30 Most Attractive Ocean Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

Colorful Upper Back Waves Tattoo

You cannot simply go wrong with the choice of an Ocean Wave Tattoo Design. Eternalized on the skin by the millions of tattoo enthusiasts the world over, we have chosen the 30 best ocean wave ink designs that you can select from and make a powerful statement to the world. The wave designs are extremely popular the world over and much coveted. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into this exquisite collection of the world’s best tattoo design depicting the depth of the ocean, the serenity of the beaches, and the power of imagery all rolled into a stunning design that will be the envy of all those who behold.

{ 1 } Simple Wave Tattoo Wrist Design

Simple Wave Tattoo Wrist Design
Feel the cool breeze of the ocean as it sends its waves crashing towards you. This simple wave tattoo holds a unique perspective for the individual who sports it on their wrist. The ocean is eternally present, calling out to you. It’s your constant companion and is also on the move, very much like you. Beautifully drawn with a few simple lines, this is one good tattoo to have.

{ 2 } Waves and Sun Linework Ink

Waves and Sun Linework Ink
Imagine the warmth of the sun engulfed by the freshness of the ocean. This fantastic tattoo will send a sense of thrill down your spine. Want to experience both the elements of nature in all their glory; this is the design for you. It is a delightful amalgamation of two powerful entities that belong to the universe we are a part of. This is one of the classic tattoo designs that can be preferred by both men and women, which sends out a message that you are omnipresent but also unique.

{ 3 } Upper Shoulder Waves Design Tattoo

Upper Shoulder Waves Design Tattoo
This is another favorite for all the tattoo enthusiasts. The waves design tattoo. Check out the delicate curls of the oceanic waves as they rise and fall is beautifully captured in this excellent tattoo design. It gives out the message that you are an individual who is aware of the ups and downs that life throws at you. But you are as strong as the ocean and would meet all such calamities head-on and strongly. The waves also seem poised to attack, which again highlights your attitude of a go-getter.

{ 4 } Beautiful Waves in Triangle Design

Beautiful Waves in Triangle Design
Add a little bit of color to the proceedings and this gorgeous tattoo is the outcome. The Waves in a triangle design is a bold attempt to symbolize controlled chaos. Highlighting a high sense of passion, the wave of the ocean trying and succeeding to splash out of the boundaries set is a strong message being sent by the individual who sports this exquisite tattoo design. It seems to say, “You can try to contain me, but the way I am I will always find a path for myself and be heard and seen!” It is quite popular for its rich hues and fluidity that it seems to express.

{ 5 } Geometric Wave Pattern Tattoo

Geometric Wave Pattern Tattoo
A strategic mix of the unpredictability of the oceanic wave meets the calculability of geometry. You can notice the sheer attention that has been given to each part of the wave design as bold black lines are entwined to project the image of a rising wave. The placement of the tattoo design is intelligently planned and portrayed. The design feels like the wave has gently risen and is beckoning you towards it. A lovely way to convey to the world that you are approachable and open to new ideas, experiences, and beginnings!

{ 6 } Abstract Wave Design Back Ink

Abstract Wave Design Back Ink
This wave design transcends the whole concept of your regular wave to several notches high. The artistic element is at its pinnacle with this tattoo design. Drawn with the flair of a trained artistic eye, this tattoo design holds the capabilities to draw you in with the fra lines and the dark splotches of water. Observing the design gives a sense of wonderment as the disorder in the design seems to be well planned, and you are exactly like this. Messy to look at but rooted in solid beauty.

{ 7 } Simple Beach Wave Design

Simple Beach Wave Design
Serenity and sand are the two take away from this simple yet elegant tattoo design, which portrays a simple circular wave about to submerge some bits of the sky in its fold. For those tattoo lovers who might want to sport a simple yet meaningful tattoo, this particular design is compelling. Sported by both men and women, circular wave designs are the flavor of choice for the entry-level aficionados of tattoo art. Symbolizing the perception of summer, this is the perfect tattoo design to welcome the summer season.

{ 8 } Tribal Wave Design Ink

Tribal Wave Design Ink
This intricate tribal design, which showcases a rising wave encapsulated inside a semi dotted circular figure, is both diverse and beautiful. It holds within itself multiple styles from the intricately described wave figure to the careful circle; this is one of the hot favorites for anyone wanting to sport a wave tattoo but wants something bold and elegant. Very earthy and done in elaborate black shapes, the tribal wave design would effortlessly fascinate people and garner much attention from the loving tattoo population of the world. Choose this, and you would never go wrong.

{ 9 } Waves Pattern Forearm Band

Waves Pattern Forearm Band
Draw inspiration from the wave pattern tattoo design. Planned and designed in elaborate detail, this tattoo sends out the message that you are rearing to go. Just like the waves rising higher and higher, your aspirations are also sky-high, but at the same time, you will remain grounded. The swirling waves give a sense of being both dynamic and calm. You take away a sense of boldness at the same time it showcases a feeling of steadiness like the ocean.

{ 10 } Colorful Ocean Wave Tattoo Design

Colorful Ocean Wave Tattoo Design
This tattoo design is sober and at the same time, powerful. The delightful shades of blue and white colors symbolize your love for the water. But then in the very next instance, the ferocious ability of the ocean can be seen encircling what looks like a boat amid the waves. This is one of the most extraordinary tattoo design ideas which can turn out to be a great conversation starter too.

{ 11 } Unique Waves and Flower Design

Unique Waves and Flower Design
A marvelous conception of waves and flowers, this elegant tattoo design holds the realistic portrayal of an oceanic wave culminating in a flower. The perfect merger of a vibrant bluish hue meeting the reddish stamp is one of its kind creations. It also has the depiction of a turtle spreading its limbs as it descends into the depths of the water. It gives the distinct image of a free soul.

{ 12 } Waves Design on Back Hand

Waves Design on Back Hand
This fabulous depiction of rising ocean waves is a beautiful tattoo to grace your hands. Just look at the detailed shading and line work in the intricate wave pattern! The rising waves symbolize energy and adventure. They are dangerous and at the same time very alluring. The rising waves tattoo ink symbolizes your free spirit and your readiness to face the next adventure of your life. It is also a nod to your love for nature, especially the allure of the ocean.

{ 13 } Geometric Water Waves Design

Geometric Water Waves Design Ink
This delectable combination of geometric pattern design with the natural essence of the ocean gives a tattoo design that is much coveted by many tattoo lovers across the world. What you get is the intricacies of geometry finely printed beside the beautiful and mystical oceanic wave captured within a circle. This guarantees a second look and a discussion over the magic of symmetry in the world we live in. Prepare to hold the audience in awe with this beautiful ink work.

{ 14 } Nautical Waves and Ship

Nautical Waves and Ship Ink
Nothing symbolizes the spirit of adventure, like the sails of a ship ready to be unfurled. Pictured amidst the lapping waves and the rumbling clouds, this exquisite depiction titled Nautical Waves and Ship has a unique appeal. It is incredibly breathtaking to look at, but at the same time, it gives the aura of strength and power. The rain depicted by slanting lines adds to the magic of this ethereal creation inked on your arm.

{ 15 } Minimalist Style Wave Tattoo

Minimalist Style Wave Tattoo Design
If you want the simplicity of nature but also the illusion of the mighty ocean, then this is the best tattoo design for you. In just one single stroke, the artist manages to capture both the magic and allure of the beach wave. It is a single entity, and yet it symbolizes the entire brute force of its mother ocean. Minimalism is the mantra that the world keeps chanting these days; join the club with this lovely design.

{ 16 } Ankle Ink of Beautiful Waves

Ankle Ink of Beautiful Waves
This is one exquisite design that attracts and appeals like no other. Using an abundance of the blue color, this incredibly realistic depiction of the oceanic wave will blow your mind. The calm of the receding wave and the roar of the crashing one is aptly captured in this one, which will do exactly what an unbridled wave does- it will knock the wind out of your lungs.

{ 17 } Colorful Upper Back Waves Tattoo

Colorful Upper Back Waves Tattoo
If you want to be immediately transported to one of the most untouched, pristine beaches in the country, then this rhythmic beauty is the design for you. Depicting the crashing waves on a white sand beach, this particular wave tattoo has the potential to call out to the outdoor enthusiast in you. At the same time, it also manages to make you feel like home with its sense of calm and peace.

{ 18 } Tiny Wave Tattoo Design

Tiny Wave Design Ink
Behold this intelligently crafted out of this world kind of incredible piece of art that is – the tiny wave design. To look at it, one would read so many meanings to it. At the first look, it seems to have mirrored an oceanic wave. On the second look, you can see that it also sends across the feeling of having reversed reality. But on further exploration, you can take away the magical infinity symbol, which means to say you will carry on for eternity and always be present.

{ 19 } Wave Pattern Leg Band Design

Wave Pattern Leg Band Design
If you want the definition of risqué, then go with this particular Wave pattern design. It feels like a continuum, but it also feels like the beginning and an end in itself. You can’t go wrong with this unique piece of design. Alternatively, you can even sport this on your forearms or as has been showcased on the best part of your calf, accentuating your well-sculpted figure. This tattoo does showcase the best part of you.

{ 20 } Stunning Half Sleeve Wave Tattoo

Stunning Half Sleeve Wave Tattoo
The best way to define this brilliant piece of art is to call it beautiful chaos. Representing the stormy sea or the agitating ocean this is one sparkling work of ink that brings together enterprise and gorgeousness. Sport it on your arms and take away looks of admiration and amazement at this splendid work. Prepare to go out into the world, which is but a reflection of what you have inked on your arms.

{ 21 } Mermaid and Waves Ankle Ink

Mermaid and Waves Ankle Ink
Visualizing the receding waves does give a sense of mystic to the observers. One wonders what the ocean holds in its bosom. What deep dark secrets lie in the depths of the ocean. What is it that the waves are trying to protect from the world? And then you see it, the tail of the mermaid. This piece of ink does precisely that. It throws the idea of many mysteries of the oceanic depths right at you. It’s a superb choice for an ankle tattoo.

{ 22 } Pretty Ocean Wave Side Tattoo

Pretty Ocean Wave Side Tattoo
This tattoo design is a standalone work surmised in one nice side visage. Beautiful and bold to look at, the ink is entirely black and sends out the message that when the oceans come calling, its time to join it and enjoy the great embrace of the waves. Simple to look at, it hides well the complex design and the strong message of welcome it gives. Sport this design if you want to showcase an open heart to the world.

{ 23 } Full Sleeve Japanese Style Waves Tattoo

Full Sleeve Japanese Style Waves Tattoo
Crafted and polished across centuries from this ancient culture; the Japanese tattoo sends out numerous messages. Though you really would love the whole spiritual symbology that lies heavily within the message, you can simply sport this predominantly black ink for the sheer beauty of the waves rushing to meet each other. It also helps to wear a look from one of the oldest cultures rich in both mythology and history.

{ 24 } Striped Geometric Wave Pattern

Striped Geometric Wave Pattern
Several lines coming together symmetrically are usually the foundation of geometric tattoos. And often, a compelling message is delivered through the means of drawing an interesting perception. But no one is prepared for this brilliant design of ink, which with its perfect blend of equidistant lines, tries to project the illusion of a wave that has ascended but only up to a certain precise height. This striped geometric wave pattern is one to watch out for definitely.

{ 25 } Waves And Mermaid Back Ink

Waves And Mermaid Back Ink
The perfect blend of water, mythology inside a circle is one of the finest designs for the back. The rising and falling waves try desperately in this beautiful creation to protect the inhabitants from roving eyes. But one still ends up spotting the disappearing tail of the mermaid. If you want a story to tell on your evenings out at the beach, this is a good starting point. And it also helps that the churning ocean mesmerizes the viewer in this one.

{ 26 } Dotwork Waves Armband Design

Dotwork Waves Armband Design
Captivate the audience with this unique tattoo design of the larger wave facing off with, the younger, tinier wave. But the real beauty lies in the fact that the whole magic has been created on your arm with a dotwork design. For a striking visual impact, this design uses black ink for a fantastic masterful conclusion. You can’t take away your eyes from the shading and attempt to convey a deeper spiritual meaning.

{ 27 } Sunset and Ocean Waves Ink

Sunset and Ocean Waves Ink
A panorama of color splashed right across the entire arm in this ensemble work of art. Prepare to enthrall the world with a delightful combination of two of the most beautiful sights in the whole world. The magic of the setting sun coupling with the waning blue sky as it prepares to embrace the night. There is a symphony of color in this beautiful design. Stand out and appeals to everyone who witnesses this ink work.

{ 28 } Artistic Forearm Wave Tattoo

Artistic Forearm Wave Ink
Get this uber cool trendy mélange of the most enchanting blue shaded oceanic wave pattern. A hot favorite this one never fades out of style or demand. Essentially representing the struggling sea trying to control itself, seek this tattoo design out to stand apart from the rest. One of the most favored tattoo designs as per tattoo artists’ world over; you can never go wrong with this one. Get the wave tattoo design inked today.

{ 29 } Japanese Waves and Dragon Tattoo

Japanese Waves and Dragon Tattoo
Become enamored by this Japanese waves and dragon tattoo design. The theme of dragons has always been closely linked to Japanese culture. This remarkable design will be a source of great curiosity and appreciation. The soaring ferocious dragon amidst myriad oceanic waves is one of the most intricate needle arts tattoo lovers love to have. They want to emulate these mythical creatures, and the closest you can get to the dragon is through this tattoo.

{ 30 } Ocean Wave Tattoo on Forearm

Ocean Wave Tattoo on Forearm
This stunning depiction of the rising oceanic wave held within a circle will continue to remain one of the best representations of life. Check out this delightful image of the backing up wave shaded in black ink, answering to the white frothing oceanic water. Something you can choose to send out a solid note to the whole world that you can be innovative like the rising wave while grounded in robust traditions like the lathering water.

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