Your Ultimate Guide for Different Kinds of Sofa Styles

Sofa Styles

If you are thinking of buying a sofa, you will be thrilled to know that the market is saturated with different varieties of sofa styles. These styles range from modern contemporary style to traditional, ornate sofa styles.

However, so many choices can be dizzying for some homeowners, especially if they don’t know what exactly they are looking for. Buying a sofa is a huge undertaking. It’s not such a small investment due to which most homeowners spend month trying to find the right one.

And why shouldn’t they? Most people spend a majority of their time sitting on their sofas, hanging out with friends, watching TV, entertaining guests and sometimes eating there too. A comfortable, good-looking sofa can set the whole vibe of your interior. This is why a sofa is one of the first buys for most homeowners.

Which Sofa Style Would Suit Your Home?

A good quality, attractive and comfortable sofa is a dream come true. But how to ensure that you make the right choice? Deciding which sofa style would suit your home or go perfectly with the theme of your home and your personal style and preference is not to be taken lightly.

Here are some common sofa styles that are most popular nowadays.

  • Sectional Sofa Style

Sectional Sofa Style
This is one of the most popular sofa types and for good reason. This multi-piece sofa allows homeowners to choose customized configurations to be arranged according to their needs and their room size. Some common sectional sofa styles are U-shape and L-shape.

  • Chesterfield

Another great sofa style to choose is the chesterfield. This luxurious looking sofa can be the focal point of your living room. It is notorious for its tufted or quilted style. While some styles have tufting on the side arms and back, others have them on seating section as well. Although, the style is a couple centuries old, it is still quite prevalent in homes.

  • Mid-Century Sofa Types

Mid-Century Sofa Types
This is quite popular with people who like modern, clean lines in their furniture Mid-century sofas have a tufted back and seat cushion, with a rectangular shape and wooden legs. High wooden legs give these sofas an elevated, high look, thus making any room look spacious and airy. With minimum curvature, monochromatic upholstery and a simple silhouette, these sofas are a lifesaver for minimalist enthusiasts.

  • Daybed Sofa Type

Daybed Sofa Type
A daybed is a couch by day and a bed by night. This is the superhero of upholstered world, where extra sleeping space is coveted by most homeowners. It is perfect for those who often have overnight guests or live in a studio apartment where space is an issue. This is why most daybeds have built-in storage trundles.

A chaise sofa style is an upholstered sofa, which usually seats one and is used for relaxing and reclining. Chaises can have one or sometimes two arms.

  • Tuxedo Sofa Style

Tuxedo Sofa Style
Made famous by prominent interior expert Billy Baldwin, tuxedo sofa is distinguishable by its boxy silhouette. With equal-sized arms and back and exposed or upholstered legs, this geometric sofa style is often upholstered with luxurious and vibrantly colored fabrics.

  • Camelback

Camelback is one of the most traditional sofa types, due to its curved back and arms. It is distinguishable by its one or sometimes two humps, with a slight curve that lends a sculpturally distinct, elegant look to it.

  • English Roll Arms

English Roll Arms
This sofa is famous for its rounded arms, loose cushions on the bottom seating and a tight back seat, which make it quite comfortable. The back cushions are removable, but its glorious 42 inches width makes it easy to sink into after a tiring day. Another great thing about this sofa is that it’s a classic and will never go out of style. Its versatility and a number of shapes allows this style to work with most interiors and other styles of furniture.

  • Lawson

It’s quite similar to the English roll arm. The only difference is that the cushions on the back seat are not attached in a Lawson style sofa. The Lawson is noticeable by its clean, simple lines, which can be perfect for someone who desires comfort and modern construction, rather than ornate antique style furniture. Due to its proportions, the Lawson has a boxy shape with a tailored back, which is as high as the depth of the seat and much lower arms. This sofa is perfect for napping due to comfortable cushions and low arms.

  • Settee or a Love Seat

Settee or a Love Seat
It has a distinct straight back and can easily fit into small spaces and nooks, which provides a cozy, intimate seating and can easily seat two. They can also fit quite nicely in bedrooms due to their compact size. If you are looking to cozy up to your partner, there is no better choice than a settee.

  • Divan

A divan is a sofa, which is usually without a back. It offers you the choice to place pillows in a number of ways. It is not very practical because of its backless construction. Moreover, it cannot be placed just anywhere. You need to place it against an empty wall if you have the desire to place pillows on it. If that is not possible, sitting on a divan is a formal business.

Low-Seat Sofa Styles

Low-Seat Sofa Styles
Although not a category into itself, low seat sofa styles can span multiple types of sofas. Their versatile styles enables them to be placed in family rooms, entertainment rooms, living room as well as bedrooms. They offer comfort and an aura of informality, which is perfect for lounging and napping. Typically the height of a low-seat sofa is 18 inches.

These are just some basic sofa styles that will upgrade the look of your home in an instant. From drinking your first cup of coffee and starting your day, to ending the night with a nice cup of tea or a glass of wine, a sofa will be your companion for most of your life. Choose one that you will love and enjoy.

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