15 Surprisingly Unhealthy Foods You Must Avoid To Live More

Unhealthy Foods

Diet plays an essential part in our general wellbeing. Our current world contains different types of meals, both natural and processed. Some meals are good for our body, whereas others do more harm. Such meals are linked to serious health conditions. As a result, they should be avoided at all cost. There are some meals which are bad for the body when consumed for a long period. Go through the list of foods that are bad for your health and make the right choice:

High sugar intake

A lot of meals contain traces of sugar. Sugar comes in different forms. It can be in terms of corn syrup, white sugar, artificial sweetener and brown sugar. Sugar should be consumed on standard levels. However, consumption of high traces of sugar is linked to serious health conditions. First, you are likely to become overweight. Overweight is linked to serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart condition among others.

High sugar level in the body is also linked to increased aging process. This will affect your general look in the long run. You also risk tooth decay. Therefore, focus your attention on low sugar meals.

High intake of Bacon

Bacon is one of the commonly consumed meals. It classified as one of the modern meals. However, it is bad for the health if regularly taken. Most of bacon consumed by people is derived from saturated fat. C0nsumption of high saturated fat results into accumulation of bad cholesterol. According to top-ranked vascular surgeons in Houston, Bad cholesterol is linked to serious health complications such as stroke, heart attack and high blood pressure. Accumulation of bad cholesterol in the body overworks your heart.

Bacon also contains high amounts of sodium. High intake of sodium in the body can result into heart failure. The same case applies to bacon with a lot of preservatives.

Red Meat

Red meat comes in numerous forms. It can be in terms of pork, lamb or beef. Red meat should be taken with limitation. However, some people overdo red meat. This poses serious health conditions. High intake of red meat is linked to diabetes and heart disease.

Red meat contains high saturated fat. Saturated fat in the body can increase the cholesterol levels in the body. High cholesterol levels in the body overwork the heart, making it strain to pump blood on all regions in the body. It can also aggravate pre existing conditions. Therefore, watch the number of time you consume red meat.

Drinking Soda

Soda is a renowned beverage drink across the globe. This beverage drink contains sugar levels. Doctors and medical practitioner recommend consumption of low sugar levels. However, a can of soda contains more than the recommended sugar levels. People who regularly drink soda are prone to different types of health complications. It also risks pre existing conditions aggravating.

Anyone who consumes plenty of soda on any interval risks increasing weight. Some people end up being obese. Soda is also linked to type 2 diabetes. You also risk heart conditions and high blood pressure after long term consumption of soda. Opt for unsweetened or carbonated beverage drinks.

Baked food products

Do you love baked food products? If yes, be on the lookout. Muffins, cakes and cookies are perceived to pose less health threats. This is true if taken in small bits. All baked products contain added sugar levels. High consumption of sugar results into weight gain. Baked food products trigger high triglyceride levels. High triglyceride levels in the body trigger heart conditions and complications.

Flour is also another component used in any baked food product. It is linked to making a person hungry now and then. This can trigger obesity in the long run. Consumption of high amounts of baked food products is also linked to high blood sugar. Consider using plant oil and whole wheat flour when baking.

High consumption of processed meat

How often do you consume processed meat? Reduce the quantity of processed meat you consume. Processed meat isn’t good for the heart. Salami, hot dogs and sausage are examples of processed meat. They are bad for the heart. Processed meat contains preservatives. Some preservatives are not recommended when taken in high amounts.

This meat also contains high amounts of saturated fat. Saturated fat clogs on the body and blocks arteries. This makes the heart overwork trying to pump blood to all parts of the body. This can also result into serious heart complications. Processed meat also contains high amounts of sodium.

White bread

A lot of people love white bread because of its sweet taste. However, they are not healthy for the body. White bread doesn’t contain minerals, vitamins and fiber. White bread is made from refined grains. These grains are converted into sugar. Sugar is stored in the body in terms of fat. Most of this fat rests on the belly. This is the reason people who regularly consume white bread have belly fat.

Bad fat in the body is linked to type 2 diabetes and heart attack. Focus your attention on brown bread. Brown braid is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.


Pizzas are very common in our current generation. A lot of people frequently consume pizza. Pizzas come in different forms. Some pizzas are good for the body, whereas others pose serious health issues. It all depends on how they were prepared. A lot of take away pizzas are bad for the body. They contain high amounts of calories, fat and sodium.

High intake of sodium, calories and fat are linked with heart attack. Consider pizza full of vegetables and made of whole wheat. Avoid sausage and pepperoni. You should also limit the number of times you consume pizza. Consider taking pizza at least once a week.

Consumption of high amounts of Butter

There are different types of butter you can consume. Some butter is natural, whereas others are processed. Processed butter contains high amounts of saturated fat. Saturated fat increases the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol levels in the body triggers heart conditions.

Consider replacing butter with vegetable oil or olive oil. Olive oil and vegetable oil contain polyunsaturated and mono saturated fat. Consumption of mono saturated oil reduces the cholesterol levels in the body. There are situations where consumption of butter becomes unavoidable. In such situations, consume butter in low amounts.

Consumption of full fat yogurt

Yogurt is one of the dairy extracts. It is nutritious when consumed in its natural state. Natural yogurt also helps maintain high blood pressure. However, there are flavored yogurts on the shelves. These yogurts are sweet because of the additives they have been used during processing. These full fat yogurts are also rich in added sugar. This is the reason people who regularly consume these yogurts are likely to gain weight within a short period.

Inflammation, high blood pressure and heart condition are also some health conditions you risk contracting after long term consumption of full fat yogurt.

French Fries

French Fries are available in most fast foods spots and restaurants. They are delicious but not good for the body. French fries contain high traces of salt and bad fat. These two products are bad for the heart. People who consume fries more than twice each week risk heart conditions later on. You should also consider using healthy olive oil when baking your own French fries. Olive oil is linked to numerous health benefits. It also reduces the possibility of heart condition.

Fried chicken

Do you frequently consume fried chicken? If yes, you are doing yourself more harm than good. Chicken is a healthy meal. However, fried chicken contains sodium and bad fat. The bad fat adds calories in the body. High amounts of calories can block arteries. This makes the heart to work extra hard so that blood is pumped on all the essential organs in the body.

Consumption of fried meals including chicken is linked to high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. Reduce the number of times you consume fried chicken. Alternatively, consider baking your chicken instead of baking. You should also avoid adding any additives on your chicken.

Consumption of Ice Cream

A lot of people consume ice cream, especially during summer. Ice cream comes in different flavors. Additionally, different additives have been used in the processing of ice cream. A lot of people don’t know ice cream contains saturate fat, calories and sugar. Saturated fat results into increased weight. Sugar can also trigger weight gain if consumed in high amounts.

That’s not all; consumption of ice cream can increase your triglycerides levels. High triglycerides level in the body is linked to heart attack. Consider reducing the amount of ice cream you consume. Alternatively, consider frozen non fat yogurt or fruit bar.

Regular consumption of potato chips

Potato chips are one of the highly consumed junk meals. Regular consumption of potato chips is linked to weight gain. This junk meal is contains both salt and saturated fat. Saturated fat is linked to weight gain. There are instances where it triggers obesity. On the other hand, salt found in potato chips can result in heart disease if taken in high amounts.

Furthermore, consumption of potato chips make people get hungry fast. This is what triggers obesity. Reduce the amount of potato chips you consume. Alternatively, consume good snacks. These good snacks are help the body absorb good nutrient.

Consumption of Agave syrup

Additives are commonly used in our society. Agave syrup is one of the additives that are commonly used by people. People love it because of its sweet taste. However, it poses serious health conditions. First, it contains high calories than sugar. Therefore, long term consumption of agave syrup is linked to weight gain which can result into obesity.

Anyone suffering from diabetes can make his/her condition worse by consuming high amounts of agave syrup. Agave syrup is also linked to liver damage. Therefore, avoid agave syrup at all cost. If not, reduce the quantity you consume per interval.

Consumption of candy bars

Candy bars fall under the category of junk food. It is unhealthy and doesn’t help the body in any way. Candy bars contain processed fats, wheat flour and sugar. Furthermore, candy bars will leave you hungry. This makes you develop unhealthy eating habits, which will result in weight gain or even obese.

High calorie coffee drinks

Coffee offers numerous health benefits to the body. if you use top-notch beans that are organic. However, some people consume high calorie coffee. This drink contains syrups, sugar, additives and creamers. High calorie coffee isn’t healthy for the body. It is linked to diabetes, weight gain and high blood pressure. Therefore, avoid high calorie coffee drinks at all cost. You can also limit the number of time you consume the high calorie coffee drink.

Avoid bad meals at all cost instead, focus your attention on meals that will keep you healthy.


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