scheme to give the staircase decorations a contemporary and colorful vibe. Faux evergreen garland embellished with pretty bows and delicate acorn and snowflake ornaments adorns the banisters. The cottage’s holiday simple decorations offer a handmade feel that’s both whimsical and cozy.

{ 9 } Christmas Santa Socks Garland Decor

Christmas Santa Socks Garland Decor
This simple Christmas stairs decoration looks festive and traditional. But at the same time, it is also interesting and fun for the kids. All you need is evergreen garlands, white berry branches, fairy lights, and festive socks with Santa and snowman designs. Firstly, wrap the garland over the banister railing. Now, drape the fairy lights over the garland. Next, hang the socks from the garlands at regular intervals. Also, add some white berry branches to the garland on top of the socks. And your Christmas staircase is ready to welcome the holidays!

{ 10 } DIY Staircase Christmas Cards Display

DIY Staircase Christmas Cards Display
Snowflake Wall And Staircase Cards Display By The Sunny Sideup Blog
A snowflake wall is such a creative idea for staircase wall decorations! And so much fun too! The kids will absolutely love it and you can make it into a fun Christmas DIY project for them too. Another great idea is displaying the past Christmas greetings cards on the staircase. It gives the home decor a more nostalgic and contemporary feel. Also, it completely uplifts this simple garland decoration.

{ 11 } Winter Wonderland Christmas Staircase Decor

Winter Wonderland Christmas Staircase Decor
This winter wonderland stairs decor is beautiful, elegant, and a little bit whimsical! All you need is a white berries wreath, green garlands, white stars and snowflakes, white Christmas ornaments, reindeer figures, wicker basket, twigs, and lots of candles in jars of varying sizes. Firstly, hang the wreath on top of the stairs railing. Then, drape the garland on the stairs on the railing side. Now, decorate the garland with stars, snowflakes and Christmas ornaments. Secondly, place the candle jars all along the stair railing and garland decoration. Also, place one deer on the staircase while the other beside the staircase base. Moreover, place the wicker basket on the last step and put the twigs in it with some candles and stars. This whimsical decor looks fabulous on a stark white background.

{ 12 } Large Christmas Sign Staircase Decor

Large Christmas Sign Staircase Decor
Sometimes an overlarge Christmas sign is all the decoration a staircase needs! On a serious note, this decor is decor is certainly simple, precise, and effective. The large Christmas sign is festive and brings in the holiday spirit. The red ribbons and fir leaves add a touch of natural charm and bright colors. The fairy lights bring light and color to the decoration. All in all, this Christmas stairs decoration is pretty traditional, festive, and joyful!

{ 13 } Elegant Christmas Stairs Decoration

Elegant Christmas Staircase Decor
The elegance of this Christmas stairs decoration is simply stunning! The pink orchids and white berries among the greenery give a very sophisticated look to the decor. Instead of draping a long garland over the length of the banister, try hanging wreaths on regular intervals as shown here. It looks graceful and elegant. Similarly, hang wreaths on the staircase wall at regular intervals. Decorate the wreaths with shiny white ribbons to add a festive touch to the decorations. This simple decoration looks classy and festive at the same time.

{ 14 } Christmas Letters And Garlands Decor

Christmas Letters And Garlands Decor
Instead of the banister, you can also hang the Christmas letters on the staircase wall. This Christmas stairs decoration looks very fresh and cheerful. To get this look on your stairs, you will need some green garlands, big red flowers, shiny Christmas ornaments, red and white berries, and Christmas letters. Firstly, hang the Christmas letters on the staircase wall in a way that it is instantly visible. Now, decorate the banister with the green garland. Next, hang the Christmas ornaments on it and tie in the red flowers and red and white berries too. And that’s it! You festive Christmas staircase is all set for the holidays!

{ 15 } Winter Snowflakes Staircase Decoration

Winter Snowflakes Staircase Decoration
This Christmas stairs decoration is so simple, it’s an absolute no-brainer! All you need to do is get yourself some paper snowflake ornaments in all shapes and sizes. Now, just hang them on the banister any which way you want! If you are a creative person or fond of DIY projects, you can even make your own snowflake ornaments. They look very elegant and festive.

{ 16 } Staircase Wall Christmas Wreaths Decor

Staircase Wall Christmas Wreaths Decor
The traditional wreaths-on-a-wall rule is not just for Mantel Decorations. You can use it on the staircase walls too. It looks pretty and elegant. Go for a natural wreath with pinecones and white or red berries decorations for a naturally festive and simple look. You can also choose to go for elaborate wreath decorations with shiny ornaments for a more festive look. Don’t shy away from experimenting a bit or using your creativity. It’s a nice and easy way to bring some natural Christmas charm and holiday spirit to your decorations!

{ 17 } Traditional Lanterns Stairs Decor

Traditional Lanterns Stairs Decor
A brightly lit staircase always looks pretty festive. But, when its lit up with traditional lanterns, candles, paper lanterns, globe lights, and prelit star garlands, it becomes even more festive and traditional. You already know what you will need for this decoration. To get this look, start with draping the banister with prelit star garland. Then, place all the lanterns and candles in both the corners of the stairs alternatively. Drape the globe lights near the lanterns and candles on the wall corner of the stairs. Also, put some gifts below the stairs. Now, hang a giant 3d golden star on the staircase wall to complete the look. It looks very traditional and festive and is so easy to do!

{ 18 } Red Poinsettias And Christmas Letters

Red Poinsettias And Christmas Letters
This decoration looks so simple and modern. But if you look closely you will realize it is a completely traditional Christmas stairs decoration! Traditional colors of red and green and natural greenery are not the only traditional elements of this decor. The red poinsettias, the small Christmas tree, Christmas sign, gifts, traditional wreaths and lanterns, all make this decoration a truly traditional Christmas decor. You can decorate your wreaths and lanterns with red bows, red ornaments, and pinecones for a more festive look. Similarly, drape the Christmas tree with lights for that festive touch. All in all, this modern looking traditional decor is truly unique!

{ 19 } Christmas Staircase Advert Calendar Decor

Christmas Staircase Advert Calendar Decor
A simple Christmas stairs decoration with a unique twist. This advent calendar decor is pretty simple to recreate. All you need is some green garlands, red berry branches, Christmas lights, steel or aluminum buckets, rope, candy canes and sweets, bows, clips, and calendar cutouts. Firstly, decorate the stairs with the green garlands. Now, add red berry branches to it and then drape it with Christmas lights. Secondly, hang the buckets to the garland with the help of a rope. Then, tie a bow to the ropes. Also, put the sweets and candy canes in the buckets. Now, clip the calendar number cutouts in a descending order on the buckets facing outside with the help of clips. And that’s it! Your staircase advent calendar decoration is all set.

{ 20 } Wreaths Trio Lanterns Christmas Staircase

Wreaths Trio Lanterns Christmas Staircase
Even though this Christmas stairs decoration has all the traditional elements, it still manages to look pretty modern and classy. The banisters decorated with green garlands and white ornaments bring a natural charm to the decor. The shiny white ribbons and bows give an elegant and festive look. Similarly, the traditional candle lanterns in gold color also add to the festive look of the decoration. On the other hand, the wreath trio, the elegantly decorated Christmas tree, and the Christmas gifts bring in a traditional touch to the decorations. This Christmas decor in a modern setting offers a beautiful juxtaposition of traditional elements with modern colors and settings.

{ 21 } Coastal Christmas Stairs Decoration

Coastal Christmas Stairs Decoration
If you’re looking for a coastal Christmas stairs decoration idea, this is something you can do. All you need is green garlands, flowers in coastal colors like yellow and blue, coastal Christmas ornaments, Santa socks, and some Christmas gifts. Firstly, just wrap the garland on your stairs banister. Now, decorate the garland with flowers and add the coastal Christmas ornaments. Then, hang the socks on the staircase wall and put the gifts on the stairs. That’s it! Your coastal Christmas stairs decoration is ready to wow your guests!

{ 22 } Ornaments Garland Staircase Decor

Ornaments Garland Staircase Decor
Colorful Christmas Balls Garland For Staircase By Civdis/Shutterstock
This Christmas stairs decoration is colorful and bright. And pretty simple to recreate too. All you need is some green garlands, shiny colorful Christmas balls garland, white and golden beads garlands, and golden bows. Firstly, drape the banister with green garlands. Now, wrap the Christmas balls garland around it. Now, hang the beaded garland over this decoration and add bows at regular intervals. This vibrant Christmas decoration is festive and sophisticated at the same time.

{ 23 } Large Jingle Bells Stairs Decor

Large Jingle Bells Stairs Decor
Admittedly, this decoration is pretty unusual and yet very festive and easy too. Adding large jingle bells to the stairs banister does give the stairs a festive Christmas look. The paper bells also bring traditional colors and elements to the decor without wasting money on vintage or antique decorations. this decor needs only large paper bells in red and white colors. Simply, tie the bells to the banister one after the other. Keep them pretty close to each other for a more full and festive look. Jingle Bells are Considered a Traditional Christmas Decor Ornament. However, paper ornaments are a pretty modern element of Christmas decor. Hence, this stairs decor gives you a chance to go transitional and enjoy the best of both types of decor in this season!

{ 24 } Christmas Staircase Paper Ornaments Decor

Christmas Staircase Paper Ornaments Decor
The idea of paper ornaments for Christmas decorations is a pretty modern concept. This Christmas stairs decoration uses this same modern idea to give a pretty festive and beautiful decor. This decor needs green garlands, Christmas lights, pinecones, paper ornaments, Christmas sign garland, and Christmas gifts. Firstly, just drape the garland over the banister. Also, decorate it with Christmas lights and pinecones. Now, hang the paper ornaments from the garlands. Also, put the gift boxes near the staircase on a table to complete the look.

{ 25 } Pinecone Garlands Christmas Decor

Pinecone Garlands Christmas Decor
A simple pinecone garland and bow also can look very festive and holiday ready. Take this beautiful Christmas stairs decoration for example. A simple pinecone garland on the banister and vases of green lily filled with pinecones give this decoration such a classy look. Just add a shiny green bow to the banister to give it a more festive look. Even this simple and easy decor manages to look absolutely stunning and festive. This is something that the minimalists would adore in their staircase decorations.

{ 26 } Candy Cane Plaid Basket Decor

Candy Cane Plaid Basket Decor
Fresh greenery and plaid give this simple DIY decor a farmhouse type look. Similarly, candy canes and sweets give the decor a festive and modern touch. To get this look, you need fresh green garlands, large white mugs, candy canes, chocolates, plaid ribbon, place cards, and red ribbon. Firstly, drape the green garland over the banister. Now, take the mugs and put the candies and sweets in it. Then tie the plaid ribbon around it but a little close, and add place cards. Now, hang these mugs to the banister garland with the help of plain red ribbons. This simple decor is easy to do on your own.

{ 27 } Winter Slide And Penguins Decor

Winter Slide And Penguins Decor
This North Pole theme Christmas stairs decor is super easy to recreate. All you need is a large amount of cotton, ropes, and some penguin dolls. Simply cover the banister railing with the cotton completely. Now, tie in the penguin dolls to the banisters with the help of ropes at regular intervals. Also, make sure the penguins look like they are enjoying sliding down a slide in winter. This simple decoration is also pretty and a little bit whimsical.

{ 28 } Christmas Gifts On Staircase

Christmas Gifts On Staircase
Bright Christmas Gifts On Decorated Staircase By DenisProduction.com/Shutterstock
If you want to go for a simple Minimalistic Christmas Decor and don’t wish to have elaborate stair decorations, this simple and minimal approach is right up your alley. It’s really as simple as it looks. Just wrap some gift boxes in pretty and bright wrapping papers and bows. Then place them on the stairs. You can also hang your socks on the banister instead of the fireplace mantel. This simple approach looks elegant, sophisticated and yet very festive.

{ 29 } Scandinavian Christmas Stairs Decoration

Scandinavian Christmas Stairs Decoration
This Christmas stairs decoration is a perfect example of adding a festive touch to Scandinavian minimalism in Christmas decor. Fresh green garlands decorated with pinecones and wrapped in globe lights adorn the staircase banisters. Traditional candle lanterns of varying sizes light up the stairs and give a festive touch to the decor. The simplicity and elegance of this decor give it a traditional and minimal look.

{ 30 } Colorful Christmas Balls And Ribbon Decor

Colorful Christmas Balls And Ribbond Decor
This is such a fun and unique idea to make a plain white balustrade more colorful and bright. The glittering and colorful Christmas balls hanging from the banister give the staircase a festive touch. Similarly, the warm colors of the shiny ribbons add a festive touch to the decoration. Add in some candle lanterns to the stairs and your perfectly colorful and bright Christmas stairs decoration is all done!

{ 31 } Traditional Natural Christmas Decoration

Traditional Natural Christmas Decoration
Traditionally Christmas decorations involved a lot of greenery, flowers, candles, lanterns, etc. This stunning Christmas stairs decoration reminds us of those traditional ways of decorating for the Christmas season. Fresh green garlands draping the entire staircase gives it a natural and traditional touch. The bright red poinsettias adorning the stairs bring in freshness, color, fragrance, and a lot of natural charm. The shiny ribbons and fairy lights give the decor a festive touch. This decoration proves that traditional decorations for Christmas can never really go wrong. So, if you’re too confused or reluctant to try something new this year, just take a look at this stunning decor. When done right, traditional decorations look even more festive than the flashiest of decors!

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