What Do Video Production Companies Do?

Video Production

Production studios are large or small studios that are engaged in the creation of various kinds of content: commercials, clips, presentations, animated videos, and so on.

Before proceeding with the selection of a studio, the customer needs to decide:

  • what kind of video format do they need: advertising, animation, reporting, presentation.
  • what tasks it should perform: to draw attention to the activities of the company, its product, entertain, create an image, etc. Most often, this issue is discussed individually by the studio staff.

What Do Video Production Companies Do?

Studio Lighting.
Here are the main video production services:

  • Concept
  • Scripting
  • Scheduling
  • Casting
  • Supervise the filming process
  • Organize staff, production, distribution, and marketing
  • Come up with a budget for a video
  • And most importantly, they ensure the client’s satisfaction with the final product.

Types of Production Studios

Types of Production Studios
Once you have decided on what purpose you need a video for, let’s figure out what types of video production studios exist. They can be divided into several types:

Production studio. The essence of the work of such studios is that there is a producer (director of the studio) who works with large-scale customers and invites third-party specialists to work. It is in the producer’s interest to find and work with large customers and good specialists in order to achieve maximum product quality, this affects the cost, but the funds justify the result.

Specialized studios engage in narrowly focused activities, such as animation, 3D graphics, motion design. Such a studio can only work with a specific video format, and if you clearly know your goals, then this type of studio will suit you.

Startup production studio, videographers. As a rule, these are small beginner studios engaged in a full production cycle. They have their own small staff. The advantage of choosing such a production studio can be the low cost of the video compared to other types of studios. However, in such studios, one person is responsible for several jobs (shooting, editing, and graphics), which affects the quality.

Full-cycle production studio. The activities of such studios are aimed exclusively at working with the client, therefore such production is engaged in the production of big commercials. They take on functions from writing the script to promoting the video, taking into account all the wishes of the client. Such studios have a permanent staff of specialists, their own set of equipment, and regular large customers. And, as a rule, such studios are engaged in the production of all video formats.

What should I look for when choosing a video production?

choosing a video production
Portfolio and reviews. Most businesses operate online nowadays, so most of the studios that you find will have their own websites with portfolios. When familiarizing yourself with the work, pay attention to the number of clients, the scale of their activities, reviews, as well as your impressions of working with the site and watching the video: if you liked the work, you can safely contact the studio.

Studio office video production location. Even if the studio is located in another city, this is not a problem, because you can conduct a dialogue about cooperation through any of the messengers and, in most cases, a studio in another city can cope with tasks from a distance, which can significantly reduce the cost of the final cost of the video.

The price is calculated individually, based on the wishes of the client and the objectives of the video, but you must understand that the better the production studio is, the more expensive the video will be.


To choose a video production studio you need to do the following:

  • Define the task and format of the video;
  • Find and make a list of video production studios;
  • View the portfolio and exclude those that you didn’t like;
  • Contact selected studios, fill out a brief, receive an offer, and exclude options with inappropriate prices;
  • Choose production and sign a contract.
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