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Long Curly Hairstyles – Rock the Holiday Season with These Styles

If you are blessed with long curly hairstyles, then everyone must be envious of you. And those who don’t have that luscious curls, need not be disheartened, they can use hot curlers to get any curl they want.

However, deciding on an excellent haircut and styling will need effort since you want to flaunt your hair but without creating a lot of fuzz about it. The style has to ravishing yet simple to style and maintain.

The different layers in your hair will simply add to the overall look along with giving your hair a bouncy look. Get the haircut from a professional hairdresser since the glory of the hair can be justified only by their experience. The best way to cut curly hair is when they are dry since that time the curls behave in the way they are supposed to be naturally. Curls are beautiful without any accessory or hairstyle but will need lots of conditioning and protein treatment, but to avoid product build-up proper clarifying is required.

Here are some of the fantastic long curly hairstyles you must try.

{ 1 } Messy Layers on Long Brown Curls

Long Curly Hairstyles

This is such a Barbie inspired hairstyle that will make you fall in love with your long curls instantly. The boho chic hairstyle has categorally long curls hair that cascade down their back. The style has been recreated by the magic of messy curls that will require little to almost no time to style. The curls will need lots of miniaturization and protein treatment, and as the hair are long, they will need lots of maintenance. As they are a real treasure, so the effort gone in maintaining them is totally worth it. Side partition in hair looks chic as it frames the face.

{ 2 } Shaggy Layers with Tightly Coiled Hair

Long Curly Hairstyles
The best and most stunning thing about this cut is that it has layers and thus it can be styled in many ways. The haphazard curls are left at their natural look and the thus the wild and carefree look is created. This style will need a light weight serum to tame the flyways and to maintain the movement also. The side partition of hair and a section falling on the forehead looks ravishing and takes your personality to another level.

{ 3 } Long Layers on Low Curls

Long Curly Hairstyles
The style is ironic since it is straight on top and curly on the bottom. This is a style that is loved by all. The length of hair is kept long, and the low curls are allowed to unfurl beautifully and create this stunning hair look. This is a very delicate style thus sleeping on a silk or satin pillow is recommended. Also to get the shine and sheen lots of moisturizing and conditioning will be needed. However to avoid product build up clarifying once a month is required.

{ 4 } Shaggy Layered Hairstyle with Curly Bangs

Long Curly Hairstyles
If you are looking for a chic hairstyle, then this haircut is just for you. The first step to this ravishing and carefree style is getting shoulder grazing layer cut for the big spiral curls. This is the coiled curls, so you need to maintain the curls and go by its fall. Getting the cut in dry hair is highly recommended as the hair lose the curl when wet and get the curl back once allowed to air dry.

{ 5 } Soft Curls on Long Hair with Bangs

Long Curly Hairstyles
This is the cutest Disney inspired style. It is a style that has straight bangs along with soft curls in the long lengths. This is a dreamy style that is suitable for straight to a wavy hairstyle. A hot iron can recreate the style or making curls at length with rollers. The curls are defined and fall on the shoulders whereas the front bangs are cute and frame the face beautifully.

{ 6 } The Dramatic Curls with Side Bangs

Long Curly Hairstyles
To the structured and beauty of your layered haircut side, short bangs can be added. The hair has a beautiful combination of black with dark chestnut streaks. The curls are soft and fall on the shoulder. The low curls are bound to bloom and shine in this color. The soft bangs and super soft curls fall on the face an create quite a dramatic appeal.

{ 7 } Messy Look with Gradual Layered Waves

Long Curly Hairstyles
This is a super structured haircut that needs no styling. The style has layers that fall gradually and make a beautiful transition from the medium length to long in the most beautiful way. The style is sleek, and with the middle partition, it falls on the face from both sides and frames the face. It is edgy yet sweet style.

{ 8 } The Super Defined Curls on the Red Tresses

Long Curly Hairstyles
The style is about kinky curls on long hairs. It is the most subtle way to style your unmanageable curly hair by going for a layered cut. The layers are far apart and are drastic thus the style has more of triangular appearance. This is a simple yet classic style that will demand lots of miniaturization and conditioning.

{ 9 } Stepped Layers on Curls

Long Curly Hairstyles
If you have big bouncy curls and want a significant cut to flaunt them then this style is absolutely for you. The cut is about giving the curls the natural flow. The side part and curls that are firmly coiled fall on both the sides of the face but have gel on them this controls them from flowing and gives a tamed appearance. Again a style that will need lots of protein or the lack of it will break the beautiful curls.

{ 10 } Loose Curls Along With Long Sweeping Layers

Long Curly Hairstyles
This is the epic style that has always been loved by all and has left its charming effect on all. The style has loose curls that are well-defined and loose with the sweeping layered cut in it which looks even more ravishing. Simply wash the hair condition it and with some leave in gel or conditioner style the curls and let it open to rock the party or just a coffee date with friends.

{ 11 } The Glamorous Curls

Long Curly Hairstyles
This is glam style with middle part looks ravishing and full of style. The color and curls both are simply ramp-ready. There are a few layers in the style that makes it appealing and enhances the movement and gives it bounce. The hair length is long thus can be styled in many ways. Hot iron and rollers can help to get the style. The long length of hair will need regular trimmings in the salon to maintain the smooth finish of hair. A smoothing and a shining product will be required to get the desired look.

{ 12 } The Soft Waves in Long Length

Long Curly Hairstyles
The soft waves in the long hair even without layers looks elegant and edgy because of its bouncy curls. The style is apt for the modern-day girl who is carefree and has no extra baggage. The hair will need lots of moisturizing and protein treatment so that the curls behave in the best possible way. The curls are easy to style but challenging to maintain since lack of protein can result in breakage of curls, and this will ruin the whole curls.

{ 13 } The Long Blonde Curls with Braids

Long Curly Hairstyles
The style is trendy and in fashion. Along with braids, it can make you the center of attention in any party or event. The curls are easy to get just with hot iron you can get it and then withholding spray get it maintained. To braid the hair take one horizontal strand of hair and with another vertical section braid it, then again take another strand braid it likewise takes different section and braid to give the pattern of a cascade. The long length of the hair needs regular trimmings to get away with the rough ends. A smoothing and a shining product will be required to get the desired look.

{ 14 } The Soft Waves in Long Hair Length

Long Curly Hairstyles
This is a super chic and elegant style that is suitable for thin to medium length hair. The style has a middle partition, and one side has been teased at the roots to give some soft, subtle height. It is an effortless and carefree style that will create an instant impression without much effort. Not many products will be needed to style the hair just some scrunching with gel can help you get the look. Detangling while the hair dripping with water with conditioner in it taking the help of wide toothed comb will be the best option, and it will protect the curls from braking and losing the shape.

{ 15 } The Soft Messy Waves

Long Curly Hairstyles
This is the style for the girl next door who in a very subtle way can leave a strong mark on you. The style has middle part with curls falling on the face from both the sides thus creating a right frame for the face. The curls have bounce but do not have enormous volume, but the style still gives you a soft look. The curls are set free, but they do not flyaway, rather they are the crowning glory. The long length of the hair needs regular trimmings to get away with the rough ends. A smoothing and shining product will be required to get the desired look.

{ 16 } The Blonde Closed Curls

Long Curly Hairstyles
This is a chic style and suitable for girls with naturally curly hair. The style is super cool and will require no accessory or extraordinary efforts to style it. Just use some gel and scrunch your hair and you are good to go. The style has textured layers that create the cool look and makes it easy to carry for any event or daily use. Again a style that will need lots of protein or the lack of it will break the beautiful curls. Once a month clarifying of hair will be required to break the product build up.

{ 17 } The Simple Waves

Long Curly Hairstyles
The style is about soft waves that are very gentle and inspired by the Victorian era. The style is exquisite and has a vintage appeal to it. Hot iron can get the style, and with a holding product, you can maintain the style. The style is simple and can be done in little or no time. There are soft textured layers in the style that adds to the beauty of the style. Smoothing and shinning products to give the desired look to the hair are required.

{ 18 } The Kinky Coils with Layered Cut

Long Curly Hairstyles
The style is about the kinky curls that are the true definition of curls. The style is simple and elegant will require no efforts to style as the natural curls will be all that will do the magic. It is easy to carry style and will just need a regime of deep conditioning and moisturizing to maintain the curls.

{ 19 } The Super Gorgeous Soft Curls

Long Curly Hairstyles
It is a style that can be termed as barely their curls. The style is about curls in layers and then maintains the volume. With thick hair, this style is apt as the layers will add to the volume and make it appear ravishing. The style has slant middle part and with thick hair falling on the shoulders and body looks very feminine and elegant. The style has so much to it in spite of being simple, as the curls will do most of the work. Shinning products to add sheen to the hair will be required.

{ 20 } The Super Cascading Braids

Long Curly Hairstyles

The style has curls and braids which is one of the best combinations for a hairstyle. The style has long cascading braid with one section of horizontal and the other different sections coming in the vertical strands. It looks like the waves hitting the shore it is a style to behold. The curls need to be maintained with moisturizing and conditioning, however, sleeping on a silk pillow will be helpful to keep the style and avoid the breakage of curls.

Always use good quality products to maintain the curls and waves as too much of chemical can cause damage to hair. Try these amazing hairstyles for long curls and become the center of attraction.

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