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25 + Bob Haircuts with Fringe – Bring the Diva in You

In our daily life, women are burdened with a lot of responsibilities. From taking care of the family, their work front, their own health, and such other deadlines, one is hardly left with any time to invest in self-grooming and styling. In such a contemporary world of divided priorities make a small time for yourself because these hairstyles will not require much time but still work its wonder and cast the spell of making you stunning.

For women who keep short hair one of the most trendy styles is the bob haircuts with fringe. Bob hairstyle is one such hairstyle that makes the entire appearance very stylish yet due to the short length it doesn’t require much time and the best part you don’t need to spend hours to tie them or wash them and condition them. Yes! As a perk, you get to save some bucks as well.

How to Take Care of Your Gorgeous Bob?

Thousands of women have served in the lead, presenting bob cut hairstyle as one of the most popular hairstyles of the era. Various celebrities sport bob styles with confidence on the red carpet. For the previous decade, Bob haircuts have been remarkably prosperous. Bob hairstyles give stunning looks without any disputes. From layered bob haircuts, angled bob hairstyles, to short bob haircuts, bobs with bangs, and very long bob cuts are some of the various styles. There are several varieties of bob haircuts. From elderly women to little girls, it is such a hairstyle that floats the boat for any age. Bob haircut with various styles and touches, have a lot of character and combines a completely new aspect to an individual. One should do the regular trimming. To make them look neat, straightening and blow drying are also recommended.

Bob haircuts with fringe are the new addition to this list of versatile haircut collection:

{ 1 } The Pixie Fringe Bob Cut

Bob Haircuts with Fringe

In this haircut, what is the actual USP of the cut is the alignment. If observed intensely the haircut has the strands aligned all in the mid-bottom of the hair that gives a short pixie cut look. This hairstyle falls under small bob haircuts. This style is easy to maintain. However, once in a while trimming is required to keep the cut as it is. The side locks are in the same line as the entire length of the hair is kept and this adds a distinct look altogether.

{ 2 } The Blunt Fringe Bob Cut

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This haircut is all about putting a side partition and let the hair talk all about your look. This blunt hair colour is all about imparting the perfect edge to the look. This hairstyle will really make your face look cute and give a definite structure. This trendy look is appropriate for any event to be it formal event or informal event. The blunt fringe bob cut has a converse edge and adds to the cute quotient.

{ 3 } Fringe Blond Bob

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This haircut is about the blond color and the short bob cut. The combination of both gives the exact amount of style factor required to bring the extra appeal of one’s facial feature. This hairstyle is all about displaying very cute and petite look and the hairdo is very easy to sport. The front fringes cover the forehead area in one straight line, highlighting the eyes. A nice bounce is what this haircut adds to the side area and the entire look makes your face looks a lot slimmer.

{ 4 } Pointed Fringe Bob

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This hairstyle is all about sporting a glam look. This hairstyle is much in the talk of the town. People with an oval face a round face will suit in this hairstyle neatly. Flaunt your hair and sport a halter neck gown, and you are all set and ready rock the red carpet look. The side locks are kept like sharp pointed edges with trimmed back length that is even shorter.

{ 5 } Messy Fringe Bob Cut

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This hairstyle is fun, cute and there is something very sensual about this hairdo. The hairstyle has a messy look and that is the main highlight of this hairstyle. The untidy look adds to the sensuality and the overall vibe of the look. For a late night dinner date, it wouldn’t be a wrong choice at all. A little black dress, this hairdo and a bit of simile is a combination to die for.

{ 6 } Round Fringe Bob Cut

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This hairstyle suits any shape of the face. This is indeed a very cute cut wherein the shape of the hair highlights the jawline and gives the entire face a definite structure. A woman having thin hair is suggested to sport this haircut. The dainty look that it imparts creates all the aura of this specific style. Bring the pretty charm and flaunt amongst all.

{ 7 } Front Fringe Bob Cut

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This hairstyle has the bob cut and the forehead is capped with front fringe that supplements to the cuteness of the whole look. Also if your temples and the forehead area is very broad, this hairstyle will give you the excellent space to layout the fringe and add that specific structure to the face. The color scores brighten the complexion further. A slit dress and this hairstyle will do justice to make you glamorous and unique.

{ 8 } Super Short Layered Fringe

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This bob cut hairstyle is no less than a stealer. The hairstyle incorporates quite a few styles together like the short bob cut, the layers, and the front fringe. When these three styles are piled together this gorgeous hairstyle takes birth. Most importantly this hairstyle is the most effortless way of looking absolutely stunning. Also, this look can be paired with a gorgeous pair of earrings as the haircut gives enough space from the mid-jaw to the neck. This hairstyle is one of the most famous styles among the celebrities of Hollywood.

{ 9 } Lobe Length Fringe Bob

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
Have you ever wanted to sport a bob hair which gives volume yet keep it short? This hairdo is definitely for you then. The Lobe length fringe bob comes up till the earlobe and so is its name. The hairdo adds a volume on the sides and keeps the crown area balanced and in proportion with the side volume. The look gives a very girly charm to the entire appeal and the front fringes are very pretty covering the borders of the face.

{ 10 } The Corporate Fringe Cut Bob Style

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
Well this hairstyle has you all sorted for the formal events meetings or an official party that you have to attend. An even where you cannot go over the board with experimentation yet you can definitely attract the eyeballs. This hairdo is one such hairstyle that compliments any face and adds the much-needed oomph factor and the end result is simply beautiful. The corporate fringe cut bob style is just stylish in one word.

{ 11 } Boy Cut Bob Fringe

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This hairstyle is all about sporting a cute and smart look with a no-nonsense look. The hairstyle works great for women with a round or oval face. However, this is a versatile hairdo and will do justice to any facial shape. The hair length is kept even less than minimal. It is a boy’s cut hairstyle. The twist lies in the fringe which is side partitioned and kept longer yet it does not cross the facial boundary.

{ 12 } The Wave Style Side Fringe

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
The hairstyle is the ultimate diva style which can look great when sported in a function or a reception. The hairstyle imparts a lot of attitude to the personality. The ends have asymmetrical cuts and the side fringe is cut in the form of a long wavy side lock that is placed like a feather on the sides and looks uniquely dramatic.

{ 13 } Straight Fringe Bob Cut

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This haircut cups your face making it look very cute and round. The fringes in the front are placed on the forehead and the sides are in a straight cut and give the face a bold and sharp look. The entire hairstyle imparts a very classy and sophisticated look that brings out the facial feature boldly. This hairstyle adds a lot of style quotient to the entire look and you can be assured to look trendy and fashionable.

{ 14 } The Classic Fringe Cut

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This hairstyle has a distinct western influence to give it a very trendy look. Today, the inverted bob and the angled bob cuts are running the fashion genre of bob haircuts. While providing the classic fringe cut hairs are concentrated with a straight alignment that adds volume to the crown and the sides as well. Women with a square face can opt for this and would look great.

{ 15 } The Pretty Petite Fringe Cut

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This haircut, pretty Petite Fringe cut brings out the feminine charm in its all beautiful glory and makes a lady look very beautiful with a subtle messy touch, yet it doesn’t go overboard. The hairdo has a very carefree yet attractive touch to it and yes it is too the most effortless way to look drop-dead gorgeous. This hairdo definitely adds to the accessory.

{ 16 } Fringe Bob with Pointed Sides

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
A hairstyle can make a person go from dull to glam. Sometimes a new hairstyle can help you change your perspectives in life. A new hairstyle that complements you can make a whole lot of difference and add on to the positive influence. When you feel confident it displays on your face and in the body language. This Fringe bob with pointed sides’ haircut is all about this feeling.

{ 17 } Angled Fringe Cut Bob Style

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
In this hairstyle, a uniformity of the cut is maintained. The cut is done in such a way that some division of the hairs are left in the front and these fringes are slightly longer. A classic bob bottom that is short dominates the back portion. The culmination of two kinds of haircut with the reverse and angle mixed imparts a chic and elegant look with any kind of dress at any place or an attendant. This look can be made more elegant with a pretty choker as the main highlighting accessory.

{ 18 } Short Bob Fringe Cut

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This hairstyle of Short Bob Fringe cut is much in trend now. The fashion world is going all head over heels with this specific hairstyle and there are reasons to do so. The hairstyle is very easy to maintain and the short yet not too short creates a very unique balance that strikes the right cord in fashion. That is what renders the actual style. Also, the fringe adds the ‘oh so cuteness’ to the entire look. Wrap up the look with a good pair of earring.

{ 19 } Golden Bob Fringe

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This bob cut has got a very interesting cut. The layers have a slightly unaligned look and the primary USP of this haircut is the gorgeous straight locks that bring out the final sense of style. It indeed gives an ultra-contemporary look and it is super easy to create this look. If you have straight hair then the job is even easier. You can also cut to a definite length and straighten it with a hair straightener.

{ 20 } Bold Fringe Bob Cut

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This hairstyle imparts an exquisitely classy and bold look. It has a very dramatic style. The colour adds to the glam quotient of the look. This cut is not way too short. The length is somewhat kept one or two inches below the chin line. The colour is a royal orange and gold and imparts a very rich look. This hairstyle is perfect for a bride who ha short hair. As there is volume added to the crown area one can wear head accessories to emphasize and look even more gorgeous.

{ 21 } Victorian Fringe Bob

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This hairstyle holds a tinge of the age-old Victorian look that carries with it a sense of drama, royalty and a look that can never go unnoticed. This hairdo creates the right amount of curls abiding by the restraint of the length and yet it imparts flare that is simply classy. Also, this hairstyle is very easy to create and a hat would not be a bad idea. The style is all about experimenting.

{ 22 } The Free Fall Hairdo

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
The free-fall bob haircut has fringes falling right across a side partition. The look is just drop dead gorgeous and not to mention the style it gives to your look. The hairstyle makes the face look a lot slimmer and also due to the flat fall of the fringe, one can incorporate the hairstyle even if they do not have much volume on their head.

{ 23 } The Waterfall Fringe Bob

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This hairstyle creates a very pretty effect as it requires some amount of curls. The curl falls loose and the length of the hair is kept a little longer than the usual short bob hairstyle. Also, this hairstyle can be created by creating a middle partition. The curls have highlights and that adds the ultimate glam quotient to the entire look.

{ 24 } Pear-Shaped Fringe Cut

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This hairstyle is all about creating a carefully careless look. The look focuses on the short length and the fringe not only covers the forehead but also it adds to the volume and gives the face a fuller look. This hairstyle will look good with casual outfits.

{ 25 } The Swiping Layer Fringe

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This type of haircut gives a very fresh look and adds a lot of volume to the hair. This style can be accessorized with a cute and stylish looking hairbands to give it that pretty charm. However, it does look equally gorgeous without any addition of such accessories. The hairstyle is such that it can uplift the entire appeal of one’s persona.

{ 26 } Versatile Fringe Bob Cut

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This hairstyle has a very contemporary outlook. It’s called the versatile bob because it can be sported with any kind of outfit be it formal or informal or party wear. This hairstyle along with minimal makeup can do all the magic to bring you into the limelight you deserve. The hairstyle is very easy to create and no styles are required.

{ 27 } Shaded Flared Fringe Bob Cut

Bob Haircuts with Fringe
This hairstyle especially the beige shade adds an exquisite style statement to the whole look. The highlights of the flares are kept lighter o emphasize the glamour quotient of the look. Light make up along with the hairstyle will make you look very attractive.

Your hairstyle defines your character as well as gives you an image. Trying out these varieties of fringe bob cuts will definitely get you the limelight you deserve and get you a look that will be loved by you to bits.

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