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Open Space Living Room With Mixture Of Modern & Scandinavian Design

Who doesn’t dream of a fantastic Open Space Living Room? A Room which has the perfect rustic charm and a fusion of Scandinavian Design makes it all the perfect match for anyone who visits your house. Yes, I know there is still something in our hearts about the rooms and all of us want such open space living room with some Scandinavian Design engrafted all over. As a person, you will definitely enjoy living in such rooms and will never want to leave with the fear of such beautiful room memories haunting them all over.

With an intention to ease your work a little bit and to provide you with some enchanting open space living room, here is an exotic collection of such rooms. These rooms are made to an absolute level of perfection and have beauty elegance which will surely take your breaths away. So, let’s get started. This awesome project is done by Interior Di in 2014 St Petersburg, Russia.

Open Space Living Room With Kitchen & Dining

Open Space Living Room With Kitchen and Dining

Getting up way early in the morning and eating on a simple dining table can be the dullest experience you could ever get. To add in the spark, Open space Living Room with kitchen & Dining can prove to be the absolute choice. Have your favorite meal in the surroundings of the Scandinavian design and rays, which just makes every meal worth having. A huge light bulb clinked at the top of the roof makes night dining way too beautiful. Also, the surrounding of such design is filled with a sense of wooden touch which provides the desired rustic charm to this interior design all over.

White Brick Wall Kitchen Design

White Brick Wall Kitchen Design

White Brick Wall Kitchen
Almost all of us wanted a sort of living room which has kitchen engrafted in it and have some white brick wall design. This interior design excels in such criteria and has white bricks all over the kitchen. To add beauty to those white walls different artistic paintings are hanged which gives a sense of soothing touch all over the house. On the roofs, there are small light bulbs hanged which will give that perfect light to make the cooking process at night far easier. For sitting purpose, two bespoke styled chairs are present which are painted in two different colors, and the kitchen interior is coated in dark wood color to add a Royal touch.

Dining Room Wood Work

Dining Room Wood Work

Wooden Dining Room Design

Kitchen Brick Wall Wood Dining
A Wooden Dining Table is Always the Best Choice for all home design, whether they are a modern one, minimalist one or Mediterranean style. Woodwork in the open space living room with an added sense of some Scandinavian Design can be the most deadly combo you could have ever done to your house. The walls made with white bricks and paintings on them can add in the effect of royalty to your existing house. Even the kitchen cabinet doors are made of total woodwork which looks quite stunning in all direction. For dining tables, they are covered in dark wood and is made in the shape of the traditional bespoke style. For the enabling of extra light, huge night bulbs from the top will shed their light the storage area of essential utensils covered all over with woodwork also adds in the sense of rustic charm to this interior design all over.

Living Room Sofa Arrangement Ideas

Living Room Sofa Arrangement Ideas

Living Room Entertainment ideas

Living Room Dining Room Kitchen Combo Layout Ideas
Arranging sofa’s roughly can be the most terrible thing you can ever do to your living room. In spite, arranging those sofas in the right direction can do wonders to your existing home to an absolute level of perfection. Two chairs with a great bespoke design is an absolute killer in this interior design scenario. Also, a massive sofa in front of those chairs’ can complete this whole living room design with a lot more ease and comfort. On the other side, a wall painted with a Scandinavian Design can be the best thing you can ever do to your living room. For such point, you can easily adjust your sofa and can delightfully watch your best-loved show.

Modern Book Rack Designs

Modern Book Rack Designs


Bright Interior Design Idea
Books arranged perfectly can add a touch of discipline to any open space living room. A modernized bookshelf painted in white color all over can be a symbol of peace and can generate a sense of soothing touch in the minds of any user. Also, there is an additional bespoke small tool which will help on getting the books which are kept in the above book rack area. To add more custom designs the walls are painted in a majestic color, and the painting completes the whole design with great efficiency as well as in a traditional manner. For piano lovers, you can pay the giant piano or can read books all day long; the choice is yours.

Small Space Home Office

Small Space Home Office
Going office every other day can be hectic at times. To add a sense of comfort to the existing open space living room, making a small space Home Office is the best decision you could ever take in your life. The walls of such design are painted white while the other wall is in light grey color to add a charm to the current color combination. The table is of the bespoke design quality and is fully covered in wooden design. On one side, there is an additional section of book rack where you can store your books and read them in your leisure time without any issue.

Wooden Closet Design

Wooden Closet Design

Wood Closet Design Ideas
Massive closets are a dream of almost any individual. This Wooden Closet design will surely take your breath away and will fulfill your dream of having something like that. The area of such interior design is fully covered in White color and surely adds a sense of calmness all over. For sitting arrangement, a small bespoke chair is present, and the whole interior is a lot more in Scandinavian Design. Entering the closet area, you will be amazed seeing massive drawers where you can keep your shoes, clothes and plenty of your other essentials. Finally, the addition of wooden design completes this whole interior design with level par excellence.

Scandinavian Bedroom Design

Scandinavian Bedroom Design

Bedroom Corner Furniture Designs

Bedroom Study Table Lamp
A Scandinavian Design all over the bedroom can transform the look of your existing bedroom to unexpended levels of joy and happiness. The walls are painted in the duality of which white and blue makes a perfect combination of a great bedroom. The Bed is covered all over with white blankets and a hanging mirror on the walls will surely magnify your beauty. There is a small cabinet present for keeping essentials and a desk chair combination can be the best for reading and office work purpose.

Beautiful Bathroom With Patterned Wall

Beautiful Bathroom With Patterned Wall
Bathrooms with some sort of a Patterned Wall Can Make our bathing experience even more cheerful and joyful. In this interior design, the walls are painted in white color while the lower portions are covered with some enchanting blue colored tiles. Floors are made of rustic dark grey color tiles which can make your mood filled with calmness all over. For storage purposes, a majestic white colored rack can fulfill every other need of yours with great ease and comfort.

At last, if you are the one looking for some great Open Space Living Room options or some room with marvelous Scandinavian design, the above interior design ideas will surely widen your creativity and can embark a sense of joy and happiness in your current lives.

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