Unique 41+ Contemporary Exterior Design That Look Exclusive

Contemporary Exterior Design

We all get several ideas for our interiors, architectures will tell you how to beautify the inner area of your house or office but what about the Exteriors? You might be able to get a plethora of ideas for that. Have you thought how will your main entrance look like, what will be the first thing you want to see when you reach your home back from a hectic day? If not and still wondering how to add the glam to your house exterior, we are here telling you more than 41 unique Contemporary Exterior Design ideas which you can easily incorporate. Explore them yourself to witness the magic. Here you can see Latest Ideas For Contemporary Kitchen Designs

{ 1 } House With Ocean View (Via Saota | Photo By Adam Letch, Mark Williams & Mickey Hoyle for VISI)

House With Ocean View
This contemporary exterior design is kissing the ocean blue and the evening blue skies giving a serene view. This family home has a mixture of both East and West. the scene encompasses a transparent rooftop compartment that unites one with the sky. The experience is elevated by the swimming pool with cool blue water. The timber cladding, stone, and the off-screen concrete get the building to blur into the visual naturally. The green pasture near the pool adds to the appeal.

{ 2 } Multi Compartmented Exterior (Via Phil Ryan)

Multi Compartmented Exterior
This design has all the making to capture the heart. It is tightly surrounded by forest greenery with its wild area giving a surreal experience. The multi-compartment with the winding staircase has a good number of rooms. This exterior enables the individual to be one with nature. The magnanimous pine trees tower around the home giving a cool atmosphere to the outside area. This off the grid apartment placed in the midst of nature raises your soul to a spiritual epiphany.

{ 3 } Modern Home Entrance Design (Via Christopher Simmonds Architect | Photo By Double Space)

Modern Home Entrance Design
This exterior design has a welcoming entrance that shows off what is present in the interior. It is an effective combination of marble and classic contemporary exterior design elements to give a normal home an updated view. The colors blend well with the evening lights and the person visiting this home would be fantasized by the raw nature of the stone design. This entrance design portrays a holistic and sustainable design which is exemplified by the green surroundings and the Exquisitely Designed Swimming Pool.

{ 4 } Wood Siding Exterior Design (Via John Maniscalco Architecture | Photo By Joe Fletcher)

Wood Siding Exterior Design
Wood invokes an antique feel in any design. Incorporating wooden elements on the exterior walls adds a fantastical view. This design has an unparalleled taste with unique tree house like feel towards it. The unique customized wood finishing with varied color shades of maroon is too good to ignore. The wooden siding is available in all the compartments with uniformity. This exterior design can update an old home and give a refreshing style.

{ 5 } Small Contemporary Front Garden Exterior (Via John Kraemer & Sons & GT Design & Landscapes | Photo By LandMark Photography)

Small Contemporary Front Garden Exterior
Gardens are an important element to a home’s peaceful dwelling and this contemporary exterior design exemplifies the unique way in which a well-maintained garden can enhance the nice feeling of the home. This exterior design is made of wood that glows in the yellowish sodium color. In combination with a textured marble sidewall design, this home is truly one of a kind. Its attractiveness comes from the fact that the front garden is an integral part of the design.

{ 6 } Trendy Gray Exterior (Via Fine Lines Design | Photo By Adrian Ozimek)

Trendy Gray Exterior
This design is trendy and also has an alluring view. Its grey themed design inspires the cement building in the urban dwelling. However, it has a large front lawn that converts this view into something that will be remembered for a long time. The roof design has a minimalist feel to it and does not try too much to show itself different. The features of this exterior arouse interest to the eyes. The stairs are also designed with transparency in mind.

{ 7 } Gable Roof Balcony (Via Zorzi Builders)

Gable Roof Balcony
This roof balcony with attractive sunroof tiles is the perfect example of austerity. This contemporary exterior design coupled with nice looking, towering palm trees are the best attractions. The palm tree inspired textures in the sidewalls add to the beauty of this design. The balcony has a nice view because of its height and is an integral element of the exterior. This roof is awesome with the classic design that never goes out of fashion.

{ 8 } Concrete House Design (Via Jonathan Segal)

Concrete House Design
This exterior design with concrete inspired tile evokes an awe-inspiring feeling. This is an unconventional design and goes way out of the traditional home design. Its unique and creative design is shown by the way the swimming pool surrounds one side of the home and a garden on the other side. This contemporary exterior design has a nice front area made of concrete tiles that is custom built for relaxing and having a good time.

{ 9 } Mid-sized Contemporary Wood Exterior (Via Rrockefeller Partners Architects | Photo By Eric Staudenmaier)

Perforated Metal Exterior
This is a contemporary exterior design ideal for mid-sized home which does not have a large front area. This home is wrapped in cedar wood with an elevated front space. It has a balcony at two levels that give an awesome view. This contemporary exterior design has a cantilevered roofline that is not seen anywhere else. It has different designs for the facade. Its cedar wood is low sheen and with a polyurethane finish. This home is a contemporary continental design with an Asian flair.

{ 10 } Landscaped Gardens With Black Exterior (Via Castanes Architects | Photo By Aaron Leitz)

Landscaped Gardens With Black Exterior
This black themed design is arousing the melancholy of the heart with its carefully selected design elements. It has an east faced elevation and has open space. Its spacious balcony is focused on the gardens that are beautifully landscaped and the lake view which is stunning. Anyone would love to spend time in this home for a long time. It is an added advantage that this home is blessing with mountainous surrounding.

{ 11 } Perforated Metal Exterior (Via Mills Gorman Architects)

Mid-sized Contemporary Wood Exterior
This metal exterior design has a perforated aluminum design. The western side of the home has a beautiful pathway to the well-maintained garden. It has an added laser cut steel which is placed above the existing structure. This design is quirky and evokes interest in the mind of the onlooker. The brick and stone combination in the walls is one of the best features of this design. It has a glass railing with art and hooves curves to give an eerie feeling.

{ 12 } Large Gray Mixed Siding Flat Roof (Via Elemental Architecture | Photo By Dale Tu)

Large Gray Mixed Siding Flat Roof
This design has a flat cantilever based roof with the wood finish on the bottom side of it. It incorporates natural elements such as boulders which are integrated into the exterior design effectively. The contemporary exterior design incorporates black panels with the combination of cedar wood. This is an extraordinary view with great aesthetic sense. It has recurring elements of stone, concrete, and wood all over the design giving it an appealing view.

{ 13 } Block House With Vaulted Rooftops (Via Nico VD Meulen Architects )

Block House With Vaulted Rooftops
This blockhouse design has stripped wooden design. The top compartment has a transparent design with glass exterior that augments the serene feel this house exudes. This home has a wood inspired pathway that cuts across the lawn is mesmerizing. A walk through this front lawn gives an excellent evening time. The swimming pool design is contemporary and integrates flawlessly with the overall design.

{ 14 } Wooden Front Elevation (Via Ibrahem Magdy)

Wooden Front Elevation
This contemporary exterior design takes ideas from the brick textural elements and has a wooden front elevation. This is a three-storied design with two balconies and has a glass padded front. The square-shaped design is well designed with a modern sense of architecture. This luxurious design is one of the best with integral modern building techniques incorporated with its elements. The front portion has ample enough space for parking cars.

{ 15 } Off White Exterior Wall Paint WB Homes | Photo By D-Max

Off White Exterior Wall Paint
This complete white wall design has multiple blocks shaped design that is quirky and builds to the differentiation this design creates with the modern architecture. The elements of the house build with each other and give you a fine view. The top compartment design has a very elegant balcony and surrounded by lush greenery. The goodness of the aesthetics amplified by the pure white exterior paint.

{ 16 } Contemporary Brown Wood Exterior (Via Pearson Design Group)

Contemporary Brown Wood Exterior
This mountain marvel has large Windows surrounded by snow-clad mountains. it has horizontal wood siding and the intelligent use of stone amplifies the feel attained by this design. Combination of black steel and Stone with highly aesthetic use of materials is the main attraction. It is a gorgeous looking ski cabin and has a modular box design. It has an industrial sense to eat with a flat roof. The elevation design with very well with the overall concept.

{ 17 } Large White Brick Exterior (Via JL+A Design Firm & Hayes Signature Homes)

Large White Brick Exterior
This has a unique contemporary exterior design of white painted brick with stucco. This is a modern home with the exotic brick exterior. It is a very good handle this problem nontrees surrounding it. The wall siding with dark colors matches well with the window frame color. The front elevation is designed well with good aesthetic elements. It is a great color palette and the combination reflects contemporary taste.

{ 18 } Contemporary Concrete Exterior (Via SHM Architects | Photo By Nathan Schroder)

Contemporary Concrete Exterior
This house has a concrete exterior that follows a modern architectural style. Their inspired design with the dark grey roof tiles is an ideal combination. The design is simplistic and the stucco finish has a timeless value. The black Windows with concrete color combination gives an aesthetic beauty. It is a reference to a traditional house shape and the cement color has a certain warmth to it.

{ 19 } Contemporary Glass Exterior (Via Weygand Badani Architectes)

Contemporary Glass Exterior
The outline is plain with a transparent glass exterior and the stucco complete has an ageless esteem. This contemporary exterior design has a solid front portion that has a cutting edge compositional style. They roused outline with the dim rooftop tiles are a perfect mix. The balcony with solid shading mix gives a tasteful delight. It has a conventional house design and the glass-based design is definitely a catchy thing.

{ 20 } Mid-sized Gray Brick Exterior (Via Rodriguez Studio | Photo By David Joseph)

Mid-sized Gray Brick Exterior
This home exterior outline is inspired by the block textural components and has a grey colored brick elements in its design. The front area has sufficiently sufficient space and has a concrete pathway colored in grey. This has large glass windows with two overhangs and has a glass cushioned front. This design has an all-around plan with modern-day engineering. This lavish plan is truly outstanding with essential current building aesthetics consolidated with its components.

{ 21 } Trendy Mixed Siding Exterior Home Design (Via Steve Domoney Architecture)

Trendy Mixed Siding Exterior Home Design
This design has a trendy feel to it and has sun control timber battens that are useful for deflecting sunlight. It has an interior courtyard and the facade has timber battens along one of the sides. This contemporary exterior design has a sunny disposition to it and keeps the home cooler. The overhang design of the upper apartment is out of the ordinary. The timber slider on the aluminum frame is easy to operate and works wonderfully with the overall design elements.

{ 22 } Large Stone Exterior Home (Via Jay Hargrave Architecture)

Large Stone Exterior Home
This isolated home with the large stone exterior design is one of a kind. It has a strong rural sense to it and has the benefit of being placed on a small hill. This gives the design a rare and exotic look. The innovativeness is expanded with the serpentine driveway which curves along the landscape’s contours and has an elegant view. This design has an interesting cool look and has classic indoor and outdoor living elements coming together in a proper way.

{ 23 } Contemporary White Stucco Flat Roof (Via Novell Design Build, MAA Studio & Towne Millwork | Photo By Janis Nicolay)

Contemporary White Stucco Flat Roof
There should be no compromise when it comes to home exteriors. Superior tile design with High-quality white wall color and doors with bright yellow designs make this design too good to be true. When you look from the outside, the design evokes a dizzy pleasure and it is exquisite like your day. This is an architecture to enjoy from outside with a nice evening tea. This sunset residence has a premium atmosphere to it.

{ 24 } Contemporary Exterior Design (Via Saota & Studio Parkington | Photo By Adam Letch)

Contemporary Exterior Design
This exterior plan is in vogue and furthermore has a charming perspective. Its uncustomary configuration motivates the mind to be different. In the classic design sense, it has an expansive front grass that enhances this view into something that will be associated with nature. The rooftop with mountains in the background has a moderate vibe to it. The scene is exemplary and does not attempt excessively to show its extraordinary atmosphere. The highlights of this design excite enthusiasm to the eyes.

{ 25 } Triangular Window Modern House (Via )

Triangular Window Modern House
This is a straightforward design with individualistic triangular window designs. This is a contemporary design and stands out like a modern art. Any art lover would identify with this design which does not try to blend with the tradition. It portrays a design statement of its own and has lots of must-have elements within the exterior. The balcony is adorned with a lot of plants and shrubs and increases the appeal

{ 26 } Glass Exterior Design (Via Steven Vandenborre)

Glass Exterior Design
This glass exterior has an unorthodox design with glass kept at different angles in different floors. It is an artistic marvel and is sure to capture the attention of the onlooker. It stands out from conventionality and creates an atmosphere of innovation, creativity and artistic flair. This design is the product of an artist and speaks volumes about the free-spirited design philosophy. It is an excellent design choice for someone who is an individualist.

{ 27 } Big Window Contemporary House

Big Window Contemporary House
Windows do not need to be only functional and can be an integral part of the design. This elegantly designed window fits well with the exterior view and is the first thing anyone would notice because of its elegant and thoughtful design. This window design is appropriate for getting a good amount of sunlight. The natural sunlight illuminates the home in unexplainable ways. It is an exemplary example of the modern architecture.

{ 28 } Small Size Black Exterior Design (Via Christopher Polly Architect | Photo By Brett Boardman)

Small Size Black Exterior Design
Simple black is a color that works well with any light shades and having a Black Themed Exterior Design is one of the good design choices. This design is good for small size homes and has an aesthetic color combination. It has a distinct feel and the Venetian blinds give the essential sun protection. This system offers full privacy when required. The air flow can be adjusted dynamically with the motorized blinds.

{ 29 } Blue Exterior Beach Bungalow (Via Laney La Inc | Photo By Ryan Garvin)

Blue Exterior Beach Bungalow
This beach bungalow with the blue background is exotic and has a modern interpretation of the artistic elements. This bungalow is stunning and lifts the spirits of the person dwelling it. The main living spaces with the reverse floor plan have ocean views which are unbelievable and the vaulted ceilings are a nice addition to the design. It has a sloped walk street and the distinct roofline is visible from a distance.

{ 30 } Brick Pillars Multi-Level Roof (Via Up Side Development)

Brick Pillars Multi-Level Roof
This is a novel design with brick pillar as the core concept. It has a multi-level design that has an attractive flat roof. The black colored brick with wooden wall adornment is a classic contrast and it is surely an eye-catching design. The outlandish design makes it individualistic and the finish of the wooden elements is beyond imagination. This is an avant-garde design with the modern elementary assets.

{ 31 } White Stucco Exterior With Gambrel Metal Roof (Via Blue Horse Building & Alter Studio Architecture)

White Stucco Exterior With Gambrel Metal Roof
This has a curvy gambrel metal roof and has a pure white stucco exterior design. It is an environmentally friendly design and has safe elements along with it. This home is in the midst of the woods and re-imagines the dwelling of the humans. It has an offbeat element to it and does not conform to the boring, simple design of yesteryears. Anyone owning this design would be sure to get a conversation with neighbors.

{ 32 } Riverside Home Exterior Design (Via Berglund Architects)

Riverside Home Exterior Design
This home is present in the middle of Riverside and is surrounded by forest green everywhere. It is inspired by a beaver dam design. It is made of high-quality wood that has natural colors and does not have any pretension of being too cool. The esoteric design is one of a kind with outer staircases. The front glass panels on the two floors are exotic and show the features of the interior. Its chimney and outer walls take color cues from the dull redwood.

{ 33 } House With Large Swimming Pool (Via Guz Architects | Photo By Patrick Bingham Hall)

House With Large Swimming Pool
This contemporary cottage with blue swimming pool is extraordinary and has a cutting edge translation of the aesthetic components. This lodge’s roof design is surprising and the sprawling lifts the spirits of the individual abiding it. The fundamental living spaces with the switch floor design have views which are incredible and the glass roofs are a pleasant expansion to the outline. It has a nice front portion to relax and enjoy the sun.

{ 34 } High Rise Ceiling Exterior (Via Tinnaphop Chawatin)

High Rise Ceiling Exterior
This contemporary exterior design with rectangular shape elements are queer and only a mind that understands the great possibilities of engineering and modern art can fully appreciate this exterior. It is an outlandish design with no regard for confirmation. The high rise ceiling with the external staircase is a modern innovation. The three rising structures in different directions are the radical imagination of what an exterior design can be.

{ 35 } Black + Wood Exterior

Black and Wood Exterior
The stripped wooden outline of this house configuration is unique. The front compartment has a straightforward outline with wood outside that enlarges the peaceful feeling this house radiates. This home has a dark grey front on the upper side. A stroll through this front garden gives an amazing night time. The window design is contemporary and blends immaculately with the general outline.

{ 36 } Large Gray Split-Level Concrete Flat Roof (Via Quico Jorreto Architecture)

Large Gray Split-Level Concrete Flat Roof
This design has a large flat ground floor and a small second floor. The flat roof fits perfectly with the rest of the design. The front window design is large and roomy. It is made of light concrete with no external paint but still has a good finish and the view is groundbreaking good. A fireplace and the front portion has a very relaxed atmosphere.

{ 37 } Modern Wood Exterior Home Design (Via Third Stone | Photo By Merle Prosofsky)

Modern Wood Exterior Home Design
This wooden exterior is with modern elements and the design has the right mixture of wood and concrete. It is a pioneering design with all the goodness of a wilderness. It is surrounded by lush forest and the design allows cool air to come into the rooms. The frontal area is with large glasses and an open design.

{ 38 } Balconies and Roof Provide Great Angles (Via Grand Wood )

Balconies and Roof Provide Great Angles
The balcony of this design gives a whole view of the pool and the patio areas of the house. The lower left windows are set up in a way to give a peek out to the pool anytime and the jumping spots to the pool are excellently designed. The color of the tiles and the walls and the wooden roof extension gives a stylish look to the house. The glass railings for the balcony added with the yellow lighting from the inside creates a good impression at the first sight itself.

{ 39 } Unique Exterior House Design

Unique Exterior House Design
This exterior design has rectangular layers placed on top of each other slightly off facing different directions adds a different feel to the house. The second floor acts as an outer cover for the lower one giving it a unique look. The garden is designed perfectly around the house thus making the pathway more attractive and beautiful. This house gives a funky look, yet gives better views of the surrounding environment.

{ 40 } Ultramodern Mistral Villa (Via Mercurio Design Lab)

Ultramodern Mistral Villa
This ultra-modern contemporary design from Singapore with three huge white walls and glass windows gives a jaw-dropping appeal to this home. The pool built next to the house with brown colored marbles at the base gives an aesthetic look to it both from the inside and the outside. The patio and the pathway to the gate are covered partially with grasses at spaced intervals, which makes it even more attractive and pleasant.

{ 41 } Entrance Stairs With Lighting (Via McClean Design & Hilton & Hyland)

Entrance Stairs With Lighting
This exterior design provides an expansive warm and contemporary appeal to the home. It amplifies the range of the accessible area. The steps near the curved wall of the same color provide aesthetic value to the design. The skilled work of adding lights to the steps of the stairs is guaranteed to get attention from people. The long steps leading to the home gives a cozy experience and also an amazing look to the house.

{ 42 } Mid-sized Trendy Three-story Exterior (Via Jessop Architects)

Mid-sized Trendy Three-story Exterior
This box on box exterior design with white color and glass facades provides a modern look. The path to the pool is also covered with white marbles and the two tall trees on both sides of the pathway gives a richer and visually appealing experience. The entire design is so simple and mimics the interior design of the house. The symmetry and the balanced form makes the design a proper one and also appears pleasing to the eye.

{ 43 } Frameless Glass Balcony Wood Exterior (Via CplusC Architectural Workshop | Photo By Murray Fredericks and Simon Whitbread)

Frameless Glass Balcony Wood Exterior
This is one of the crazy yet unique architectures which will amaze anyone. The pool is built closer to the house and it is designed in such a semi-submerged way that it’s not in the ground as well as not above ground, thus giving a beautiful look. The patio area is sheltered and the opening from the inside to outside is built with nice materials. The two storied architecture gives a very effective view of the whole environment.

{ 44 } Trendy Brick Exterior Home With Hip Roof (Via Woodfield Brady Architects)

Trendy Brick Exterior Home With Hip Roof
This exterior design has long loft glass window panels and a shallow metal roof which gives it a contemporary as well as a traditional look the house. The old red bricks and the contrasting white framed windows gives it a magnificent style and this adds more beauty when designed or built as an extension to the side of the traditional house designs. The patio layout, the patio stones, and the soothing lighting provides a relaxing feeling all through the day and night.

Choose any of the above-listed Contemporary Exterior Design to get an exclusive look at your house.

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