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Home Refurbishment: White Marble Home Decor In London

Home refurbishment may be an exhausting task. However, it gives an opportunity for you to re-imagine your home in a way you have never done before. You can plan each and every part of the home and fill it with artistic impressions. A home does not have to remain a home anymore. It can be much more than that with white marble home decor. The best part is you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for decorating your home. With a little ingenuity and research, you can have a fun place to live in without going over the top. Here are the top 13 home interior design ideas that can rekindle your tryst with creativity. There are various home interior design companies that are passionate about creating engaging and attractive homes.

London Based Architects MWAI have completed the turnkey refurbishment of a family home in Belgravia, London and beautiful photography of this project did by Alexander James. Get inspired by this project to create a brighter home with a more spacious, sophisticated, contemporary feel.

Marble Mantel In Living Room

Marble Mantel In Living Room

Living Room Entrance Dining Room

Small Flower Pot on Mantel Decoration

Living Area Outdoor Space
Marble is a marvelous piece of art in itself and having a white colored marble design for your home refurbishment is just too awesome. Re-imagine your floors with high polish marble design. This design takes idiosyncrasy to a new level by having a mantel made of marble. This pure white marble home decor design is rightly adorned with natural sunlight that increases the visual appeal of this design. With the help of a large mirror, this design does not have an empty space and utilizes all the elements available to deliver a maximum serene view. The mantle is also decorated with antique type vases that increase the aesthetic sense.

Bedroom Before and After

Natural Colour Master Bedroom Before and After
This design gives you an idea how a carefully planned interior design can elevate the home-dwelling experience especially The Master Bedroom. The bedroom before has a neutral color white with no extra elements. Although it is nice to have a simple bedroom it does not relate the heart of the viewer. As you can see from the Bedroom after white marble home decor design, the walls are painted with a black and white classic design with flowers that immediately raises the emotional level of this bedroom. Moreover, with an appropriate color, wall curtains and the chandelier which is of an quirky design, this bedroom is too good to be true.

Dining Room With Natural Light

Dining Room With Natural Light
Everyone would love this dining room with white marble home decor design that has pure natural sunlight. This dining room design is ideal for morning chats with your family before you rush off to work. The ceiling hanging design with origami-style birds is something that will surprise the onlooker. This is a creative design that can spark a lot of fun conversations and the natural setting is soothing. To amplify the effect, a clean and simple dining table design with a grey themed sitting chair is an ideal choice. Since this dining hall is near to the windows, there is no need for artificial lighting. The wall curtains also match the theme of the dining room perfectly.

Open Kitchen Designs With Living Room

Open Kitchen Designs Marble Island
Open kitchen Designs that are attached to a living room are excellent choices in case you have a large area. This home refurbishment design increases the roominess of the space and has everything in its place intuitively. This white themed decor design has incredibly attractive kitchen shelves keeping every material in order. The white marble on the floor is one of the best elements in this design. The patterns in the marble work well with the overall idea. Having a Dining Table in The Kitchen Instead of The Living Room is a good way to utilize space. This design makes effective use of the natural sunlight to highlight its elements.

Staircase Lighting

Staircase Lighting

Marble Staircase Birdseye View

Staircase Lighting Design
When you are adorning the entire house with the white theme, why leave the staircase? This innovative idea has to light on the side of the staircase wall. The light follows in your every step and turns the boring lighting design on its head. This elegant design follows the spiral staircase and helps in increasing the design value. It is useful in lighting the pathway at night so that you don’t accidentally misstep during moving up and down the staircase. The color scheme is white and is the right match for the overall white design elements.

Hallway Staircase

Dark Hallway Staircase
Hallway staircase does not need to be dull. You can have a white themed staircase that blends well with the flooring. The design has grey colored carpet on the staircase that prevents slipping down the stairs and also plays a crucial element in the overall scheme. This design uses the bottom space effectively. Compared to other designs, this staircase does not reduce the room space and fits well in the room. Since this staircase is white, this design is soothing to the eyes.

Big White Floor Lamp Bookshelves

Big White Floor Lamp Bookshelves
There are no words to describe the ingenuity of this home refurbishment design. This bookshelf is a work of art and integrates seamlessly with the rest of the room. This room also has a magnificent white lamp that raises the loveliness of this design. This design has the best pairings in terms of design, placement, and aesthetics. The attractiveness and the intelligent design that seamlessly blends with the room is superior. It augments the classic white color that is pleasing to the eyes and heartwarming to the onlooker.

Nest Thermostat Hallway

Nest Thermostat Hallway

Hallway Door

Hallway Off White Wall Wood Floor
Give your home a technological twist. This design integrates an advanced Internet of Things system from the company Nest and seamlessly integrates with the rest of the design. With this smart thermostat, you can control the temperature of your home with your voice. This thermostat intelligently knows your presence and turns on or off the heater based on your requirements. This gives your home an high tech feels and you can enjoy your evening with your loved ones on the sofa without having to get up every time when you need to change temperature.

Wardrobe Marble Handle

Wardrobe Box Window

Wardrobe Marble Handle

Wardrobe Detail Marble Inlay Handle
A wardrobe is an essential part of any home. Having a wardrobe with elements of marble in its parts make it more attractive. This wardrobe elegantly fits with the overall ambiance and has an added aesthetic element of marble handle. It has a towering height with six shelves and has ample space to keep all your family’s belongings in one place. It is not only functional but also beautifies the room with its presence. The design has a certain subtlety to it and does not pretend to be too flashy.

Bathroom Marble Wash Basin

Bathroom Marble Wash Basin

Bathroom Marble Basin Copper Fixtures

Marble Wash Basin Round Mirror

Bathroom Marble Wall Design
Elegance is the word that is suitable for this bathroom design. It has taken the marble concept with an innovative wash basin shape and heightens the artistic feel of this bathroom. It has a high-quality mirror with amazing design and is the perfect seductress. Just take a look at the 5 Most Stylish Way to Decor Mirror in Bathroom. This bathroom has a palace like appeal and is sure to make your bath time a pleasurable one. The textured design in the marble works well with the white theme and has a nice blend of it.

Dark Polished Plaster

Dark Polished Plaster
Who says walls have to be boring. This wall with the darkly polished plaster is the perfect example of simple yet vibrant design. Although the color is singular, the textures in the design add a significant charm to the wall. This home refurbishment is a quirky design and is sure to raise eyebrows. This interior design brings out the essence of this room.

Marble Bathroom Design

Marble Bathroom Design

Bathroom Door Handle

Bathroom Marble Wall
This design has marble design everywhere, on the floors and the walls. It is a nice way to splash extravagance in this kind of design where not only your floors but your walls are also decorated with vibrant tile textures. The alluring beauty this design depicts is an example of exemplary artistic sense that defies common knowledge.

Shower Geometric Tiles

Shower Geometric Tiles
This Shower design is one of the best designs based on tiles. Instead of textures, this design has symmetrical geometric shapes that add together to give a mesmerizing feel. This design is different from the traditional tile ones and speaks a style statement.

The vast collection of home interior designs gives you endless options for combination and creative style integration. A good interior designer focuses on the material and resources available and brings the client’s dream to reality in ingenious ways. Visit your nearest home interior design company today and make the incredible world yours today.

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