African American Curly Hairstyles- Variation Lies in Styling Differently!

African American Curly Hairstyles

African American hairstyles look chic and trendy. African American curly hairstyles for women are always known to be very fashionable. These hairstyles are incredibly amazing. In fact, the community of African American people abounds with stunning creativity in hairstyling, and most of this is because of the fantastic versatility of the African American hair. This makes it possible for African American people to weave virtually any dream magic with their gorgeous hair.

There are some of the haircuts that have achieved enormous reputation this season. Usually, people are observed enquiring for these kinds of haircuts. This season Updos, Twists, Curls, and Braids, etc. are all among the notable hairstyles. African American women are known to create a fantastic sense of style on their own, and this look complement their appearance even more. They know how to play with the styles and cuts with ease.

African American hair has its own different texture. This hair is frequently very firm with wavy curls. This type of hair is enabling it to keep its shape for many vertical styles, and also making it adaptable to many other styles.

A curly hairstyle works well with natural hair and will not frizz if done properly. Here are some tips to maintain your curls:

  • Wash, condition and de-tangle hair.
  • Apply leave-in conditioner. Part into small sections.
  • Apply a small amount of natural oil to the section such as olive, jojoba, and coconut.
  • Apply hair gel to the hair after it is semi-dry.
  • Sit under the dryer for about an hour or let air dry for as long as it takes.
  • Try to comb hair at least twice a day.
  • Do not brush the hair firmly with the towel.
  • Gently press the towel against the hair.
  • Dry the hair in a downward motion. This will help the cuticle to lay flat and will give a great shine to the hair.

Here are a bunch of new styles that can be done on African American Curly Hairstyles. Take a look:

{ 1 } The Close-Knit Curly Hair

African American Curly Hairstyles
This hairstyle is all about displaying the compactness. This hairstyle is elegant, and from a certain angle, it might seem that the close-knit structure is weaved. The hairstyle is suited best in a windy atmosphere where the chances are that hair when left open catches a lot of dirt and also gets tangled. This hair is one very protective hairstyle as it does not allow the air to get in. This hairstyle is for the women having curly hair. You can use a hairspray to keep it intact.

{ 2 } The Glorious Mane Look

African American Curly Hairstyles
If you have curly hair then feel blessed. Do you crave to pull of something very dramatic and look just gorgeous? Then this hairstyle is definitely for you. Washing hair thoroughly is the initial step. Do not apply conditioner. Just wash and rinse off properly. Towel dry the hair softly and then blow dry. As the hair is already curly, blow drying will increase the volume and create that dramatic mane. After you blow dry back-brush your hair upside down. This will create electrostatic energy between the hair strands, and when flipped again it will be like a mane. It is fun to style this and super easy to carry.

{ 3 } The Crown Curl

African American Curly Hairstyles
This hairstyle is everything royal and classy. A glamorous look would definitely go two notches higher than normal hair. First section your hair into two parts. Leave the second section hanging lose. Brush and detangle the part. The upper section requires reverse brushing in the style you make a buffet hairstyle. The hairstyle adds volume to the crown area and fits the perfect hairstyle for any wedding event.

{ 4 } Wire Curls

African American Curly Hairstyles
Have you seen those telephone wire that used to have intricate round curl like wires. Sport the fun style with the wire curl look. This hairstyle is fun and exciting and no wonder your curls will look gorgeous than ever. You can use rollers for this or small hair curling wires to create the micro curls in various strands. This hairstyle will look good with short denim and a cute tank top.

{ 5 } The Short Flare Curls

African American Curly Hairstyles
The hairstyle of short flare curls will make you look just way too adorable. This hairstyle is perfectly pretty and needless to say it doesn’t require much effort to be done. This hairstyle of the African American hairstyle is just too fancy and brings out a very stylish appeal. Pair it up with stylish western wear to bring the best in you.

{ 6 } Petite Curls

African American Curly Hairstyles
This hairstyle is adorable and imparts an adorable look. The best part about this hairdo is it net and not at all messy. The look can be glammed up by highlighting the cheek bones and wearing a long earring. As there is no volume on the head, it will be an awesome chance to flaunt your facial glow and accessories. Keep the choice of apparel a little mellowed down.

{ 7 } The Crochet Curls

African American Curly Hairstyles
Just like micro braiding was and is still much in vogue. This hairstyle talks about micro curls. These are some fine and curly that it from a distance it looks like a cute ball of cotton candy. This hairstyle is best suited for the youth and will look even cuter when paired with short bottoms and a pair of glasses. The look as all about creating a simple look which is minimalist yet impactful.

{ 8 } Curls with Highlights

African American Curly Hairstyles
Do you want to steal the show at the event you are going tonight! If you want a captivating look that is sure to grab a lot of attention and bring you’re to the limelight then Curls with highlight should be your go-to style. So what is the wait all about flaunting the curly look with your highlight working the magic? This hairstyle will look good with an off-shoulder gown or a slit dress.

{ 9 } The Side Volume Curl

African American Curly Hairstyles
This hairstyle has a unique and the best part about this hairstyle is that it adds a distinct volume to your sides. The look will look good in elders, and the style is great. These curls do not require styling the hair. All it takes is to be cut in a proportion where the sides add volume, and the center is a little tapered.

{ 10 } Short Curl with a Bun

African American Curly Hairstyles
Now this hairstyle is very unique in its own way. The hairstyle can be created by dividing the hair sectioned to two the upper section in the manner of creating a buffet voluminising this part. Now fold and make a bun out of it. The lower end is combed and left alike. This hairstyle can be complemented with a hair accessory to highlight the bun.

{ 11 } The Pixie Curl

African American Curly Hairstyles
This hairstyle is very smart and is perfect for college girls. There is not much effort required to sport this look. Just like a short bob in pixie style, the curls are trimmed, and the front fringe adds to the cuteness of the entire look. This hairstyle can look great with mid-length dungarees and converse shoes and a backpack. Well, this can be a great travel hairdo for girls with curly hair.

{ 12 } The Center Knot Curly Hairstyle

African American Curly Hairstyles
This center knot curly hairstyle as the name suggests has a bun or a knot in between, and the two ends create a look more like a bow. The hairstyle can create such that the center has a bun with loose ends, brushed and separated on either side of the tied knot.

{ 13 } The Slide Curl

African American Curly Hairstyles
This hairdo is extremely stylish. It gives a hint to your long hair and also the best part is you do not require to tie the hair. The hair looks straight and very pretty. A long gown or a slim fit dress with hair opened and combed will bring out the diva in you.

{ 14 } Fluffy Curls

African American Curly Hairstyles
To create this look one requires first to wash the hair and comb properly. Then blow drying is the best option, since it creates the perfect amount of fluff in the hair. You can make a middle partition, and the two ends of the look will create a volume on the crown area of the head. Pair it with any dress and bring the best in you.

{ 15 } The Front Braided Curls

African American Curly Hairstyles
This hairstyle is everything very pretty and helps bring out the feminine charm and appeal. To create this look first detangle your hair. Then taking the first three section of the hair, braid them to the scalp line from the side. Repeat the same braiding style on the other side of the hair and combine the two loose ends after you braid to tie a ponytail. The look created is stunning, and you can also accessorize it with hair flowers and cute looking pins.

{ 16 } The Wave Bun Look

African American Curly Hairstyles
If you have curly hair, then there are a lot of styles that you can incorporate in the fashion trend. Also, this kind hairstyle will look like an intricate form of a wave on the crown area. At the back, the bun is tied, and the best part of this hairdo is that you can flaunt any dress with it.

{ 17 } The Ring Curl Look

African American Curly Hairstyles
This hairstyle flaunts the ring curls like no other. The rings fall on the front of the head and make the look is just too adorable. This hairstyle can be sported perfectly for an evening event that requires you to be all glamorous and stunning. Wear a flared gown and long hoops and this hair is sure to work its wonders.

{ 18 } Freefall Curls

African American Curly Hairstyles
This hairstyle can be paired with a sparkly headband, and this will highlight the cute main that encircles the crown area of the head. This hairstyle can be ideal for sports events, or even work great if you are in the group of cheerleaders. So sport this fun and cute look with confidence. This hairdo is very easy to create and does not require much effort.

{ 19 } The Curl Up

African American Curly Hairstyles
Yes this style of curls in an upward style is very classy and chic. Women who have very short hair or bob cut can create the look. Just the right haircut and there you go! The gorgeous hair look has been created. Yes, it is that simple. You can either wish to accessorize or wish just to leave it the way it is.

{ 20 } The Fine Curls

African American Curly Hairstyles
This hairstyle is the best and probably the least effort consuming hairstyle that one can get. The hairdo requires trimming the back and keeping the look very simple. Women who have thin hair can sport this look very gracefully. Also, the crown area has a tapered effect that adds to the style quotient of the entire look. This hairdo can be paired with a little black dress and be sure to turn on the heat.

A change in hairstyle can reform the entire look, and the best part is a little difference gets a long way. Also if one has curly hair it in itself is a fantastic hairstyle yet when a little bit of styling is done one cannot stop but stare with awe. Care for your hair as it forms and plays a major role in fashion and styling. Internationally, a woman’s femininity and beauty are directly associated with her hair. People are mostly fascinated with African American Hair Styles because of the versatility of the hair itself.

So look gorgeous be in style and be the magnificent beauty you are and never forget the smile on your face. Always remember that looking stylish and gorgeous is always a choice and a feeling. With these distinct styles for the curly hair flaunt your beauty the way you are. A happy hair day awaits you!

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