Why You Should Take a Waterproof Backpack to Your First Surf Class

Waterproof Backpack to Your First Surf Class

There is nothing more challenging and exhilarating than riding the waves. Whether you choose to visit Australia’s Byron Bay for its tubes and solid walls, or Mexico’s Puerto Escondido for its amazing barrels, the waves are there for the riding.

If you’re just about to go on your first surf class, large waves may still be entirely out-of-reach for you. However, with enough practice and commitment, you will be riding some of Hawaii’s biggest swells in no time. But before that, it’s crucial to come to your first surf class prepared.

Your preparation should begin with choosing an excellent waterproof backpack and packing it with all the necessary surf essentials.

Your Things Will Be Safe Inside

Your Things Will Be Safe Inside
Heading down to the beach may seem like a leisurely activity with no cause for worries. However, visiting gorgeous shores to learn how to conquer the waves requires a different amount of preparation. Your surfing experience is only as good as how well you prepare for it, so there is nothing wrong with being safer unless you want to be sorry.

Still, it’s common for people to neglect to take a good waterproof bag to surfing classes. A waterproof bag remains to be one of the essentials to any beach encounter because it will keep all your things safe from the beach’s natural elements. An excellent waterproof backpack is non-porous and is impenetrable by sand, water, dirt, and rain.

The last thing you want to happen is for your new phone to suffer from sand damage or, worse, end up soaking wet. You will never find yourself worrying about these by using a waterproof backpack.

Your Stuff Will Stay Dry

Your Stuff Will Stay Dry
With surf classes, there is no escaping from the water. Large bodies of water are some of the most beautiful things in the world, especially if you love the water enough to try surfing. But as much as it is lovely, the sea can be tough sometimes, like when you’re trying to keep things dry.

When lounging around the beach while preparing for your long-awaited surf classes, you might have to leave your stuff on the shore occasionally. Even if you rent beach accommodation, you still need to keep a few things with you at all times. These include your phone, towels, and an extra set of clothes—things that you always want to stay dry.

When you have these thrown in into an ordinary bag, a little splash from the sea or a tiny rain shower will instantly get them wet. That’s why opting for a waterproof backpack is the best thing you can do to avoid the headache of dealing with getting your things accidentally wet.

Surf Must-Haves to Keep Inside Your Waterproof Bag

Surf Must-Haves to Keep Inside Your Waterproof Bag
Now that you know why you should own a waterproof bag, the only thing left to consider is what to put inside. Here are some essentials to keep inside your pack and get you ready for your first surf class.

  1. Towel. To keep yourself dry, do not forget to take a towel large enough to wrap around your body.
  2. Sunscreen. A reliable sunscreen will keep you safe from the sun’s UV rays and prevent sunburns. Choose one with the highest SPF content you can find for extra protection.
  3. Wetsuit. The water is often cold, and you should not wear a bikini until you have gotten used to the temperature. A wetsuit can be used for various watersports and is excellent for beginners and pro surfers alike.
  4. Reef Shoes. You will be surprised by how often beginners neglect feet protection. Wetsuits do not cover your feet, so keep them safe from getting too cold with reef shoes. They will also help you get a better grip on surfboards.

With these tips and a good waterproof bag, you should be up and ready for your first surf class. Consider traveling to Australia if you want to hit the waves in the last quarter of the year. The only thing left for you to do is to book some tickets and have fun!

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